Watanabe no Tsuna (渡邊 綱?) is a is one of the Four Heavenly Kings serving under Minamoto no Raikou. He is a Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Saber class when summoned as a Servant.[1]



Serving under Raiko during her various exploits, Raiko, Watanabe, and the other Heavenly Kings participated in "Mount Ooe's oni extermination", slaughtering the oni after having them ingest poisoned alcohol. He fought Ibaraki-douji during the incident, and she was the only survivor. Ibaraki later assaulted Watanabe, either at Rashoumon or the bridge of Ichijo Modoribashi depending on the account, and he severed her right hand. Although he took the hand as a trophy after she withdrew from the fight, she later recovered it and disappeared.




Ibaraki mentions that she hates Watanabe and wants to kill him, but she also has some interest in conversing with him as well. She is confused by the conflicting emotions.


Watanabe uses the sword "Higekiri." Raiko uses it in her Noble Phantasm Ox-King Storm Call - The Inescapable Net of Heaven.


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