The Wandering Tales of Shana-oh (遮那王流離譚
, Shana-Ō Ryūritan?) is the embodiment of numerous legends that were born after Ushiwakamaru became Minamoto no Yoshitsune and traveled to Oshu. This Noble Phantasm comprises five secret techniques.[1]

Eye of Shiva - Detecting the Six Secret TeachingsEdit

Eye of Shiva - Detecting the Six Secret Teachings (自在天眼・六韜看破
, Jizai Tengan - Rikutō Kanpa?) forcibly relocates everyone on the field. It creates an overwhelming advantage for allies, and puts enemies at a staggering disadvantage.[1]

Usumidori - Short Steps With The Heavenly BladeEdit

Usumidori - Short Steps With The Heavenly Blade (薄緑・天刃縮歩
, Usumidori - Tenjin Shukuho?) is a brilliant slash using Usumidori. This attack, delivered after a Shukuchi footwork of the Tengu's, is difficult to avoid.[1]

Benkei - Steadfast PositionEdit

Benkei - Steadfast Position (弁慶・不動立地
, Benkei - Fudō Ricchi?) recreates an imitation of Musashibou Benkei's body alone. The more faith Ushiwakamaru has in Benkei, the stronger the body is, making it a sturdy shield. It can block up to B-rank Anti-Army Noble Phantasms.[1]

Dan-no-Ura Eight-Boat LeapEdit

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« Care to test the arts of Ki’ichi?"
"Dan-no-Ura Eight-Boat Leap!! »


Dan-no-Ura Eight-Boat Leap (壇ノ浦・八艘跳
, Dan-no-ura Hassō Tobi?) is the manifestation of the feat of leaping eight boats that Yoshitsune displayed at Dan-no-ura. No matter how difficult the terrain, leaping movements are possible as long as there is even the slightest foothold. This technique also enhances Ushiwakamaru's jumping power.[1]

Hoemaru - Spider SlayerEdit

Hoemaru - Spider Slayer (吼丸・蜘蛛殺
, Hoemaru - Kumo Satsu?) unleashes Usumidori's true power. It repels demons in the area, and deals additional sonic damage.[1]

Kikenjō - Icicle CuttingEdit

Kikenjō - Icicle Cutting (喜見城・氷柱削り(きけんじょう・つららけずり), Kikenjō - Tsurara Kezuri?) is a secret technique part of the Wandering Tales of Shana-oh despite not being included in her status sheet. It allows Ushiwakamaru to cut Ibaraki-douji's flames after jumping from atop Benkei and spinning extremely fast like a spinning top.


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