The Wandering Sea (彷徨海, Hōkō Kai?), also known BaldandersWP (バルトアンデルス, Barutoanderusu?), is the third branch of the Mage's Association.


The Wandering Sea is the original foundation of the Mage's Association that was formed along with Atlas in 20 AD. Those of the two organizations were those who disagreed with the third faction led by the Association Director, that would later become the Clock Tower in 500 AD, about going forward with the new form of mystery and magecraft that came with the end of the Age of Gods. The Wandering Sea and Atlas stuck to the old ways of the Age of Gods, but the three groups still remained together as the Mage's Association.[1] The magi of the Wandering Sea sought to isolate themselves from the reach of both gods and mankind. Thus their entire island vanished from the universe, drifting away in space and time. No one can observe or interact with it except via the Five Gates at its entrance.[2] Since its formation, many heretical magi were exiled from among the founders.[3]

The Wandering Sea that manifests once a year in each era is merely a shadow of what the "Wandering Sea that once was". The true nature of the Wandering Sea, or the "True Wandering Sea" (本当の彷徨海?), refers to what lies behind the Five Gates at the Wandering Sea's entrance.[2]

As of the formation of the Clock Tower, they ceased communication with the Association.[4]

During the events of Fate/Grand Order, Sion Eltnam Sokaris foresaw the invasion of the Alien God and traveled from Atlas to the Wandering Sea. While the mages of the Wandering Sea were not concerned about the wiping of humanity's texture from the world since it had nothing to do with the Age of Gods, they supposedly allowed Sion to stay as long as she did not disturb them; in reality, she had offered to create an eighth Atlas contract for their use in exchange for allowing her to stay for one year. Even she did not know, however, that their true goal was to offer her a position with them.[5] Sion and her Servant Captain repurposed the entrance area of the Wandering Sea to look like Chaldea.[6] When the Alien God finally located the Wandering Sea she destroyed it with a black hole, with Chaldea just barely escaping on the Storm Border and Sion setting the base to self-destruct.[2] Due to the Wandering Sea's atemporal nature, its magi dismissed this as a mere nusiance, as the destruction of the Wandering Sea's exterior facility in one era would not affect it outside of that point in time.


Having opposed the modernization of magecraft along with Atlas in 20 AD, their primary rule is the rejection of the modern advancement of magecraft, only recognizing that of the Age of Gods.[4][7] Opposing the methodology of the Clock Tower, they refuse to accept the consumer civilization of modern humanity and remain completely incompatible.[7] Even with the destruction of the Human Order in the world of Fate/Grand Order, they do not take any action, instead continuing their research behind closed doors and allowing Chaldea Security Organization to use the island as a base.[6] It is said that the focus of their research is human bodily modification, but other details are unknown.[3]

Magecraft from the Age of Gods is what Wandering Sea magi prefer and aim for, but there are no restrictions on what they can actually use, such as Western Magecraft or Philosophy Magecraft. Atlas-style alchemy is probably the only thing they don't do.[8]

The Wandering Sea has a secret known as the Concealed Divine Order (秘匿神理, hitoku shinri?). It is the code the Wandering Sea goes by, and is a secret on par with the Clock Tower's Spiritual Tomb of Albion and Atlas' Seven Superweapons.[9]


Recruitment into the Wandering Sea is rare, those recruited from even the prestigious Clock Tower magi able to be counted on a single hand.[6][7] While qualifying to arrive upon the island for its once per year opening is difficult, the actual means of qualification is to simply be present at the location of one of the gates when they are open.[2]

Five Gates[]

The Five Gates (五つの扉?) are Time Gates (タイムゲート?), allowing communication, and even transportation, between the Wandering Sea prior to its disappearance and any era. Even if something were to happen to the island in the present, the Wandering Sea of the past would remain.[2]

Upon arriving at the island, Goredolf Musik notices that the gates emanate similar magical energy to the Association Director of the Mage's Association. Believing them to be doors to the inner workshops of the Wandering Sea, the prospect of of several individuals possessing the same power to "crush and scatter countless Lords" existing within the Wandering Sea terrifies him.[6]


Main article: Ganne, Gate of Rebirth

Ganne, Gate of Rebirth is located in an era that causes communication with the modern era to have extraordinarily high magical energy cost, requiring a comparable energy to that required to destroy an entire continent to pass through the gate. Within that era, Fabro says "there was no other use" for that magical energy. Fabro mentions that it is best for Ganne to be cut off from the current era.[2]

It is thought as of the modern day that Ganne no longer has any magi left, but there are still two left.[2]


Selen, Gate of Preservation (『維持の扉』セレン?)


Ellen, Gate of Advancement (『発展の扉』エレン?)


Guénon, Gate of Storage (『保存の扉』ゲノン?) is the "storage of the gods". They were involved in the creation of Ergo.[9]


Fushiruka, Gate of Subordination (『隷属の扉』フシルカ?)


Wandering Sea.png

The island Baldanders is described as "the first enigma ever discovered in the world of magecraft, and it will be the last to be puzzled out" by Goredolf Musik.[7]

True Wandering Sea[]


The headquarters of the Wandering Sea that appears upon the world, called the The Moving Tomb (移動石柩, Idō Sekkyū?), is a mobile mountain range, an island from the Age of Gods, located within the texture between the world of man and the other side.[3][6][7] It typically moves throughout the North Sea, but it occasionally moves on dry land.[3] What can be called an Independent Singularity (独立した特異点?), the interior contains its own ocean rather than being an island that moves through the sea itself, with the main island being in the center. It is possible to sense the ocean from the outside, but simply reversing back to the outside isn't easily possible for those who enter. The elevation difference is ten meters upon entering.[6] This singularity is immune to the whitening of the world.[6]

Due to Tradition Protection, it cannot be detected on radar.[10] Normally closed off to the rest of the world, it opens to the outside world only once a year on December 31 to recruit new talent.[6][7]

The island of the Wandering Sea doesn't have an entrance on its surface. The actual entrance is some forty meters below the ocean surface, and leads to a docking area that's ten meters below the surface. Those inside the lobby can pull ships into the docking area using a manipulation of the ocean currents, but a normal ship wouldn't survive the process. It would need to be an airtight ship or a shiplike vehicle that's thaumaturgically or physically shielded against sudden changes in pressure.[6]

In truth, the island is a mere "echo" of the true Wandering Sea, which is completely cut off from normal spacetime save for the five gates it manifests on December 31st.

Usage of the island beyond its intended purpose of recruitment can be negotiated with those of the True Wandering Sea. For Sion, they request an eighth Contract of Atlas to be created,[5] but also later reveal that they allowed her for the purpose of trying to recruit her.[2]

Known members[]


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    Below the building, there is the magi’s research area which includes studies and archives. It is only a venerable museum to normal people of course, but at the deepest part, there is a special area (prison?) called the “Bottom of the Bridge” where the Association confines many sealing designated magi deemed to be “dangerous because their talents were too outstanding.” Also, apparently the Gazamy the “Evil Spook”, treated as the number one disaster in the Association, is locked up at the bottom of the London tower.

    The person of highest position in the Clock Tower, the “Director” has been the same person for the 2000 years since the founding of the organization, and because of this is thought to be something more than human.

    The organization handling patents relating to magic is also the Clock Tower, and the current finances of the Tohsaka family is being by covered by the patent royalties that are being transferred to their account.

    Ranks of Magi
    A magus is given a “rank” that matches his ability. The highest is said to be Crown (Grand), but details on it are unknown. Note that Lord El-melloi II, lecturer at the Clock Tower who has produced many Grands among his pupils, is stuck in the mediocre “fourth rank” for some reason.

    Color ranks
    Separate from the normal ranks, color-based titles are given to those that have become special.
    The highest are red, blue, and yellow based on the three primary colors. After that, there are the combined colors of orange, purple, green, black, and so on. The further down you go, the less your rank is. Note that there is no rule about only one person for each color. The Association will, without any stinginess, award a color to you if you’re a magus of great stature or one with an unusual talent.

    Sealing Designation Enforcers
    If you receive a “sealing designation”, you will be confined and even your magic research will be gone, not to mention your freedom. Thus, the person given that designation will of course desperately resist that and won’t stop fighting. To forcefully retrieve magi who were qualified enough to be given a sealing designation, the Association dispatches “Enforcers.” There are around 30 of them total, and Bazett is one of them.

    Lords, consuming their time in power struggles
    In the Magic Association, no rather, the Clock Tower, there are a number of families that hold sway. They are called Lords and are the objects of fear. There are three major families of Lords and about 20 families of relatives. These families are well-known even in normal society. The history of one family is at shortest 500 years and the longest is over 2000 years. They have been plotting and plotting since a staggeringly long past.

    The Sea of Estray, together with the Atlas Institute, is an organization called the original form of the Magic Association.
    Among the founders of the Magic Association, there had been many heretical magi who were exiled from the Sea of Estray and the Atlas Institute and had no place left to go.
    The base of the Sea of Estray is in Northern Europe. This base, with the nickname of the Moving Stone Coffin, is itself a moving mountain range. Normally it is wandering at sea as its name suggests, but sometimes it comes up on dry land.
    It seems they research mainly body alteration, but the specifics are unknown.

    *What is an alchemist?
    One who studies the flow of matter. That is what an alchemist is. The alchemists of the Clock Tower created products like the homunculi of the Einzbern by merging with western magery.
    However, the ultimate goal of the alchemists of the Atlas Institute is set even closer to the original ideology, as the "transformation of events". The often spoke-up "transformation of base metal to gold" in alchemy is, to the members of the Atlas Institute, mere "transformation of matter" and is nothing more than a primitive art far removed from their ideals. Their alchemy is an advancement of the metallurgy of ancient Egypt, the root of the discipline, and has not been influenced by western magery like the alchemy that the Clock Tower magi handle.

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    The headquarter of the Association is in London, England. It is also called the Clock Tower.
    The Association is divided into three departments. Besides the Clock Tower, there are also the "Giant's Cellar" in the Atlas mountains in Egypt, and the "Sea of Astray", the integrated association in Northern Europe. The "Sea of Astray" was the original Association that predated the Clock Tower, and had ceased communication with the Association since the Clock Tower became the headquarter.
    Also, the Association deems the Magic Foundation of the Middle East and the philosophies of magecraft from the continent* as incompatible with its teachings. Conversely, the other two schools also reject the Association.
    Furthermore, as Alba stated in the story, the mage organizations in Japan did not join the Association.


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    As one who became a Dead Apostle through sorcery, he has absolutely no interest in territory or building a faction. The only thing he cares about is completing his thesis.
    When he was still a human, his name was Fabro Rowan. He was a magus hailing from the Wandering Tomb, located in the northern Sea of Estray, one of the three main branches of the Association.