Vlad III(WP) (ヴラド三世(WP), Vurado Sansei?), Class Name Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?), is the Lancer class Servant of Run Ru in the Moon Cell's Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA. He is only fought in the Rin route, while another Lancer is fought in the Rani route.

He is one of the Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru of the Grand Orders conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



The Prince of Wallachia. He is a famous hero in Romanian history. A noble warrior who maintained the independence of Wallachia(WP) was as far as being described as the shield of the Christian world. He is also known as Dracula(WP) (ドラキュラ(WP)?), Dracula was nothing but the popular name most habitually used to refer to the lord of Wallachia, Vlad III. Strictly speaking, it was Wladislaus Drakwlya. Standpoint-wise, because he was a duke appointed by the Eastern Roman Empire(WP), he signed under the Roman-style. This derived from the fact that his father, Vlad II(WP), was a member of the Order of the Dragon(WP) (among a total of 24 members), which was established by the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund(WP), who called himself Dracul (dragon lord). In other words, because he was the child of Dracul, the a pronunciation that holds the meaning "child" was added at the end thus becoming Dracula. Incidentally, the purpose of the Order of the Dragon was to protect the Christian world from the Islamic influence. There is the possibility that Vlad III took up the name of Dracula as a form of declaration of the intention of succeeding his father will and safeguarding the Christian world from the Islamic Ottoman Empire(WP).[3][5]

During the time of his reign as monarch of Wallachia, Vlad instituted a number of somewhat oppressive and punitive policies aimed at the lower levels of the nobility whom Vlad felt had seriously undermined and destabilized his country with their excessive corruption and political maneuverings. In addition to laws designed to curtail their excesses, he also carried out an unprecedented number of impalings amongst the noble classes. While many believed he was simply trying to reduce the number of rivals and opponents to his rule, Vlad was shockingly ruthless in his approach to justice, targeting commoners and the upper-class with equal viciousness. His kingdom became a land of horrors, culminating with the 1459 impaling of an emissary from the Ottoman Empire, who survived on the stake for several days before finally succumbing.[5]

In 1462 AD, Vlad was at a defensive war against the Turkish invasion. Because he had to oppose 150,000 Turkish troops that were like raging waves with an army of just 10,000, he instructed the use of scorched earth-tactics(WP) and Guerrilla warfare(WP). In order to protect Wallachia from the Turkish army, he enforced discipline on the nobles that ruined the realm and sentenced 20,000 imprisoned soldiers of the opposing Turkish army to impalement, later to be known as his greatest impaling. After making the populace escape to the Carpathian Mountains(WP), going as far as emptying the capital city, he ambushed the Turkish forces. At that time, what stood in the surroundings of the capital city of Bucharest(WP) was the impaled figures of over 20,000 captured Turkish soldiers. A swarm of countless impaled dead bodies in surrounded the citadel of Bucharest. Before such a sight and the offensive smell, the Turkish soldiers - commended for their bravery - had their morale completely crushed. Even the valorous Mehmed II, who was called "The Conqueror", was said to have withdrawn after witnessing the scene.[3][5]

« I am not frightened by any man, but a devil is an exception »

(Mehmed II the Conqueror)

The field of impaled soldiers at that time was three kilometers in length and one kilometer in width. Even during the occupation of Wallachia by the Ottoman Empire years later, the autonomy of the region continued to be recognized because of this trauma. Vlad III did not choose the means to defend the independence of Wallachia and was loathed as a devil by the Turkish. Rationality made into brutality. A warrior with an extension of vision above humans. However, he was not blessed with sympathizers and ended his life in despair due to betrayal. He was betrayed by the nobles due to the implementation of a doctrine of rigorous measures. His death came in the form of assassination by the Wallachia nobles that were his subordinates at the age of 46.[3][5]

The name Dracula is now associated as a Vampire. A demon that sucks blood. Under the assumption that it is not a living being created by the Lord, it was painted as an easy to understand antagonist by a certain religious view. Described as drinking the blood of humans, not growing old, being immortal and accompanied by many beasts. This person who became one of the most famous monsters(WP) in the present world. It can be said to be the greatest sample-case of a literary work(WP) that distorted reality but it is also a fact that not all can be categorized as insolence of the writer(WP).[5]


Vlad's appearance is that of a warrior or knight in his late 40's with slightly long, light gray hair coupled with blood red eyes and a beard. His appearance changed drastically compared to when he was alive, the reason is due to his Innocent Monster skill.

He wears a set of black plated armor(WP), the left side of which is almost completely stained with blood, and a crimson red, tattered cape attached to the front. His armor becomes more covered and warped with spikes and points through his ascensions.

It is said that the difference between him and his counterpart is their aspects being different, this version being Vlad III's aspect as a Warrior, while his counterpart is his aspect of a King.


Like his Master, Vlad is a deranged individual with twisted notions of love, expressing his feelings when killing his opponent. He shows great affection towards his Master, referring to her as his "wife". The reason for his personality and affections towards his master can be blamed for his skill, Protection of the Faith, which increasingly degrades a Servant's sanity and personality the higher its rank (his being ranked A+++). He retains his devotion to the Christian faith, although he is convinced that he is no longer worthy of God's love on account of his sins.

While his appearance and behavior are like that of a Berserker, the last vestiges of rationality still dwells in his eyes. The emotion of a knight to believe in true love, and attempt to protect one of its fragment.[3]

After his defeat, he believes that as long as someone is human even a life without sanity can be redeemed and that is the beauty of being a human. He believes Run Ru's soul can be saved, purgatory will be her home, while he believes he will go to hell.


Vlad III
"Seeing my own figure, one who reigned as a feudal lord, I do wonder what is in his mind, seeing the version of him who lived as a knight....."
Nero Claudius
"The trailblazer of Christian persecution. Of course, she and I simply can not cooperate. We cannot, but I, Vlad III, too am someone who had turned into devil at the end of my faith. As a mutual devil, we are assuredly perfectly compatible to slaughter each other."



Run Ru summons Lancer in Fate/EXTRA, but Run Ru summons Elizabeth Báthory instead of Vlad III in Fate/EXTRA CCC.

In the Sound Drama, Lancer fought against Gawain and was defeated by him with a single blow of his sword, Excalibur Galatine.

The manga adaptation of Fate/EXTRA, he went on a killing frenzy on the NPCs and the participants in the preliminaries. He tried to kill Hakuno Kishinami and Shinji Matou until Rin Tohsaka summons Lancer to fight him, but both of them survived. He briefly fought against Atalanta until Saber intervened.

In the game, the player will face him and his Master in the 4th Round if the player chooses to save Rin during her Elimination Battle with Rani.

Fate/Grand Order[]

Halloween Event: Halloween Comeback! Super Ultra ☆ Giant Pumpkin Village[]

He guards the front gate of Castle Csejte, barring Elizabeth Bathory's party from entering. He declares to Elizabeth that he has come to judge her for her sins. Though the group defeat him in the ensuing battle, he gets up and tells Elizabeth that she doesn't understand. He says she needs to understand if she wishes to call herself a hero. Later, hearing the town festivities, he allows Elizabeth to pass. However, he decides to kill the group for the horrendous acts Elizabeth committed in life. After being defeated, Vlad denies Elizabeth calling him her uncle, saying she should call him that when he’s summoned as a king. He tells her that he will never forget her sin, even if the world has. For the sake of his wife, he will never forgive Elizabeth's sin, even if his wife may have, and disappears.

Subspecies Singularity: SE.RA.PH[]

Vlad roams the Thighs barring anyone trying to reach the chapel there. He kills both Servant and human alike who fell into depravity. When Ritsuka’s party confronts him, he is surprised to see a Master. He decides to kill Ritsuka, believing no human should live in a place depraved as SE.RA.PH. As the group ready to face him, he declares there is a Demon God inside him to Ritsuka’s confusion. After he’s defeated, Ritsuka asks him about what he said earlier. Vlad regrets what he said, dismissing it as his passion getting the better of him., and tells Ritsuka to hurry to the chapel if they wish to know. He reveals EMIYA is in the chapel, though he is not be trusted. He disappears, warning that on SE.RA.PH one will be absorbed the moment they show weakness no matter who they are.[6]

Valentine Event The Bountiful Chocolate Gardens of Valentine[]

Vlad helps plant cacao trees to produce more chocolate. Later, he, Cú Chulainn, Karna, and Diarmuid Ua Duibhne find themselves unable to harvest cacao plants crossbred with mandrakes thanks to its scream. Semiramis told them the plants must be harvested today, as they'll likely wilt by tomorrow. Cú Chulainn go gets Nero Claudius and convinces her to sing by saying music helps plants produce a greater yield. With Nero's song countering the screams of the cacao mandrakes, and their ears protected by runes, the Lancers are able to her harvest the plants. Everyone soon finishes and Nero leaves, satisfied that she could help. Karna however points out that they have another field to harvest. Cú Chulainn leaves to go get Elizabeth Bathory.

Other appearances[]

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2015, Vlad is in a group called YARIO and is part of the Imperial Roma talent agency, his class is Farm idol unit (牧歌的アイドルニット, Bokukateki aidor unitto?).


True to his title as "the Impaler" and as a Lancer-class Servant, Vlad III is highly skilled in the use of polearms. While other servants of his class typically possess high agility, Vlad is instead fairly slow in exchange for paramount defensive power. Despite this, when met in the Coliseum he dives at the player and their servant from atop a nearby rock.

In Fate/Grand Order, he displays the ability to fight with his clawed gauntlets and manifest spears from his body to assault the opponent.


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (C Rank): Invalidate magic with chant 2 verses or less. Unable to defend against large scale magic such as greater magecraft and Ritual Spells.[2]

Personal skills[]

  • Protection of the Faith (A+++ Rank): A skill possessed only by those who have sacrificed themselves to a single religious view. It is called a protection, but it is not a grace given by a higher being. What is there is an absoluteness of one's mind and body, born from faith...When it is too high, it causes abnormality in one's personality.[2][5]
  • Battle Continuation (A Rank): Gives one the strength and vitality to escape from even the most dire of situations. It also gives one the ability to successfully retreated to allied territory if defeated.[2][5]
  • Innocent Monster (A Rank): Dracula. Once the name of a proud family worthy of honor and respect, it is now a name given to a monster whose past has been grossly distorted as a result of his actions in his mortal life. The influence of perception has transformed both his abilities and appearance. Also, this skill cannot be altered or removed.[2][5]
  • Tactics (B Rank): tactical knowledge used not for one-on-one combat situations, but for battles where many are mobilized. Bonus modifiers are provided during use of one's own Anti-Army Noble Phantasm or when dealing against an enemy Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Vlad III's Noble Phantasm is Kazikli Bey: The Fortress of Impalement is his signature move. He surrounds the area around him and his opponent with countless spears and polearms of different kinds, doing so until the enemy is eventually impaled before throwing his own spear at them.



  • Rebellious Intent (反逆耐性?) - By activating this skill to himself, it increases damage inflicted when using GUARD. The effect would only last for 3 turns.
  • Ceremonial Purge (粛清の儀?) - By stabbing himself with his own spear, it does magic damage to the enemy equal to the amount of damage he had been taken. The effect would only last for 3 turns. He will start spamming this Skill during the 2nd and 3rd turns.
  • Cursed Lance (呪縛の槍?) - Inflicts physical damage and Curse on an enemy. The effect would only last for 3 turns. He will start spamming this Skill during the 2nd and 3rd turns.

Noble Phantasm: In Fate/EXTRA, the attack ignores defense and inflicts the "Sacrifice" debuff on the target, causing heavy damage at the end of each turn and disappearing only when removed by a spell, skill, or item that removes status ailments, or letting the target's HP drop to 1.


Creation and Conception[]

Takeuchi Takashi was responsible for Vlad's design. Originally he was planned to have a long cape but this was mostly scrapped due to the technical difficulties with the PlayStation Portable(WP) hardware.

Arco Wada is the character illustrator for Vlad III.[2][3] Kinoko Nasu is the scenario writer for his character.[2]



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    • Master: Run Ru-kun
    • Identity: Vlad III
    • Gender: Male
    • Height, Weight: 191cm/90kg
    • Alignment:Lawful Good
    • Strength: B
    • Endurance: A
    • Agility: E
    • Mana: A
    • Luck: D
    • Noble Phantasm: C

    Class Skills

    • Magic Resistance: C

    Personal skills

    • Numeral of the Saint: A+++
    • Battle Continuation: A
    • Innocent Monster: A

    Noble Phantasm

    • Kazikli Bey

    Rank: A+
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 20 ~ 40
    Maximum number of targets: Three Hundred People


    • マスター:らんみークン
    • 真名:ヴラド三世
    • 性別:男性
    • 身長・体重:191cm/90kg
    • 属性:秩序・善
    • 筋力:B
    • 耐久:A
    • 敏捷:E
    • 魔力:A
    • 幸運:D
    • 宝具:C






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    Illustrator and Voice actor
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    Strength: B
    Endurance: A
    Agility: E
    Mana: A
    Luck: D
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Personal Skills
    Protection of the Faith: A+++
    Military Tactics: B
    Innocent Monster: A

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: C

    Noble Phantasm
    Kazikli Bey: Stronghold of Impalement
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

    A famous hero from Romanian history.
    A noble warrior who held on to Walachia’s independence and was even called the shield of Christian world.
    However, he is an innocent monster whose title of Dracula ended up spreading across the world instead.

    For the sake of protecting Walachia from the Turkish armies to the end, he purged the nobles who had laid waste to the country and impaled over 20,000 enemies soldier from the Turkish army, but he had to run counter to the nobility in order to carry out his doctrine of severe punishment.
    In the end, he was assassinated by his own subordinates - the Wallachian nobles.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 191cm・90kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Romania
    Alignment: Lawful Good  Gender: Male
    While his appearance and behavior are like that of a Berserker, the last vestiges of rationality still dwells in his eyes. The emotion of a knight to believe in true love, and attempt to protect one of its fragment.

    Level 2 Bond
    "Stronghold of Impalement"
    Rank: C  Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
    Range: 0~50  Max Targets: 300 people
    Kazikli Bey.
    Released from the magic spear, a demonic castle of torture (Drakulya) of curse and punishment that grows countless spears from the surrounding terrain and passes judgement on the enemy.
    Because it targets the entire enemy force opposing him, this Noble Phantasm display its true worth in a battle of one-against-many.
    Given its source, it has a special trait that increases pain in proportion to the sins of misconduct・depravity possessed by the enemy. The destructive power increases the greater the sins of “desertion”, “immorality” and violence committed by the opponents, the subjects of purge.

    Level 3 Bond
    Vlad III would choose any means to protect the independence of Walachia, becoming hated as a demon by the Turks.
    In the year of 1462.
    In order to oppose the 150,000 strong Turkish army with only 10,000 troops, Vlad III instructed the use of scorched-earth tactics and guerrilla warfare.
    On top of having the populace run away to the Carpathian Mountains, he ambushed the Turkish army after emptying even the capital.
    At that time, what laid in the surroundings of the capital of Bucharest, was the impaled form of over 20,000 Turkish soldiers.

    A swarm of countless impaled corpses, towering on the surroundings of the Bucharest fortress. With such bizarreness and offensive smell, he completely crushed the morale of the valorous Turkish soldiers.
    It has been said that even the brave Mehmed II, who was called the “conqueror”, withdrew his forces after stating “I do not fear any man, but a demon is another matter”.
    At that time, the length of the impalement field was 3 kilometers, while the width was 1 kilometer. Even when Walachia was later occupied by the Ottoman Turkey Empire, its autonomy was continuously recognized because of this trauma.

    Level 4 Bond
    Dracula was originally a title which he had claimed for himself, and it means “son of the dragon”.
    This derives from his father, Vlad II, who was a knight of the Holy Roman Empire’s Order of the Dragon that called himself Dracul.
    Prince Vlad believed in the love of the Lord, and attempted to fulfill his responsibility as a noble by correcting injustice.
    However, the feudal lords who indulged in the wealth of the privileged class disliked his honorable poverty, and the warrior who saved the Christian world was punished by means of an artifice.

    Level 5 Bond

    • Innocent Monster: A

    The name of a monster that had his past and way of being twisted by means of the image that was born from his deeds while alive. Abilities・appearance ended up being transformed.
    In the present, “Dracula” is one of the most famous monsters in the world. Probably the greatest sample-case of reality being distorted by a literary work.
    ...still, it is also a fact that one cannot affirm that everything was an insolence by the writer Bram Stoker.
    Vlad III would choose any means to protect the independence of Walachia, and was feared as a demon by both the Turks and the populace of his own country.
    According to records reported to the Vatican, the number of people he impaled during his lifetime reached 100,000. The most frightening part is that such number does not include people of the enemy nation.


    ヴラド三世〔EXTRA〕 - ランサー



    信仰の加護 A+++
    軍略 B
    無辜の怪物 A

    対魔力 C




    属性:秩序・善  性別:男性

    ランク:C  種別:対軍宝具
    レンジ:0~50  最大補足:三百人







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    • Height: 191cm
    • Weight: 90kg
    • Blood type: Unknown
    • Birthday: 10th November
    • Image colour: Red Tea
    • Talents: Scorched earth tactic
    • Likes: Iron discipline, faith
    • Dislike: Immorality, not prepared
    • Enemy: El Draque

    ヴラド三世 LANCER

    • 身長:191cm
    • 体重:90kg
    • 血液型:不明
    • 誕生日:11月10日
    • イメージカラー:赤茶
    • 特技:焦土作戦
    • 好きな物:鉄の規律、信仰
    • 嫌いな物:不道徳、不覚悟
    • 天敵:ありす

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    Class: Lancer
    Master: Lil'Ronnie
    True Name: Vlad III
    Noble Phantasm: Kazikli Bey: Fortress of Impalement
    Keyword: Vampie...?, Dracula
    Strength: B, Defense: A, Agility: E, Magic: A, Luck: D
    Divine Aegis: A+++, Marshal: A, Seraphic Monstrosity: A


    01 - Kazikli Bey: Fortress of Impalement
    This is this Servant's Noble Phantasm and is synonymous with the Servant himself, who in his previous life was known as Kazikli Voyvoda, or the Impaler Prince. The tortures and horrors released by the multitude of spears that his Noble Phantasm summons inflicts damage equivalent to the immorality and depravity found in the soul of the targeted opponent and can be seen as a form of divine punishment.

    During the time of his reign as monarch of Wallachia, Vlad instituted a number of somewhat oppressive and punitive policies aimed at the lower levels of the nobility whom Vlad felt had seriously undermined and destabilized his country with their excessive corruption and political maneuverings. In addition to laws designed to curtail their excesses, he also carried out an unprecedented number of impalings amongst the noble classes.

    While many believed he was simply trying to reduce the number of rivals and opponents to his rule, Vlad was shockingly ruthless in his approach to justice, targeting commoners and the upper-class with equal viciousness. His kingdom became a land of horrors, culminating with the 1459 impaling of an emissary from the Ottoman Empire, who survived on the stake for several days before finally succumbing.

    02 - Vampire...?
    A demon said to feed on blood.
    A being some claims to be of the undead, and painted as evil and ungodly by those whole hold to a religious view of the world. In addition to the need to feed on the blood of humans, creatures such as this also are seemly immortal and are able to control lesser demons.

    03 - Dracula
    Means "Son of the Dragon."
    His father was a member of the Order of the Dragon, an organization that originated during the rise of the Holy Roman Empire, and he took this name from his father's legacy.

    01 - 串刺城塞(カズィクル・ベイ)



    ……恐ろしい事に、この数に敵国人は含まれていない(・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・)

    02 - 吸血鬼……?

    03 - ドラキュラ


    Aegis of the Divine [A+++]
    An ability bestowed upon those who have sacrificed themselves for what they believe to be greater good. Although obstinately a form of divine protection, it does not necessarily mean that one has received the blessing of the gods. Instead, it is a manifestation of one's absolute faith and self-righteousness...

    However, the more powerful this ability becomes, the more detrimental the effect it has on a person's sanity and personality.

    Marshal [A]
    Gives one the strength and vitality to escape from even the most dire of situations. It also gives one the ability to successfully retreated to allied territory if defeated.

    Seraphic Monstrosity [A]
    Dracula. Once the name of a proud family worthy of honor and respect, it is now a name given to a monster whose past has been grossly distorted as a result of his actions in his mortal life. The influence of perception has transformed both his abilities and appearance.
    Also, this skill cannot be altered or removed.





    01 - Character Background
    Considered a heroic figure in Romanian history, he was seen as a noble warrior who rebuilt and maintained the kingdom of Wallachia as well as the shield of Christendom against the threat of the Ottoman Empire.

    The name Dracula was the most common appellate used when referring to Vlad III during his reign as King of Wallachia. Originally a duke appointed to his office under the auspices of the Eastern Roman Empire, he adopted many of the customs of that country's court, including signing all documents in the early Roman style. The name itself comes from his father's (Vlad II) enrollment into the Order of the Dragon, a monarchial chivalric order founded by Sigismund of Hungary, who later ascended to the throne of the Holy Roman Empire. His father took the surname Dracul and Vlad III appended the "a", signifying that he was "the son of Dracul."

    The Order of the Dragon's primary purpose was to defend the Christian world from the increasing influence and might of the Islamic Ottoman Empire, a calling that Vlad III enthusiastically embraced. It is believed by some that he took the name Dracula not only in honor of his father, bus as also as an announcement of his intentions of safeguarding all of Christendom against the Turks as the "Son of the Dragon."

    In order to protect Wallachia from what he considered the ravaging Turkish hordes, he instituted a series of conscriptions and laws that almost destroyed the noble class and stability of his realm, as well as resorted to measures considered to be beyond monstrous even by the somewhat barbaric standards of the time. His cruelty and savagery was such that at one point he had over 20,000 captured enemy soldiers impaled in an effort to intimidate his foe. In the end he was betrayed by the nobles he had turned his back on and was assassinated at the age of 46 years old.

    02 - "Dracula"
    Known as one of the greatest monsters of modern history, the inevitable distortions and exaggerations of scholars throughout the centuries cannot wholly cover the well-documented horrors and atrocities committed by his direct commands. Although he is seen as a hero and savior by some, the lengths he went to preserve the independence of Wallachia and to repel the Turk will forever paint him as an incarnation of satanic evil on Earth.

    1462 AD
    This was the year in which he first used impaling not only as punishment, but also as a form of psychological warfare in order to slow down the advances of the Turkish invasion into the western kingdoms. With a force of just 10,000 troops, Vlad III made extensive use of what are now known as guerilla and scorched-earth tactics to harass and weaken the enemy forces, which at one points consisted of over 150,000 soldiers. At one point, he drove his forces into Carpathian Mountains after annihilating the Turkish forces surrounding the city of Bucharest.

    The scene that the main Turkish force encountered when they finally arrived to help the city was one of nightmares. Surrounding the entire city was a vast forest comprised entirely of impaled soldiers, some 20,000 in total. It is said that the lines of impaled Turks stretched for kilometers in every direction. The sight of their comrade's bodies impaled on stakes in combination with the overpowering stench of decay broke the morale and spirit of the Turkish army. Even Mehmed II , son of the Turkish Sultan and known as the conqueror, was shaken and ordered his forces to withdraw, saying the following:

    "I fear no man alive, but even I cannot hope to fight the devil."

    In the end, Vlad III rationalized his brutality and his lack of remorse gave him a battle vision far superior to those he faced. However, his actions made him a pariah amongst even his supporters and his life came to a tragic end due to betrayal.

    On an unrelated note, many military historians theorize that Vlad's actions against the Turks are the first time that guerilla warfare tactics made their appearance and that they were the reason for his many successes against a demonstratively superior force. If one is to have so much success defending something only to be repaid with treason and assassination, isn't it reasonable to assume that one would go insane from rage and disappointment?

    01 - 人物背景:




    02 - 『ドラキュラ』








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