Voyager (ボイジャー?) is the Servant of Erice Utsumi "After" the Holy Grail War‎‎ in Fate/Requiem. It is unknown if "Voyager" is his Servant class or name.



The Servant's True Name is unknown, and Caren Fujimura says she can't discern even his Class from his Saint Graph. He is the "last Servant summoned in the world".

They speculate that he is either Antoine de Saint-Exupéry or The Little Prince, but neither is confirmed. Nzambi speculates he is from the future or the "Holy Spear", but neither of these are confirmed either. They decide to call him The Little Prince (Provisional) (星の王子さま(仮)?), shortened to Prin. He is given a toy Caudron C.630 Simoun by Erice with the same lettering as that the one flown by Saint-Exupéry.


A mythical boy who appears before Erice. He appears to be around age 8 or so, and possesses angelic features, such as pale blonde hair that is almost white, blue eyes, and a pale caucasian complexion. He is dressed in a white cotton tunic and shorts, with a circular image of space beneath an eight pointed star, as well as golden boots which are tapered at the back much like spurs for horse riding, a belt, and a scarf/muffler which flutters of its own accord without wind, all made of the same material. At one point, he is also seen wearing aviator goggles on his head.


Voyager goes along very well with Kijyo Koyo like a kid with a huge dog, and is strangely attracted to music. He is emotionless, clueless, quiet and almost fearless, but displays high curiosity on something that catches his attention. He has also mentioned he has a fear of snakes.




While next to nothing has been shown of his abilities, Voyager demonstrates one small fragment of his powers, where he managed to halt Nzambi's knife strike with just one small touch through his fingertip. When he does so, Nzambi tries to pull back, but she is unable to move her weapon, as if she is petrified from the touch, after which Nzambi's weapon proceeds to become white‐hot and a huge flash then explodes and scatters.



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