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Waver Velvet (ウェイバー・ベルベット, Weibā Berubetto?) is the Master of Rider in the Fourth Holy Grail War of Fate/Zero. Initially a student in the Clock Tower under the tutelage of Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald before the Holy Grail War, he later attains the position of Lord, referred to as Lord El-Melloi II (ロード・エルメロイⅡ世, Rōdo Erumeroi Nisei?). Highly respected within the Clock Tower, he is the Lord of the Department of Modern Magecraft Theory and owns the El-Melloi Classroom.

He is a supporting protagonist of Fate/Zero, and the main protagonist of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files and The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II.



Waver was born as the third generation of the Velvet family, but it was not a very prestigious line. His grandmother, the first generation, was the lover of a certain magus who picked up the very basics of magecraft during their pillow talk. Waver's mother, the second generation, only sparsely practiced as a way to honor her mother. Waver was the first to seriously follow the path of magecraft, so his heritage and innate abilities were lacking. His mother found the Association’s hierarchical system annoying and disapproved of Waver seeking out the tutelage of a proper mentor, but he was strongly drawn to magecraft. His parents eventually both died of illness, so he took the opportunity to sell all of his family’s possessions to gather enough money for his tuition for the Clock Tower without anything leftover.[12]

Becoming Lord El-Melloi II[]

Three years after the events of the Fourth Holy Grail War,[13] he returns to the Clock Tower and displays diligence after having been changed by his interactions with Rider.

He became a third year lecturer while studying the bare essentials, he had no choice but to rely on others due to his own fundamental lack of ability. As a lecturer for third year students, he quickly made a name for himself. At first, he wasn't even placed into a specific Faculty, so his lectures had an astonishingly small number of attendees. Thanks to this, however, the lessons had a practicality to them that was unrivaled elsewhere in the Clock Tower, and the new generations of students with nowhere else to go flocked to him. Winning the approval of other lecturers that had failed in their struggles for power, he was able to take the stage and actualize a multilateral approach to education that had yet to be seen.[14]

Kayneth's sudden death leaves a gap the organization of his research left at the Clock Tower, and House El-Melloi is left on the verge of ruin. While still considered Kayneth's "most useless formal student", Waver collects the unorganized and unattended works before they are lost, compiling them into the tome named "Lord Kayneth's Encyclopedia of Arcane Secrets." His actions restore the El-Melloi house, and he become known as the "man who revived the Archibalds" or "new El-Melloi." The encyclopedia becomes what acts as the foundation for the flourishing of the house and its descendants.[15]

« I recognize your deeds to the Archibald family, but since you were only making up for what you caused in the first place, you better serve me for your entire life. »

(Reines El-Melloi Archisorte, 10th Head of the Archibald family)

Waver takes on the title of Lord El-Melloi II, after the proper heir, Reines El-Melloi Archisorte, a young girl at the bottom of the family's hierarchy, recognizes his achievements, but only does so while letting him know that Kayneth's death was his fault and that he will have to serve her for his entire life.[2] He was the youngest Lord the Clock Tower had ever seen.[2][16] Amongst the twelve nobles who administer the Clock Tower, he's the lowest-ranked.[17] He attains the fourth-order rank, "Fes", due to how good of a teacher he was, though if judged solely on his own abilities he would be the lower rank of "Count".[2][18] He was previously in charge of the Mineralogy Department until he changed to the 12th Modern Magecraft Theories department.[19]

The majority of people thought he wasn't anyone special. It was assumed that he was a mere puppet the El-Melloi family had, at their convenience, forced into the unenviable position of heading that hodgepodge of subjects known as Modern Magical Studies. But, they soon learned that they were terribly wrong.[20] His works eventually cause him to be recognized as a great professor.[2] Within the Clock Tower political party, Lord El-Melloi II is in the flexible reformist camp. He is the type to respect one’s merits, regardless of tradition or novelty. Rather than labeling him a conservative or a reformer, it might be most accurate to call him a neutral party.[20]

He wishes to further his own studies, but his mediocrity as a magus keeps him from advancing. He attains a reputation as a great teacher but cares little for it due to not even being able to advance in rank within the Clock Tower.[2]


In the Fourth Holy Grail War, Waver was nineteen years old.[21] Although he was a bit shorter than an average person. His body tended to be frail, because he had done nothing but study magic during his childhood, and had little time to forge his body, but he didn’t think it was a weakness. Rather, Waver had pride in polishing up his intellect.[22]

As Lord El-Melloi II, he is a man in his early thirties with long loose hair.[23] He wore a red coat with golden ornamentations on its shoulders, and his face bore a tremendously sour expression.[24] He is often seen smoking a cigar. In Character material, he is seen wearing an elbow sleeve shirt with Admirable Great Tactics logo on it.[2]

As an adult he bears a heavy resemblance to Eumenes, one of Iskandar's generals.


Fourth Holy Grail War[]

Waver is often called a "spoiled brat" who is the very embodiment of a "narcissist that does not doubt he's a genius." He displays traits of cowardice, being short-tempered, and constant complaints without action. He has an inferiority-complex about his abilities as a magus and Master, and he constantly doubts himself at every turn. He forms a bond with Rider over time that begins to change him, with Rider bolstering his confidence and recognizing his traits. He praises Waver for riding into the front lines of the battle with him, he comforts Waver upon seeing Caster's victims, and remarks in his abilities as an unconventional but exceptionally talented magus, though Waver quickly refutes him.

Though he often fights with Rider, he bonds with him over the course of the Holy Grail War, and he even pledges his allegiance to Rider as one of his subjects. Even Gilgamesh praises his loyalty, sparing his life because of remaining steadfast in following Rider's final orders.

Lord El-Melloi II[]

El-Melloi II playing a video game.

After becoming Lord El-Melloi II, he takes on a reputation as a famous lecturer of the Clock Tower. His involvement with Rider changed his attitude, allowing his persistent effort to lead to him being called a professor. Known as "Great Big Ben London Star”, "Professor Charisma", and "Master V". He has been even named "the number one man female students would like to sleep with", among others. He cares little about his reputation, and he would rather focus on his own success as a magus. His irritations towards it have even caused people to say that he has haunted the school with a constantly cranky look to him for several years. He is not an ambitious person, and he does not like to become personally involved with his students, having once said, "What a load of codswallop. Why should I, stuck at the fourth tier I still be, have to bloody look after other people?" He dislikes people calling him Lord El-Melloi without the "second" because it is unbearably grating without it.[24]

In his mystery-solving Lord El-Melloi II focuses on the "whydunit" (the motive of the perpetrator) instead of "whodunit" (who the perpetrator is) or "howdunit" (how the crime was committed). He states that this is because, due to magecraft being involved, a crime can be committed any number of ways even by the dead, and so trying to figure out who or how is pointless.

He takes after Rider in that his sole pleasure lies in Japanese video games (often called 'visual novels'), though he has come to hate Japan and its people. He orders large batches of these games, and after playing through them fully, takes the time to diligently give detailed reviews on the games through their survey cards. Though he often receives game memorabilia through sweepstakes, he cares little for it and mostly believes that it is the proper action to relay his opinions back to the game designers even if he must pay international postage to airmail them to Japan. Much of his room is full of the memorabilia, though he also has a cabinet where he keeps the remaining piece of Rider's cloak that he used as his catalyst.

He hates his apprentice Gray's face due to her identical appearance to Saber who almost killed him in the Fourth Holy Grail War, and has her wear a hood to hide it. However, the truth is that while he was initially frightened upon seeing her, his continued hatred for her face is at Gray's own request. When Gray agreed to become Lord El-Melloi II's apprentice she asked of him, "Please...keep hating my face."[25]

In the anime adaptations, he holds no such contempt for Japan or its people and even holds many in respect (such as Kairi Sisigou and Rin Tohsaka) while also yearning to witness the Holy Grail Wars again.



Waver humiliated in front of the student body

Shortly before the Fourth Holy Grail War, at the age of nineteen, he developed the revolutionary concept that a mage's power could be increased through effort, experience, and knowledge rather than increasing magical potential through that of a mage's genetic lineage. His idea was dismissed by his lecturer, the nobleman Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald, who tore up Waver's manuscript without another thought. He experienced nothing but hardship and failure in his work. Outraged and humiliated, Waver discovers that Lord El-Melloi will participate in the Fourth Holy Grail War in Japan. Stealing the artefact El-Melloi intends to use to summon his Servant and running off to Japan, Waver intends to win the Holy Grail in order to force the Mage's Association to recognize his genius.[21]

Using the stolen artefact, he summons the Rider-class Servant, Iskandar. The two of them stay with Glen and Martha Mackenzie, an elderly Canadian couple living in Japan, for the duration of the war. The couple, thanks to Waver's magical abilities, are under the impression that he is their grandson. Waver is the youngest Master in the Fourth Holy Grail War. This caused him to gamble everything on the Holy Grail War. Though an adept mage, his confidence in his own skill comes off as arrogance. Waver is not courageous by nature and somewhat short-tempered, cowardly, and whiny. In contrast, his Servant Iskandar, the King of Conquerors, is noble and physically overbearing. Much to Waver's chagrin, the enormous man has little interest in the Holy Grail and cares more about conquering the world again, especially now that he realizes the world is much bigger than he was aware of during his life and is particularly fascinated by ordinary aspects of modern life. The Master and Servant have difficulty getting along at first due to differing personalities and Rider's selfish nature makes him especially difficult to control and Waver finds himself accommodating his interests to his Servant's to ensure Rider remains focused on defeating opposing Servants.

Despite their differences, they had a very close bond of friendship, similar to that of a father and a son. This is evident in the fact, that on their first encounter with the other servants and masters of the war, Rider defended his master's dignity after Waver was being tormented by Kayneth, who was threatening to make Waver suffer for stealing his artifact and entering the Grail War with the servant he was intending to summon. Rider disparages Kayneth by calling him a coward, saying that someone like him could never be his master even he really was summoned by Kayneth.

Waver providing Rider with magical energy

After Caster's death, Rider used all his magical energy from his own supply when he used Ionioi Hetairoi. Waver aware of this, he gathered food and went back to the summoning place where there is a leyline to help provide magical energy to Rider. Waver questions Rider why he didn't take any magical energy from him, Rider explains that servants are soul eaters and he didn't want to see Waver dying for the Holy Grail that possibly didn't exist. However, Waver is determined to continue the Holy Grail War to the end which left Rider impressed and Waver slept for the whole day providing magical energy to Rider.

As the Holy Grail War continues, Waver and Iskandar's friendship strengthens, Iskandar teaches Waver how to live like a man. Saber on her motorcycle chased after Rider as she thought Rider kidnapped Irisviel. Waver acknowledges Rider's method of conquest, while Rider's Via Expugnatio clashes with Saber's Excalibur. Rider's chariot was destroyed and Waver told Rider to activate his Ionioi Hetairoi, however, Rider said Via Expugnatio was the only gamble he would take against Saber.

Waver and Glen

After Saber destroyed Rider's Chariot, Waver had to walk back to the Mackenzie residence. As he walked back, he sees Glen on the roof who calls Waver to join him to see the view of Miyama Town. Glen reveals that he knew Waver was not his grandson because he was too nice to be his actual grandson. Waver asked if Glen was angry but to his surprise, Glen was happy to see Martha smiling as Waver and Rider came to live with them. Glen offered Waver to stay longer but Waver expressed that he could not as he's risking his life for something. Glen's opinion differs as there is not anything that worth dying for when people look back in their lives.

Waver uses all of his Command Seals

On the final day of the war, Waver decides it is too dangerous for him to continue participating in the war and uses all three of his Command Seals to order Iskandar to defeat all the remaining Servants, win the Grail, and not to return unless he succeeded. By using all of his Command Seals, Waver effectively abandons his position as Rider's Master and allows the Servant to do as he wishes. However, Iskandar insists that Waver stand at his side as he rides off to his final battle as his friend, rather than his Master.

Waver stands up to Archer

During his battle with Archer, Iskandar uses his final Noble Phantasm: Ionioi Hetairoi. However, Gilgamesh uses his Anti-world Noble Phantasm to destroy Iskandar's Reality Marble in an instant. As Iskandar and Waver manage to evade the blast, Iskandar asks Waver if he wants to be his subordinate, which Waver accepts. Iskandar orders Waver to live and tell the story of his king, leaving Waver in a safe location to observe the battle. When the King of Conquerors is defeated by the golden Servant, Archer confronts Waver. Though he is afraid, Waver courageously stands up to Archer, declaring that he is a follower of Iskandar and that he has been ordered to live for Iskandar's sake. Out of respect for Iskandar's final wishes, Archer spares Waver's life.

Waver picks up the extra T-shirt

He survived the Fourth Grail War, he returned to Mackenzie house safely. The time he spent with Iskandar has positively influenced him, he wanted to stop studying for a while and travel, experience and understand the outside world. He decided to stay in Japan for a while and asks Glen and Martha for permission to stay at their place. When he looks around his room and finds the game that Iskandar brought earlier, Waver at first thought it was silly but decides to try new things out and realizes he likes playing video games after this. After the war, he expresses several regrets: he wonders if the conflagration caused by the end of the war could have been prevented if he and Iskandar had still been around and also that he wanted to be Iskandar's friend as an equal rather than a subordinate.

The Outsiders’ Performance[]

In the side story of the special drama CD, Taiga Fujimura as an adult tells Saber how she was inspired to become an English teacher when she encountered Waver and Rider in the Fourth Grail War.[26] She was looking for the thief who broke into her friend Otoko Hotaruzuka's store and stole their best wine barrel. She encounters both Waver and Rider during in the night after she fell from the roof. Rider becomes a translator for both Taiga and Waver, as Waver did not learn Japanese before coming to Japan, and Taiga explained to Waver and Rider that she chased after the thief until he flew off.[27]

The Outsiders’ Performance

Taiga instantly jumped in the cold water to save a dog,[27] while believing Waver and Rider would also help out.[28] As Waver and Rider helped Taiga out of the water, Waver questioned why Taiga is so persistent in helping people. Taiga replied that she believes in kindness in others. Waver thinks this is quite cute, though Rider says something completely different which left Waver in disarray: Rider claims he wanted Waver to have a romantic experience. Taiga chased after an underwear thief, dragging Rider and Waver to help her.[28] After they handed the underwear thief to the police, they helped reunited the puppy to its owner.[29]

Waver asked Taiga if she helped others, does not she have any problems herself. Taiga claims that she is worried about her love, school and future. Waver and Rider suggested she is suitable for teaching and guiding those who seek knowledge. Waver suggested they should part ways and head back home but Taiga wants to go after the wine barrel thief. Waver and Rider explained that searching for the criminal at night in Fuyuki City is getting more dangerous. Taiga tried to introduce herself to the two but Waver hypnotizes Taiga to head back home for her own safety. Rider thought of stealing more wine barrels from the market for Taiga but Waver stopped him from creating more trouble, Waver had a plan that could help her.[30] Taiga says an anonymous person sent a dozen barrels of high-class London red wine outside her friend's house.[26]

Waver's World Travels[]

Between the events of Fate/Zero and Lord El-Melloi II Case Files, Waver traveled the world, not keen on returning to London just yet. Using what little money he had left, he went through India, Persia, Greece, and Macedonia. At one point his bag was stolen and he broke down crying. He also ended up getting in a fight with some gang, and had to use some otherwise useless magecraft just to escape.[31] Along the way, he got involved in three incidents: the "Babylon Incident", the "Italian Mafia Incident", and the "First Lecture in Greece Incident".[32]

The "Babylon Incident" happened one year after the Fourth Holy Grail War. Waver traveled to Iraq and the ruins of Babylon, where Iskandar was said to be buried. There he encountered the mage Barzan who was leading a team in digging up Iskandar's tomb. After breaking out of the cell that Barzan was holding him in, Waver and his old friend Melvin Weins - who had coincidentally also been captured by Barzan - destroyed the dig site by disrupting a leyline and causing evil spirits to attack the excavation team.[33]

Details of the "Italian Mafia Incident" are unknown, but the "First Lecture in Greece Incident" was the first time Waver got into teaching. While he was visiting some sites, he introduced himself to the Second Owner. As it was quite rare for someone from the Clock Tower to show up around there, he ended up teaching a few of his sons for a bit, though they lacked a good enough room, or any decent textbooks to work from.[31] During his trip to Greece, Waver also got some experience learning how to drive a motorboat.[34]

In the end, these experiences in his travels and brushing so close to death at times are what gave him the confidence he could survive back at the Clock Tower. While he had expected to end up as a lecturer much farther down the line, when he returned to London, I got wrapped up in all kinds of things, and he ended up starting teaching right away to start chipping away at a few debts.[31] Having somehow managed to become a third year lecturer while studying the bare essentials, he quickly made a name for himself. At first, he wasn't placed into a specific Faculty, so his lectures had a vanishingly small number of attendees. Thanks to this, however, the lessons had a practicality to them that was unrivalled elsewhere in the Clock Tower, and the new generations of students with nowhere else to go flocked to him. Winning the approval of other lecturers that had failed in their struggles for power, he was able to take the stage and actualize a multilateral approach to education that had yet to be seen.[35]

Under his leadership, the El-Melloi classroom thus continued to be used for three years. After these three years, Reines El-Melloi Archisorte, who had kept an eye on him, had him kidnapped, thinking him another thief of their resources now that the El-Melloi faction had fallen into debt. However, to her surprise, Waver hung his head and apologized for his recklessness that drove Kayneth to death, acknowledging his sin and begging for his life as he had something to achieve. So she gave him four demands: to take responsibility for the El-Melloi faction debts and clear them; to fix the El-Melloi family Source Crest; to take the position of Lord in her place until she is of age, naming him "Lord El-Melloi II" and her older step-brother; and to have him work as her personal tutor. She took the Velvet family Magic Crest from Waver as collateral to ensure he wouldn't attempt to flee from her demands.[35]

Lord El-Melloi II Case Files[]

The setting follows closely to Fate/Zero, Waver survives the Fourth Holy Grail War and becomes Lord El-Melloi II.

Two months prior to the events of the Castle of Separation incident, Lord El-Melloi II encounters Gray and takes her as his apprentice. The circumstances behind this meeting are that Lord El-Melloi II and Reines travelled to Blackmore Cemetery because he hoped to borrow one of the gravekeepers of Blackmore for the Fifth Holy Grail War. As they're famed anti-spirit specialists, he hoped they would be a trump card against Heroic Spirits. At the village, him and Reines met Zepia Eltnam Atlasia residing in a cabin over there as a guest. Waver had Reines go back to London earlier, but after a tour of the village and spending a night there, had to leave after a corpse looking exactly like Gray was found. The Blackmore gravekeeper and Gray's first master, Bersac Blackmore, pushed Gray off onto Waver and told them never to return to the village. Lord El-Melloi II would take her to London as his apprentice.[36]

case. Castle of Separation Adra[]

The Adra Castle case takes place 10 years after the Fourth Holy Grail War.[13] In the events of Adra Castle case, Lord El-Melloi II was informed by Reines El-Melloi Archisorte about the recent death of the Adra Castle owner and requested him to investigate. Although Lord El-Melloi II reacted negatively, Reines manages to manipulate him by suggesting he will be able to take part in the Holy Grail War, if he is able to resolve the Adra Castle case. He calls his apprentice Gray on an early Autumn and travelled with her to the castle.[37]

Lord El-Melloi II investigates the death of Hishiri Adashino, by using his alchemy.[38]

Back in London, Lord El-Melloi II meets Hishiri who was supposedly deceased. It turns out that Waver's suspicion of the conspiracy was true but he had no proof. Hishiri thinks she's pretty similar to Lord El-Melloi II, both realizing that the search for the Root is futile, though Waver notes that there is a significant difference between not being able to do it because of lack of talent and not trying due to lack of interest. Hishiri suggests that they should join forces, but Waver excuses himself, though not before she asks him if he hasn't given up yet. Lord El-Melloi II claims he hasn't given up. Waver says that he wants to meet Rider again. That as soon as his contract with Reines is finished, he'll return to being a single magus and participate in the Fifth Holy Grail War. Gray, hearing this, asks that Waver take her with him.

case. Twin Towers of Iselma[]

El-Melloi arrival (Volume 2).jpg

Told by Reines of her invitation to the Social Assembly of the Iselma Twin Towers of the Sun and the Moon, Lord El-Melloi II goes on to explain the role and symbolic meaning of the concept of beauty within Magecraft, even namesdropping Cleopatra and Yang Guifei.[39]

When Reines and Gray are cornered by the other magi at the Towers of Iselma, accused of being the culprit behind the deaths of the Princess of Gold, Lord El-Melloi II shows up, having decided to come himself when Reines called him about the Princess of Gold asking for asylum. He declares that he'll take over the case.[40] When Byron Valualeta Iselma objects, he starts explaining how the ritual with the two princesses works until he gets angry and lets him do as he pleases.[41] While getting the explanation of the situation, he explains that it all works by matching the lifestyle rhythms of the princess in the Towers of the Sun and Moon to match the movements of celestial bodies, dictating when they sleep, what they eat, every minor detail of their lives, and also that it was odd that they debuted at night instead of during the day.[42]

However, the investigation is cut short when Atrum Galliasta attacks the estate. During the battle against Atrum, Lord El-Melloi II catches Lord Valueleta trying to leave, and proposes a plan between her, him, Reines, and the Princess of Silver that would stop the attack on the estate.[43] Between Waver, Reines, the Princess of Silver, Lord Valueleta, and the dressmaker and pharmacist for the Princesses, they managed to temporarily use Projection Magecraft to make the Princess of Silver look like the Princess of Gold. Her beauty is enough to temporarily distract everyone on the battlefield and stop the fight and give Lord El-Melloi II a chance to enter negotiations.[44]

Lord El-Melloi II deduces Atrum was there to retrieve the catalyst for the Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War he lost to Lord Byron, a bloodstained linden leaf that could be used to summon Siegfried. Waver says that it's pointless to chase that relic now, and if his reasoning is mistaken, he'll offer Atrum a greater catalyst in return (namely, his piece of Iskandar's cloak).[45] He explains that the timing and season for the ritual was all wrong, but would make sense if they were using a different celestial body like Venus in place of the sun. In other words, using a replacement for the Princess of Gold. He says that the dead Carina was actually the Princess of Gold seen at the Social Assembly the other night, and that the real Princess of Gold had died some time previously. He assumes that it was Touko Aozaki who was called in to perform magical plastic surgery on Carina to fake her identity. Touko says she has no memory of this and wouldn't take such a boring contract, but upon inspecting the body she realizes that yes, it's her work, and that part of the contract must have been to wipe her memories afterwards using Maio Brishisan Clynelles's medicines, which would make the job sound interesting enough that she might take it.[46]

He then presents the ashes Reines found, and theorizes that they took the catalyst, burned it, and covered Carina with the ashes. "CinderellaWP" means "ash covered", so drawing on that legend they could turn her into a magical beauty for a single night. Unfortunately, this meant that the catalyst Atrum was chasing had already been burnt up. Touko confirms that destroying an invaluable treasure that had survived for thousands of years for one night's perfect ritual sounds exactly like something she would do. There's a lot of other factors he goes over- the maid being more suitable because of the concept that looking at something beautiful makes yourself more beautiful, and the Princess of Gold herself could never do more than look at herself in the mirror, as well as figuring out that both the Princesses had some sort of defect. One couldn't see, the other couldn't hear. At this point Touko names Regina, the other maid, as being the one who requested she take out the El-Melloi faction, with the promised payment being the secret of the Princess of Gold's beauty (which ironically was largely due to Touko's own skills).[46] Regina refuses to talk.[47]

Lord El-Melloi II continues, supposing that the Princess of Gold died of side effects from the ritual some time ago, and Regina started to worry about who would die next and made plans to escape with the others. However, the debut went so unexpectedly well that they had the new fear that they would receive a Sealing Designation from the Association. So she had to reveal the Princess of Gold's corpse to make it look like it was impossible to replicate to the Association. The story they brought to Reines about wanting to defect was true.[47]

The problem was the second incident. Carina's death was a genuine murder, and Lord El-Melloi II points to Maio, the pharmacist who was involved in the ritual, as the culprit.[47] He explains that they found a bag with a change of clothes and such near the spring where Carina was found, and since Siegfried washed off the dragon's blood at a spring, therefore Carina went there to remove the magecraft placed on her, change clothes, and escape. He also points out that Maio got a chance to inspect Trimmau closesly at the party and could conceivably make her stop operations. Maio confesses, that he was childhood friends with the Princess of Gold and obsessed with her beauty, and he came across Carina trying to escape. She revealed to him the truth that she had become the Princess of Gold and asked for his help. He got angry about her escaping, and as a magus, couldn't allow it, so he killed her. Regina covered for Maio because Carina sent off a last message to her to protect him. She and the Princess of Silver were the ones controlling the Puppet that held off Gray and Reines in the forest.[48]

Maio goes mad, shouting that they can just start all over again and remake the ritual, and he activates something he put in the memory-erasing drug he gave to Touko, causing her to be stabbed with green spikes from the inside. Before she dies, Touko gives some things to Lord El-Melloi II to hold on to until she can pick them up later, and reveals that ever since she died once in an ambush some years ago, she's taken to keeping a demon similar to the one in her sealed box contained within her own body, so that even if she's killed in a sneak attack it will pursue and take out her killer. A giant fight ensues, with everyone battling against the puppet that made up Touko's body and the demon inside of it.[49]

After everything is resolved, as he is recounting the incident to Luviagelita Edelfelt, Lord El-Melloi II reveals that Carina and Regina had a third sister due to their Celtic connection, and plans to write to her to explain what happens to her sister.[50]

Grace note[]

Trisha Fellows approaches Reines on behalf of the Animusphere family, presenting a request for El-Melloi II to investigate the death of Ernest Fargo, the head of one of the Animusphere branch families.[51]

He later investigated a problem for his favorite cafe that led to the arrest of Gurdoa Davenant.[52]

case. Mystic Eyes Collection Train[]

Iskandar's mantle was stolen from El-Melloi II and in its place was a ticket for the Rail Zeppelin. Aboard the train he discovered that the thief was Doctor Heartless, who used the mantle to summon a Servant, Iskandar's Shadow.[53][54]

Grace Note Special Episode[]

Lord El-Melloi II receives an invitation to a class reunion of Kayneth's students. Several days before the reunion is to occur, he suddenly wakes up one morning having been turned back into a teenager.[1]

case. Atlas Contract[]

Waver recalls something that Zepia said back when he first visited Blackmore Cemetery that makes him realize he was connected to Doctor Heartless, so both he and Gray go back to the cemetery and find Zepia still there, who then activate Logos React, one of Atlas' seven superweapons, which sends the two of them into a recreation of the past. In the reenaction, Waver and Gray are exploring catacombs and run into bone soldiers, and Waver notes that the mana in the area makes them almost like incomplete Servants, or Shadow Servants. Behind the bone soldiers there is an armored figure whom Gray senses is a Saberface even though her face is obstructed by a helmet. Said Saberface, the Corpse King, tells them it's too early and that the future king hasn't awoken, and that Gray is supposed to be on the surface, whereas she is meant to be underground. She leaves, and Gray tries to reach her but is being overwhelmed by the bone soldiers because Add seems to not be working properly. Just as things are getting desperate, Add shines, and out comes Kay in silver armor and a bit of a haze around him that would suggest he's not fully there. He rescues them and introduces himself.[36]

case. Grand Resolution[]

While Lord El-Melloi II is trying to track down Dr. Heartless, after having found some traces of his trail at Gray's hometown, he gets notice of a Grand Roll (冠位決讓?) — an official meeting of the Lords, to take place on February 2. These meetings are rare, and most Lords usually don't bother to attend. Waver says he's only been to one before, and it had the bare minimum of four Lords in attendance, most of whom were only representatives. The meeting is bad news for the El-Melloi faction. They suspect Heartless might be involved, so they have to attend, but El-Melloi is very weak at the moment, and being pressured by both the Aristocratic and Democratic factions. It's possible that whatever way they vote, they'll end up crushed by one side or the other.[55]

They decide to split up and gather information on two fronts. One team, led by Lord El-Melloi II, tracks down the former apprentices of Heartless, while the other one, led by Reines, talks to contacts to try to get information on the Grand Roll—what the subject is, which lords will be attending, how they intend to vote, how serious they are about the meeting, are any of them connected to Heartless, etc. Lord El-Melloi II actually participates in both teams at the same time: Reines lends him part of Trimmau to use as a familiar, and it turns into a small action figure sized version of himself that shares his senses. He winds up having to participate in two conversations at once at a few points.[55]

At the workshop of one of Heartless' apprentices, Waver's teams runs into Touko Aozaki, who claims to be investigating the same case for the Neutral faction, and they agree to share information. Heartless had five apprentices, and of the ones they've checked, they've all gone missing. Waver has managed to get the information that they're all labyrinth survivors. He gives Gray a little lecture on mazes and labyrinths, and their mystical meanings, and explains the Spiritual Tomb of Albion, a huge labyrinth under London formed out of the corpse of a giant dragon that tried to burrow to the Reverse Side of the World at the end of the Age of Gods. It's one of the only places in the world where magical reagents can be collected, and has a semi-autonomous organization that manages it subordinate to the Clock Tower, which was formed in London for the purposes of exploiting Albion. Waver believes that Heartless' apprentices were a party that fought in the Labyrinth to harvest materials and bought their freedom. It is later revealed that the Grand Roll is vote called by the Democratic faction on the matter concerning the redevelopment of the Spiritual Tomb of Albion.[55]

Heading down to the front offices of Albion in Soho, Chinatown, they track down the last two of Heartless' apprentices, who have joined the organization managing the labyrinth. They get some information on Heartless' background, but not much else. One of these apprentices is later found dead, the other goes missing. Lord El-Melloi II finds an address hidden on the body that he suspects was left as a message to him. At the address is one of Heartless' workshops, where he deliberately left a webbing of his notes that would let someone with enough knowledge of magecraft trace his thoughts. Waver is at first surprised to find the formula for a Sealing-Designated magecraft, with the signature of "Emiya". He works out the whole of the massive ritual Heartless was designing, and is devastated when he realizes Heartless and Faker are trying to summon Iskandar.[55] Specifically, Heartless is going to adapt the ritual he studied at Gray's hometown and turn Faker into Iskandar, or possibly something even greater. Waver loses his drive as he's unsure if he should even be opposing Heartless anymore. He is aso puzzled as to why Heartless is putting so much effort into a huge spell that doesn't lead to the Root anyway.[56]

After the attack on Norwich by Heartless and Faker, Lord El-Melloi returns and gets several visitors. One is a message from Atrum Galliasta, who he is informed had been killed in the Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War. He left behind a last will compact disk with data, as what Atrum did was to gather data on Doctor Heartless to hunt him down himself in revenge for his role in the Iselma Towers incident after the Holy Grail War if he survived it, and make arrangements so the info gets to El-Melloi II in case he didn't. The other visitor is Luvia, who stops by and hands over El-Melloi II something she says is a fee for tutoring her.[56]

El-Melloi II questions himself, wondering if he should even stop Heartless if he gets to see Iskandar again, and he has a little fight with Gray over it, but manages to get back on his feet. He also does some speculation about Heartless's apprentices and comes to the conclusion that some or all of them were spies for various Lords or factions even prior to their entry into the labyrinth, and that they were being killed either by Heartless to silence them, or by those factions to put pressure on Heartless. Following a tip from Atrum's message, him and Gray visit a hospital where Heartless was treated decades ago, supposedly after he was kidnapped by the faeries and left with no heart and changed eyes. Waver uses hypnosis to make the doctor think they are old friends.[56]

The golden coin that was dropped from Faker's chariot when they fought Touko has Iskandar's face on it, old currency from his empire. Waver talks a bit about how currency was based in faith and its use a form of worship, and he finally puts together what Heartless's plan is: Heartless plans to travel to the heart of the Spiritual Tomb of Albion, making use of its properties as a labyrinth in death and rebirth initiation rites to ascend Faker's Saint Graph closer to that of Iskandar's. He also plans to use the Sealing Designated Norikata Emiya to accelerate Faker's time billions of times over using Innate Time Control, praying to her the whole time. This should have the effect of accumulating thousands of years of prayer to her, or more specifically to Iskandar, who was said to carry the blood of Zeus. The Grand Roll itself also provides the required amount of tons of Magical Energy, as during the ceremony the dragon's heart of the Spiritual Tomb of Albion is opened, making it the best place to get a wave of Mystery big enough connected to the inner sea of the planet to turn a Heroic Spirit into a Divine Spirit. With this, Iskandar will ascend to the rank of a Divine Spirit in modern times. The Authority of a god is the source of the magecraft of the Age of Gods, and with it mages won't need to seek the Root anymore, ushering in a new age of magic. Coins like the one they dropped would become powerful magical catalysts, as after Iskandar became a god they would work as a pass, connecting their holder to Iskandar as a sort of pseudo-master. Essentially, Heartless' plan would turn other magecraft outside of modern magecraft irrelevant, destroying the whole societal system and cycle of betrayal created by magecraft.[56]

Waver thinks that it's a noble idea, but it being fueled by a destructive impulse like vengeance makes it not worth it. And mainly, he can't leave the future of his students to such a thing. Luvia's own argument is that she's disgusted because that would be like throwing away the last 2000 years and the choice of separating man from gods. But even she agrees that's her pride as a modern mage speaking, she just doesn't care even if her future descendants end up resenting her choices.[56]

It would be almost impossible to catch up to Heartless at this point to stop him, until the Rail Zeppelin shows up, along with allies from previous incidents like Flueger and Jiroubou Seigen Tokitou. After the reveal that Doctor Heartless was the mastermind in the shadows of every previous incidents, there are people coming after his head, chief among them Rodin the machinist from Rail Zeppelin, who is mad at the whole mess that was the Rail Zeppelin incident to both the train itself and its reputation.[56] Leaving Reines to stall for time at the Grand Roll, Waver, Gray, Luvia, Flue, and Seigen take the Rail Zeppelin along the ley lines to Magisfair, the town in the upper reaches of the labyrinth. They meet up with a guide there, Geraff, Flue's old master and a victim of Kiritsugu Emiya's Origin Bullets, and prepare to do a fast dash to the deepest depths, taking every shortcut no matter how risky it is. There's a lot of battles and fighting as the party progresses through the dungeon, and in the end most of the party has to stay behind to hold off monsters and traps left by Heartless while Waver and Gray go alone and plunge downwards down a shaft.[57]

They encounter the still form of a beast of incomprehensible size there. It's beyond massive, and in the dark all they can see are six glowing eyes, so El-Melloi II suspects it of being a creature of the same archetype as Cerberus and AbaddonWP, and Gray compares it to Touko's box monster. As they're sneaking past, Heartless uses his Mystic Eyes of Usurpation, and one of the beast's six eyes opens and fixes its sight on them. That is all it does, but the weight of the creature's attention alone is enough to apply a crushing pressure, sure to kill El-Melloi II.[57]

However, this occurs at the same time as the beginning of the Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War. When Shirou Emiya summons Artoria Pendragon as Saber, streaks of gold appear in Gray's hair, and she's filled with power. She unleashes Rhongominyad at the monster. It does no real damage beyond forcing it to shut its eye, giving them time to escape.[57]

In the heart of the dead dragon, they confront Heartless and the Divine Spirit of Iskander. El-Melloi II unravels the truth of Heartless, how he was originally Kurou, one of his five apprentices, and he time slipped when he was taken by the fairies, becoming his own teacher, Heartless. How the fairies gifted him with Mystic Eyes that could temporarily steal the sight of another. How he killed his apprentices because they had betrayed him as both Kurou and Heartless. The shining Divine Spirit opens its eyes, and Albion is replaced by the Ionioi Hetairoi Reality Marble. Heartless says that even if he's killed, the coins that he's given to others will register them as sub-masters, maintaining Iskandar's link to the world. Waver takes his in hand, smiling at the acknowledgement that he, too, is one of his Masters.[57]

Divine Spirit Iskandar emits so much Magical Energy that it's difficult to breathe and it's burning their Magic Circuits, but Waver walks up to him anyway. He apologizes for not granting his wish, thanks him, and tells him to go back to the Throne of Heroes and wait for him, because he'll definitely find a way to join him there someday. Then he takes off his glove to reveal a Command Spell. After the Edelfelts were defeated in the Third Holy Grail War, they kept their leftover Command Spells just in case, and Luvia gifted Waver one as payment for becoming her tutor. By holding the coin, Waver is recognized as a pseudo-Master of Iskandar. So he uses his Command Spell to tell him to leave, reverting him back to Faker and foiling Heartless' plans.[57]

Waver and Gray rendezvous with Reines, escape from Albion, and are discharged after a brief hospitalization.[57]

Fate/stay night[]

Lord El-Melloi II in Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]

In Ufotable's adaptation of the Unlimited Blade Works scenario, Lord El-Melloi II is seen speaking to Shirou Emiya in the epilogue. Lord El-Melloi II questions why Shirou went to the Clock Tower to study magecraft. Shirou replied that he learned many things while attending the Clock Tower, and he wants to dedicate his life to become a Hero of Justice. El-Melloi II rejects this notion as idiotic but not without merit, proceeding to remark that Shirou's dream is too large for the Clock Tower to contain.[58]

Curtain Call ~ LET US DRIVE TOGETHER ~[]

After the epilogue of Ufotable adaptation of Unlimited Blade Works, Rin spends her days together with Shirou in London. Rin goes to purchase a car, however, Shirou is worried about Rin using modern technology. Rin suggests asking for a favour from someone they can depend on and ask Lord El-Melloi II.

The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II[]

The Man Who Devoured God[]

Three years after the Fifth Holy Grail War, Gray and Lord El-Melloi II travel to Singapore, where they meet up with Rin Tohsaka and encounter the mysterious man Ergo. He takes Ergo in as a temporary student.

Waver intends on quitting his teaching job so he can focus more on searching for a cure for Gray's situation with Artoria.

The Devil of the Wandering Sea[]

Two weeks ago (before he arrived in Singapore) El-Melloi II had sent a letter to Touko Aozaki asking if she knew anything about removing curses, intending to find a cure for Gray. Touko said she knew just the person for the job and arranged a meeting between El-Melloi II and Mikiya Ryougi in Tokyo. While he had originally intended this to help Gray, now that he's met Ergo it could also help him.

Mikiya offers an exchange of favors: to get help from the curse remover, he would like El-Melloi II to investigate the kidnapping of Akira Yakou, a girl who was taken away from her family.[59] Akira has the organ of a Japanese god inside of her, making her situation similar to Gray and Ergo's. El-Melloi II hopes that she can help him find a cure for them.[60]

Fate/Strange Fake[]

Lord El-Melloi II and Flat Escardos.

Several months before the False Holy Grail War of Fate/strange Fake, Lord El-Melloi II decides to play the video game Night Wars of the British Empire, mistakenly believing it to have been a game about knights. He still plays it and notes down his thoughts on the game as usual. This enters him for a chance to win a replica signature Jack the Ripper knife with a sheath, but the trivial toy is quickly lost from his mind. He later wins the prize, and like much of the other merchandise he inadvertently wins, it is sent to the Clock Tower with several other packages.[23]

He later is the first to notice the strangeness occurring in America due to irregularities in the ley lines and through information leaked by Faldeus. He connects it to the happening of another Holy Grail War, resulting in Rohngall and Faldeus being sent to investigate. After one of his most troublesome students, Flat Escardos, eavesdrops on the result of the investigation, Flat beseeches him to help him participate. El-Melloi furiously grips his pupil's face in rage, but he is quickly shocked into silence by the method he used to eavesdrop. While Flat is a prodigy, he lacks the intelligence to properly utilize his talents, and though El-Melloi's teaching prowess allowed him to advance more than any other, he was still unable to graduate. This left El-Melloi with mixed feelings in not letting him go even though he normally hates to let unprepared students out into the world.[23]

He attempts to have Flat understand the true nature of the war, moving past his anger and reaching a form of ascetic enlightenment. He attempts to reason that Flat is unsuited to the battle, but his words do nothing to daunt him. He is unable to use logic with Flat and eventually outright denies him, though Flat's idea of befriending the other Servants reminds him of Rider. He begins to think of lending the fragment of Rider's cloak should Flat return again, but Flat's mistake with the Jack the Ripper toy knife, not remembering it or checking it to see its significance, causes him to think that Flat has given up on participating. This causes him to make the choice of giving it to him and reinforcing his misunderstanding. He returns to his room, reminisces over Rider's cloak, and then believes the situation with Flat to be settled.[23]

Back in London, Rohngall and his unnamed student decided to meet Lord El-Melloi II and ask his opinion about the False Holy Grail War. Lord El-Melloi II continues his class. When Lord El-Melloi II learns from Rohngall that a student of his, who Lord El-Melloi II initially believed to be Flat Escardos, was participating in the False Holy Grail War, Lord El-Melloi II collapsed on the lecture platform. Gray takes him to the infirmary.[20]

In his second meeting with Rohngall, Lord El-Melloi II realized he had jumped to the wrong conclusion when Rohngall mentioned one of his students went to America, who the lord initially believed that Rohngall was referring to Flat, but it was later discovered that Rohngall was referring to Ayaka Sajyou. This later caused a nonplussed Lord El-Melloi II to call the real Ayaka, who he discovers was in Romania. After confirming his student's real location, Lord El-Melloi II begins to contemplate about the look-alike that is in the United States.

Dismantling the Greater Grail[]

Ten years after the end of the Fifth Holy Grail War he arrives in Fuyuki and, together with Rin as the head of the Tohsaka clan, sets out to completely take apart the Greater Grail. During this time he learns much about the leylines of Fuyuki.[61][62] They are opposed by members of the Mage's Association wishing to retrieve it instead, leading to great turmoil of the same magnitude as the Grail War. His side eventually is victorious, and the Greater Grail is completely dismantled, marking the conclusion of the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars.[61]


Reines El-Melloi Archisorte and Lord El-Melloi II

The world of Fate/Apocrypha did not have a Fourth Holy Grail War in Fuyuki, so Waver had instead participated in a subspecies Holy Grail War across the world with Rider as his Servant, once again facing Kayneth.[63] He gained the title of Lord El-Melloi II in the same manner.

Lord El-Melloi II, along with Rocco Belfaban and Bram Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri discussed the recently failed operation against Yggdmillennia in Trifas. With the Yggdmillennia announced them possessing the Greater Grail, the Mages Association responded and sent fifty specialized magi 'hunters'. However, everything was ruined by Lancer of Black who annihilated forty-nine magi. With the last magus adjusted the Greater Grail to summon additional Servants. When Rocco asked for Lord El-Melloi II opinion, he suggested altering their approach for a counterattack. Lord El-Melloi II believes victory can be successful if they assemble seven Masters. El-Melloi II suggested to bring in the professionals from the outside and the Clock Tower must provide at least one or two magi as this Holy Grail War is on an utterly different scale. The three men are the people overseeing the selection of Masters for the Great Holy Grail War. He is in charge of recruiting prospective freelance talents with Belfaban.[24]

Lord El-Melloi II, Rocco and Bram discuss the Great Holy Grail War situation. They have not heard from the Red faction, they believed that Shirou Kotomine from the holy church has killed five masters from Association and he had stolen the Greater Grail. They made a decision, the Mages Association will remain spectators and observe the outcome. Lord El-Melloi II returns to his office and he took out Iskandar's catalyst, reminiscing his bond with Iskandar. Meanwhile, Reines El-Melloi Archisorte was already in the room sitting on the chair and drinking cup of tea casually. Flat Escardos was eavesdropping the whole conversation leaving El-Melloi II's face pale. He punishes Flat by giving him more homework.[64]

After the Great Holy Grail War, Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia attends classes in the Clock Tower. However, one day, Caules had his class changed with a single phrase by Lord El-Melloi II, who told him, "Why are you studying this kind of magecraft which doesn't suit you? Your talent is much more suited to this, you know?", and before he realized it, he was surrounded by classmates who were dangerous in terms of both talent and personality.[63][65]

Fate/Grand Order[]

Main article: Zhuge Liang

Lord El-Melloi II becomes a Pseudo-Servant of the Heroic Spirit Zhuge Liang.[11]

Fate/Accel Zero Order[]

Waver and Iskandar come to the sewers in search of Giles de Rais to kill him. They arrive too late, though, and interrupt the fight between Ritsuka's party and EMIYA, allowing the latter to retreat. El-Melloi II reprimands Waver for thinking he’d arrive first, calling his method of finding Gilles’ workshop primitive. He further says that Waver ends up overestimating his own strength because he always gets out of trouble thanks to pure luck, which is precisely why he will never improve. Waver questions if El-Melloi II is either Caster or his Master, which frustrates El-Melloi II for him not fully analyzing the situation. Waver assumes he’s the Caster that Riese spoke of through reading his status. El-Melloi II counters though that if he can read his status, he should be able to tell he’s a Pseudo-Servant to Waver’s confusion. Iskandar discerns that El-Melloi II and the others are a third party unrelated to Caster, much to the latter’s relief. He assumes El-Melloi II was trying to pick a fight with Waver, though that wasn’t the case. e then challenges El-Melloi II to a fight, but the group retreat to avoid a fight. Waver mocks El-Melloi II for talking big only to run. Iskandar flicks him away for being cocky.[66]

The two meet the group again when they disrupt Iskandar's discussion with Artoria Pendragon and Gilgamesh to kill Gilgamesh with Lancelot's help.[67] However, after Gilgamesh perishes, Artoria is suddenly attacked by Lancelot due to his Master, Kariya Matou, passing out. The group helps her fight Lancelot, but Iskandar soon stops the fight. He has decided to join Lancelot against El-Melloi II out of sheer dislike of him and for interfering with the war. He then leaves with Kariya and Lancelot, promising to settle things with El-Melloi II once Lancelot recovers.[68]

Outside the Matou Residence, Kariya tells Iskandar and Waver how he came to be Lancelot's Master. Waver asks Kariya what he intends to do next. Kariya answers he is going to kill Tokiomi Tohsaka now that his Servant Gilgamesh is gone. Iskandar punches him upon hearing this and reminds him that he should prioritize saving and protecting Sakura Matou first. Seeing Kariya doesn't have priorities straight, Iskandar abandons the idea of him and Lancelot being his allies. He then proceeds to burn all the worms in the basement, capturing Sakura in the process. He agrees to give her to Kariya in exchange for his right hand and Command Spells, which Kariya concedes to. After severing Kariya's hand, Iskandar has Mithrenes take Kariya and Sakura to a hospital outside of Fuyuki before leaving.[69]

Waver and Iskandar later confronts Rituska's party in the Grail's chamber.[70] After Iskandar disappears following the ensuing battle, Waver is confused why El-Melloi II is crying instead of him.  El-Melloi II admits he never thought he'd meet Iskandar again. He is then ambushed and rendered unconscious by Lancelot, now Zouken Matou's Servant.[71] The others kill Lancelot, but that, unfortunately, triggers the Grail's activation. Zouken uses Irisviel's magical energy to hasten the process. A figure resembling Irisviel called Black Iri then emerges from the Greater Grail and proceeds to devour Zouken. She then goes to devour the group, saying five Heroic Spirits aren't enough to fill her. Artoria and Diarmuid Ua Duibhne hold her off while the others escape.[72]

Outside the chamber, El-Melloi II regains consciousness. His Spiritual Core is undamaged, but his body isn’t moving. Ritsuka informs him of the current situation. El-Melloi II says they need to fight, but Waver points out he's too weak to do so. El-Melloi II tells Waver that he’s the key to victory, knowing full well of his inferiority complex. He then transfers Zhuge Liang's powers to Waver by instructing him to take his hand and pray “The art of certain victory, the mode of harmonizing with charges, is a matter of opportunity.” Waver becomes Zhuge Liang's temporary vessel and goes with Ritsuka and Mash to help Artoria and Diarmuid fight Black Iri.[72]

Black Iri is destroyed along with the Grail, so Artoria and Diarmuid disappear without its support. As Ritsuka's party prepares to return to Chaldea with Irsivel, El-Melloi II tells Waver that Zhuge Liang will return with them, so Waver will return to being a regular human. He further tells him to study and become stronger while he can, as he will come to wield this power someday. Waver compares El-Melloi II to Iskandar, though El-Melloi II believes he can’t match Iskandar yet. Waver asks him if he's trying to become Iskandar's equal. El-Melloi II ignores the question and returns Waver to the surface.[72]

Fate/Kaleid Liner PRISMA☆ILLYA[]

Lord El-Melloi II with Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg

Lord El-Melloi II is the tutor of Rin and Luvia in Fate/Kaleid Liner PRISMA☆ILLYA, he was reporting the situation to Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. It made him angry when he found out the estimated damage was £2 Million. He is noted to have been distraught in dealing with their violent arguing until Kischur intervened. He and Kischur order Rin and Luvia to retrieve the Class Cards from Fuyuki City.[73]

When Rin and Luvia successfully collected all the class cards, Rin contacted El-Melloi II and Kischur in London. They praise their efforts in collecting the cards and the stability of Fuyuki's leylines. However, they ordered Rin and Luvia to stay in Fuyuki for one year and learn common sense as Japan values cooperation and harmony. They declared that both girls need to amend their personalities in order to be Zelretch's students.[74]


FateLabyrinth Gray Noma Archer El-Melloi II.jpg

Lord El-Melloi II was ordered by the Mage's Association to investigate the Subcategory Holy Grail in the Seventh Labyrinth of Caubac Alcatraz. However, he and Gray are separated upon arrival and Gray ends up trapped in the Labyrinth. Lord El-Melloi is left on the surface for the majority of the novel.

After the incident is over, Lord El-Melloi meets up with Gray who introduces him to Norma Goodfellow. Lord El-Melloi II then takes Norma in for questioning about the incident.

Capsule Servant[]

Waver appears in both Shirou Emiya's and Rin Tohsaka's stories. In them, he is surprised to see that both children have become Capsule Masters.

In Shirou's story, Waver decided to challenge him because it is his destiny and he can't run away. Waver was emotionally unprepared, even while trying to convince himself to take the Grail and the world just like Rider. Shirou suggests that Waver live more carefreely.[75]

In Rin's story, Rin recognizes Waver as a magus. Waver proclaims himself as a famous genius magus at the Clock Tower- however, Rin notices Waver didn't possess many magic circuits. Waver, shocked from her statement, claims kids are cruel.[76]

Other appearances[]

In Melty Blood: Type Lumina, Aoko Aozaki mentions El-Melloi II in her ending as one of the people she wants to call to brag about her Hawaii vacation.[77]

Waver appears briefly in Carnival Phantasm with other Fate/Zero characters.

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2009, moon.cinemas.jp is a fake movie theatre site listing a number of parody films. Waver is featured as El-Melloi Girl in Sensha Otoko.

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2015, Tmitter is a fake online social networking, a parody of TwitterWP. El-Melloi II's online user account is @tmtt15_elm_2nd.


Waver's Magic Crest is completely blank and was taken from him as collateral.

Waver's poor lineage gave him a Magic Circuit count and Magic Crest quality of the lowest standard. The Velvet Crest is a "simple square", lacking history as a magi family. It is still only a "vessel" which Waver and his descendants must fill. The Crest is removed from his body upon becoming Lord El-Melloi II, held as collateral until his debt is repaid.[78] He lacks the prerequisites to actually practice magecraft, and he cannot even provide the cost of Rider's Ionioi Hetairoi, causing Rider to bear the cost himself to keep from draining and killing his Master. If Kayneth has "3,000 MP", Waver has a paltry "5 MP."[79] He improves his ability enough over time that he has no trouble declaring that he is a powerful archmagus as of becoming titled Lord El-Melloi II, but his skills as a magus are still hopelessly average.[2]

He is capable of hypnotic suggestion to a certain degree. It allows him to make Glen and Martha MacKenzie believe him to be their grandson for a long duration of time, but it is lacking in that it fails to affect Glen for the entirety of Waver's stay. He believes he has completely failed in what should be the most basic art among basic arts and has no excuse even if it was by luck or accident that he broke free from it.

As Lord El-Melloi II he carries a case of cigars that are actually a type of Mystic Code. There are many varieties of cigars to use for different sorts of magecraft, such as defense, setting up Bounded Fields, stabilizing the mind, and activating Magic Circuits. The reason he chose cigars for his Mystic Codes is because when he was forced into the position of El-Melloi II he panicked and wanted something to make him seem more "Lord-like".[80]

His Element is Earth.[8]


Even at nineteen, Waver possesses the power of observation and insight that gives him remarkable talent as a researcher. He could have insisted that “Magecraft is a subculture!” and taken the world by storm after starting a business as a critic, but he would have been quickly obliterated by the Association. His inborn talents instead take another form later in life.[12]

As Lord El-Melloi II, he could be called an "investigator of magecraft". However, Luviagelita Edelfelt and Kayneth said that by understanding magecraft, all he is doing is destroying it. For example, he only witnessed Luvia's Gandr once and he easily deciphered Edelfelt's magecraft.[38] He is notorious in the Clock Tower for using his talents of analysis to copy and change the research of other magi, then file patents on it under his own name for profit.[81]


His true talent is realized as a lecturer due to being the best person at detecting the hidden talent of others and training it, described as the "unusual talent of could not put magecraft to practice, but ingenious in the reinterpretation of theories and classification of systems."[2][15][20] It can be said in comparison to running that he could never be an athlete because his leg strength is among the absolute worst, but his talents can shine as a coach because he can imagine the perfect running form.[12] He doesn’t take many students, but all of his graduates have achieved no less than the rank of "Brand" (『色位』(ブランド)?) and "Pride" (『典位』(プライド)?) within a decade, without exception.[20] It is said they could change the entire internal power structure of the Clock Tower if they were to gather under him.[2][20] His works as a talent production are regarded as the greatest masterpieces of their time, but he doesn't really care because he is more focused on becoming a successful magus himself.[2] A testament to his teaching skill is the student, Flat Escardos who was infamous in the institution. Flat was seen as a raw gem that outshine the polished gems of other instructors given that his boundless talent and skills were always proven and never improved upon by any professor. However under the Tutelage of Waver, Flat's talents managed to improve and develop to the point where he surpassed all other students which is a result that other professors could not perform with their students. He may well be the greatest instructor in the Clock Tower. And he doesn't even crush his pupils as Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg does.[20]


Ayaka Sajyou
Ayaka is a student of his in Fate/school life and mentioned in Fate/strange Fake.
He takes on Ergo as a temporary student after being introduced to him by Rin. It is only temporary since Ergo himself is not a mage.
Fezgram vor Sembren
Relative of Feend vor Sembren. Promoted to either the ranks "Brand" and "Pride".[20]
Flat Escardos
Flat became his student when the other professors gave up on him, five years after the Fourth Holy Grail War.[13] Lord El-Melloi II's oldest disciple. While Lord El-Melloi II does not like to let unprepared magi into the world, he came to regret keeping Flat around.
Gray is Waver's personal apprentice who not only attends many of his classes, but also helps clean his home, runs his errands, and accompanies him on the cases he solves. Waver sought Gray out personally when he learned about her unique situation related to King Arthur.
Luviagelita Edelfelt
Luvia initially cannot stand him when they first meet, but after impressing her at the Castle of Separation Adra she enrolls in his class.
Mary Lil Fargo
A former student from the Fargo family, a branch of the Animuspheres.
Nazica Pentel
Sister of Radia Pentel and relatives to the Pentel brothers. Promoted to either the ranks "Brand" and "Pride".[20]
Org Rum
Relative to Jean Rum. Promoted to either the ranks "Brand" and "Pride".[20]
Radia Pentel
Sister of Nazica Pentel and relatives to the Pentel brothers. Promoted to either the ranks "Brand" and "Pride".[20]
Reines El-Melloi Archisorte
As part of his deal with Reines upon becoming Lord El-Melloi II, he also became her private tutor.
Rin Tohsaka
He becomes the sponsor of Rin after she arrives in London to begin her studies, but he lays out the condition "I will not give you one ounce of instruction. Eh well, I will at least send letters of recommendation to the other departments" due to his hatred for Japan. Though he attempts to connect with Rin, a complete game dunce, while being internally excited about the thought of discussing video games with her, she displays no interest in AkihabaraWP or NihonbashiWP. Causing his anger to flare, the only thing he can say to her is "Fuck! You're the worst Japanese in the world."[2] Rin has taken a half year apprenticeship under him.[82]
Roland Berzinsky
Relative to Rottweil Berzinsky. Promoted to either the ranks "Brand" and "Pride".[20]
Svin Glascheit (スヴィン・グラシュエート?)
Svin became his student five years after the Fourth Holy Grail War.[13] One of the oldest disciples along with Flat. He was promoted to the rank of "Pride".
Verner Caesarmund
The current heir of the Butterfly magecraft. Promoted to either the ranks "Brand" and "Pride".[20]


Waver can do basic alchemy using tools brought from London, including twenty-four vials for ores and reagents, a spirit lamp mortar, and droppers. Using a basic practice of mixing complementary reagents into river water from the Mion river, he can detect residual magical energy, and doing so on various samples collected from parts of the river can be used to trace a target. Water with latent magecraft turns a rusty red colour, water with strong traces turns a murky black, and normal water is unaffected. This allows him to pinpoint the lair of Caster using the specifically labelled samples and a map to find where the traces are strongest and when normal water ends.

He follows the idea that the Water element is the first step that should be taken when tracking magi because it always follows the absolute principle of being something that “flows from a higher place to a lower place.” Tasks like calculating the wind's direction and reading the earth's pulse are more difficult than finding the lowest flow of the water pulse, especially in an area with rivers like Fuyuki. He dislikes such methods and instead wishes for a true “Magecraft Contest” instead of milling about like a forensic investigator. Rider praises him for obtaining great results from a poor method over a better method, but Waver perceives it as an insult.

As Lord El-Melloi II, he uses alchemy for his forensic investigation. In the Adra Castle case, he was investigating upon the death of Hishiri Adashino. He takes out a vial of some sort of liquid from his jacket. With one drop of that liquid, the colour of the bloodstain changed dramatically. By analysing the concentration of magical energy remaining in the bloodstains, he can determine when Hishiri died. Orlocke commented that rather than science, his method was more like Medieval era Alchemy or a form of Witchcraft. Orlocke believes his methods are too direct, and it's getting farther away from the Mystery. Lord El-Melloi II replied that he tried numerous methods, but this is the best method for him.[38]

Volumen Hydrargyrum[]

Main article: Trimmau

Upon succeeding the El-Melloi title, he inherits Kayneth's Mystic Code, Volumen Hydrargyrum, and Reines working under Waver's guidance is able to improve its functions by modifying it into a kind of humanoid automaton, Maid Golem (メイドゴーレム, Meido Gōremu?), that is similar to the liquid metal TerminatorWP. While it normally does chores, it seems there is a troublesome bug that causes it to run out of control while insisting that it is a killer robot from the future. This may be because of a harmful movie it was shown during its developmental stages.[83][84] She currently acts as the maid of Reines.


Waver was to receive more scenes to flesh out his growth, but it was felt that it would have made the identity of the main character too confusing if he was given too much focus. While attacking Caster's lair, they would have found a small girl Assassin, who Waver would believe to be one of Caster's victims after she had her memories and the awareness of being Assassin hidden away. Rider, knowing of her identity, would have kept quiet to honour Waver's chivalry. As another addition to the Mackenzie household, their interactions would have served to lighten the story at the time, but after the confrontation with the Assassins at the Einzbern Castle, she would have regained her memories as Hassan. Through a dramatic farewell tragedy, Waver would climb another step on the path to becoming an adult.[85]

Creation and Conception[]

Waver was a NobitaWP-like “King of Cowards” in the setting stage of the novels, but his character had grown to the point at the end where he could be mistaken for the protagonist.[12][86] Takashi Takeuchi said his original design motif was "sarcastic, smart-alecky boy".[86] He had no trouble designing Waver because he had a clear image of the character. He really wanted to draw him and feels the design that makes him look incompetent was for the best.[9]

Atsuhi Ikariya was in charge of the character design for the anime version.[87]

Daisuke NamikawaWP(Voice Actor of Waver) said Waver was a tough character to play. It was a lot of pressure on him since Fate/Zero was a terrific novel and he had a great role.[87]

Originally Nasu wrote all of Lord El-Melio II's students are "Grand" ranks.[2]


Takeuchi said the epilogue where a young man lost his childish leader has brought him to tears.[9] To Takeuchi, Waver is now oddly cute to him. He was originally designed to be just another loser character but watching him develop and grow is very moving.[88] Takeuchi said Waver was popular in the original novel, so he figured he would be loved in the anime. He was amazed by the way he was drawn in the anime, the look of a "heroine" written all over it.[86] He states that Ufotable anime has reimagined him as a character that the viewers can come to like normally.[88]

Gen Urobuchi wants to write about a character like him at some point and feels that he is the character with the most vivid expressions.[9] He wanted to ask a question in the anime version, "Why are you sticking your butt up in the air?" whenever Rider (Iskandar) hits Waver.[88] The prospect of seeing another author write about Waver as he was getting his footing as a magus, able to do nothing but sit back and watch as events unfolded around him, was honestly a point of unease for me. But in the end, that worry was for nothing. The character that came out on the other end of ten years had grown splendidly, crowned with the title of Lord, and a completely different man from the boy I had written. The gentleman who had polished his powers of analysis, bearing a cunning like an old man's wisdom, while still hiding the distortion of his youth somewhere in his heart was truly an enchanting character![89]

Kinoko Nasu said that Waver is a teenaged boy mixed in with the other protagonists and there was not much time for a lot of beautiful young ladies.[90] He said Ufotable has succeeded in capturing his character as he's drawn differently from most bishounen characters. He thinks they did a good job of portraying a youth who is slowly growing into a man.[88]

Sayaka OharaWP (Voice Actress of Irisviel) said she really liked and thought it was cute when Rider (Iskandar) hit Waver so hard with a finger flick that the boy went flying. She thought the pairing with Iskandar and Waver was great because of the contrast between violence and emotion, watching them carry on was a lot of fun for her.[91]


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    But he himself isn't the ambitious sort and has said,
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    As far as being a talent production, his works are regarded as the greatest masterpieces of their time, but El-Melloi II doesn't really seem to care about that, probably because he's more interested in being a successful magus himself.
    So anyhow, as a lecturer, he has zip interest in his mega popularity.
    ...Rather, he's irritated by that fact and so has for several years has been walking inside the institute with a constantly cranky look to him. Or so they say.

    Speaking of which, El-Melloi II isn't his real name but a name given to him by the current head of the Archibald house.

    Source: ???
    The custodian (sponsor) of Rin after she went to study in London. The condition being "I will not give you one ounce of instruction. Eh well, I will at least send letters of recommendation to the other departments".
    He really hates Japan and Japanese, but his sole pleasures are Japanese games. A petit bourgeois that you really can't hate.
    And so, while being internally excited, he tried to bring this up to the complete game dunce Rin,
    "Maybe you might..... You know, you should be familiar with that town. That place right between Ueno and Asakusa...."
    Only to be given an instant answer from Rin that not only did she have no interest in Akihabara, but she had no interest in even Nihonbashi.
    And so he got pissed off instead.
    "Fuck! You're the worst Japanese in the world."

    The person that took down the Fuyuki Holy Grail war.

    Introduction - ロード・エルメロイⅡ世

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    • Day of Their Decisive Battle: Standing with the king at that ocean
    • Magecraft System: Fundamental reinforcement and analysis. Main characteristic of formulas is detoxification
    • Circuit Quality: E
    • Circuit Quantity: D
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    Comment from Makoto Sanda

    エルメロイII世 (ウェイバー・ベルベット)

    • 生日: 10月3日
    • 身長: 186cm
    • 体重: 68kg
    • 好きな物: パズル全般、推理小説
    • 嫌いな物: 夢も覇気もない者
    • 決戦の地: その海で王と並び立つ
    • 魔術系統: 基礎的な強化や解析、メインとなる特性は解毒。
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    Below the building, there is the magi’s research area which includes studies and archives. It is only a venerable museum to normal people of course, but at the deepest part, there is a special area (prison?) called the “Bottom of the Bridge” where the Association confines many sealing designated magi deemed to be “dangerous because their talents were too outstanding.” Also, apparently the Gazamy the “Evil Spook”, treated as the number one disaster in the Association, is locked up at the bottom of the London tower.

    The person of highest position in the Clock Tower, the “Director” has been the same person for the 2000 years since the founding of the organization, and because of this is thought to be something more than human.

    The organization handling patents relating to magic is also the Clock Tower, and the current finances of the Tohsaka family is being by covered by the patent royalties that are being transferred to their account.

    Ranks of Magi
    A magus is given a “rank” that matches his ability. The highest is said to be Crown (Grand), but details on it are unknown. Note that Lord El-melloi II, lecturer at the Clock Tower who has produced many Grands among his pupils, is stuck in the mediocre “fourth rank” for some reason.

    Color ranks
    Separate from the normal ranks, color-based titles are given to those that have become special.
    The highest are red, blue, and yellow based on the three primary colors. After that, there are the combined colors of orange, purple, green, black, and so on. The further down you go, the less your rank is. Note that there is no rule about only one person for each color. The Association will, without any stinginess, award a color to you if you’re a magus of great stature or one with an unusual talent.

    Sealing Designation Enforcers
    If you receive a “sealing designation”, you will be confined and even your magic research will be gone, not to mention your freedom. Thus, the person given that designation will of course desperately resist that and won’t stop fighting. To forcefully retrieve magi who were qualified enough to be given a sealing designation, the Association dispatches “Enforcers.” There are around 30 of them total, and Bazett is one of them.

    Lords, consuming their time in power struggles
    In the Magic Association, no rather, the Clock Tower, there are a number of families that hold sway. They are called Lords and are the objects of fear. There are three major families of Lords and about 20 families of relatives. These families are well-known even in normal society. The history of one family is at shortest 500 years and the longest is over 2000 years. They have been plotting and plotting since a staggeringly long past.

    The Sea of Estray, together with the Atlas Institute, is an organization called the original form of the Magic Association.
    Among the founders of the Magic Association, there had been many heretical magi who were exiled from the Sea of Estray and the Atlas Institute and had no place left to go.
    The base of the Sea of Estray is in Northern Europe. This base, with the nickname of the Moving Stone Coffin, is itself a moving mountain range. Normally it is wandering at sea as its name suggests, but sometimes it comes up on dry land.
    It seems they research mainly body alteration, but the specifics are unknown.

    *What is an alchemist?
    One who studies the flow of matter. That is what an alchemist is. The alchemists of the Clock Tower created products like the homunculi of the Einzbern by merging with western magery.
    However, the ultimate goal of the alchemists of the Atlas Institute is set even closer to the original ideology, as the "transformation of events". The often spoke-up "transformation of base metal to gold" in alchemy is, to the members of the Atlas Institute, mere "transformation of matter" and is nothing more than a primitive art far removed from their ideals. Their alchemy is an advancement of the metallurgy of ancient Egypt, the root of the discipline, and has not been influenced by western magery like the alchemy that the Clock Tower magi handle.

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    In reality, he doesn’t really possess all that much more knowledge than other magi. When he became the head of the Faculty of Modern Magecraft, he gained access to an incredible amount of materials, but with the amount of work he is saddled with, the amount of those materials he actually has time to study is limited.
    His real talent is the speed and accuracy with which he can connect the people and events happening before him with his knowledge.
    Just as Gray pointed out several times, rather than the Mystery or the incidents themselves, he looks more at the magi behind them. Why does such a Mystery exist? Why did they reach for such a Mystery? His eye for judgment is, in the end, reserved for judging people.
    In particular, his impression that “this riddle is meaningless” that he expressed at the beginning of the Castle of Separation incident shows how well that ability of his was suited to that incident. In contrast, after the Rail Zeppelin incident, once he began pursuing Heartless, that same eye for judgment is what allowed Heartless to drag him along. Without cooperating with Heartless, the riddle couldn’t be solved — such a methodology was the perfect kind of hacking to use against El-Melloi II.
    After the events of Case Files, in order to stop Gray’s transformation, he turned to the numerous thesis and essays left behind by his predecessor, Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald. As a result, he ended up reanalyzing and reclassifying the huge number of theories his predecessor had idly scribbled down…
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    Blood type: B
    Birthday: October 3
    Image color: Warm grey
    Talents: Conjecture, arranging the main points
    Things he likes: All sorts of puzzles, detective fiction
    Things he hates: Physical strength
    Worst enemy: Himself

    Misc text:
    Ooh... Timid face
    W...What ju...!
    Incompetent numbskull - gah The hell is that?
    Grin - What sorta Servant will it be...

    Comment for Waver
    Takeuchi: Because I decided on his image clearly, he was a character that took almost no trouble to design. It must be because I wanted to draw him a lot.
    Urobuchi: Perhaps because he's the character with the most vivid expressions. I too want to write about a character like this one sooner or later.
    Takeuchi: He has a design that makes him look incompetent, but it probably turn out for the best. At the epilogue, I was really in tears. The part about the young man who lost his childish leader.
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    Agility: D
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    Advice of the Strategist: A+
    Command of the Strategist: A+

    Class Skills
    Territory Creation: A
    Item Construction: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Unreturning Army: Stone Sentinel Maze
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Amy Noble Phantasm

    Originally, Lord El-Melloi II was not someone possessing the caliber and the history that would result in a Servant.
    However, the extremely unique circumstances of this Holy Grail War got involved and his summoning was made possible by becoming the vessel of the Heroic Spirit of China Zhuge Liang.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 186cm・68kg
    Source: "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms"
    Region: China
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Male
    A monster of rationalism.

    Level 2 Bond
    Zhuge Liang is widely known an excellent statesman, tactician from the Three Kingdoms Period of China, and it has been said that his strength played a great part in making possible for the small state of Shu to oppose the longstanding major power of Wei.

    Level 3 Bond
    Strictly speaking, this Servant is neither El-Melloi II or Zhuge Liang. The powers of both parties has mingled together, so abilities that cannot be found in the original Servant are being displayed. Also, thoughts and emotions conform with those of the vessel, El-Melloi II.

    Level 4 Bond
    Discerning Eye: A
    Personal Skill. An ability that finds its cause not on Zhuge Liang, but on El-Melloi II. An technique that made Human Observation even more narrow. The judgment for in which shape the targeted human will acquire usefulness in the future is extremely outstanding.

    Level 5 Bond
    Stone Sentinel Maze - Formation of No Return
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Army
    A legendary military formation set by Zhuge Liang at the occasion when he decided for his army to take flight. Composed by huge rocks, said formation bewildered invaders and drove them to death.

    Pseudo-Servant... an Heroic Spirit, that for some reason cannot become a Servant, is summoned to this world by making a human body its vessel. Other than Lord El-Melloi II, multiple pseudo-Servants have been confirmed.

    諸葛孔明〔エルメロイⅡ世〕 - キャスター



    鑑識眼 A
    軍師の忠言 A+
    軍師の忠言 A+

    陣地作成 A
    道具作成 B

    ランク: C-


    属性:中庸・善  性別:男性




    ランク:C  種別:対軍宝具


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    Though his mother found the Association’s hierarchical system annoying and disapproved of her son seeking out tutelage from a proper mentor, Waver himself was strongly drawn to magecraft. As soon as both his parents died of illness, he gave away all of his family’s possessions, scraped together enough to cover tuition, and entered the Clock Tower without a penny to his name. ――As a result, nothing but hardship and failure awaited him, and he resorted to gambling everything on the Holy Grail War.
    Though he doesn’t possess the prerequisites to actually practice magecraft, his power of observation and insight give him remarkable talent as a researcher. In fact, had he insisted that “Magecraft is a subculture!” and started a business as a critic, he could have taken the world by storm. But of course, he would have been obliterated by the Association, so his inborn talents took another form.
    To use running as metaphor, though his leg strength is just the absolute worst, he is capable of imagining the perfect running form. While he can never be an athlete, his talent shines as a coach.
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    He did not participate in the Holy Grail War due to necessity or duress, it was merely to add a splash of "martial prowess" to his life's story. That was it. Although he did not severely underestimate the Three Founding Houses, he did boast that Lord El-Melloi could overwhelm them by skills alone.
    The reason Kayneth brought many dangerous Mystic Code had nothing to do with research, but for entertainment value. Kayneth had talents not only in Spirit Evocation, but also in many fields of magecraft. He was really a man of many talents like Gennai Hiraga or Cao Cao.
    Kayneth even considered the Heroic Spirits ---- Servants, to be part of his stock of Mystic Codes. Because he never acknowledged the humanity of Servants, he did not understand Diarmuid's loyalty even until the very end. As a result, he effectively lost through self-destruction.
    However, Diarmuid was not choosey of his Master, he would acknowledge anyone who would accept his loyalty. As a result, he did not understand Kayneth as a person either. If Diarmuid really appreciated Kayneth's talents and experience, then Kayneth would have treated him with a much softer attitude.
    To Kayneth, unable to bond with his Servant was the second most unfortunate event at the worst. The most unfortunate event by far was encountering Emiya Kiritsugu. Although as a mage, Kayneth won by an enormous margin, as a killer, he was miles behind Kiritsugu. It was inevitable that Kayneth would lose in a melee such as the Holy Grail War. Because of Kayneth's sudden death, his many valuable research accumulated in the Clock Tower was unorganized and left unattended. Although they were almost lost, the most useless formal student suddenly appeared to save the day. He had an unusual talent of "could not put magecraft to practice, but ingenious in the reinterpretation of theories and classification of systems". This student eventually compiled a tome named "Lord Kayneth's Encyclopedia of Arcane Secrets", which laid the foundation for the flourishing of House El-Melloi and its descendants.
    By the way, in the Fourth Holy Grail War, the following strategy would insure the absolute victory of Team Lancer:

    • Kayneth must not let his Servant recognize such things as honour on the battle field or knights' pride. He must let Diarmuid realize that the Holy Grail War was merely dirty chores that needed to be done.
    • In order to fulfill the previous item, Kayneth must avoid any contact between Diarmuid and Saber with his best effort.
    • In combat, Kayneth must prioritize securing an exit. In a battle, missions would be considered accomplished if Diarmuid scored one hit with Gae Buidhe. Repeat this tactic, and exhaust all hostile teams.
    • Capitalize on Team Berserker. Team Berserker was a powerful enemy against all other teams, but Lancer had an advantage due to compatibility. It would be optimal to let Berserker destroy the other teams and reach the finale. He could then be defeated at that point.

    • サーブァントに戦場の誉れとか騎士の誇りだとかを意識させない。聖杯戦争は汚れ仕事の処理業務だと常に諦観させておく。
    • 前述の条件を満たすために、セィバーとの接触は極力避けること。
    • 戦闘においては常に退路の碓保を最優先し、ゲイボウを一撃当てたら目的達成とみなし撤退する。これを繰り返し、各敵対チームの消耗を待つ。
    • バーサーカーチームを活用する。他サーヴァントに対しては強敵でありながらランサーだけが相性関係で優位に立てる相手なので、可能であればバーサーカーを最終局面まで生存させて他チームの殲滅を任せ、しかる後に討ち取るのが望ましい。

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    —In episode 1, the background story for the birth of Lord El-Melloi II was drawn out in much more detail than the original novel or any other media thereof. We heard that you provided ideas for that episode. Since we have the opportunity, we'd first like to further dive into the 10 years that Waver Velvet has experienced after surviving the Fourth Holy Grail War to end up under his current guise.

    Makoto Sanda: All right. There are a few story arc ideas I've been vaguely thinking about, and they all have three to four episodes each. What you saw in episode 1 of the anime was one of the three episodes from "Waver's World Travels" story arc, which is titled "The Babylon Incident". That said, I had the screenwriter Ukyo Kodachi put more substance into quite a bit of it. The other two episodes are the "Italian Mafia Incident" that I briefly touched upon in the novels, and "First Lecture in Greece Incident". After that, in the seven years since setting up and mobilizing the El-Melloi Class, am thinking about cases for the "Young Days" story arc such as the one that happened between Reines (El-Melloi Archisorte) and her evil butler. However, those are not as clear as the "World Travels" story arc. I myself do have some feelings of wanting to write the "World Travels" story arc someday, and at the same time it may be interesting to let people run with it via a media-mix given an opportunity like this one.

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    In the 1790s, the Einzbern and Matou landed in Japan to fulfill their plan. Then, they proceeded with the preparations of the First Holy Grail war over the course of 10 years.

    1800s - The First Holy Grail War
    The first Holy Grail War. The rules were not laid out properly, and the Masters' sense of being “participants” was weak. Because there were no Command Spells as in the present, the Servants did not comply with orders, and so the rest of the ritual failed. The Descent of the Holy Grail was at Ryūdō temple.

    1860s - The Second Holy Grail War
    In light of the failure of the First, the ritual was held only after detailed rules were developed. The so-called "Command Spell System” was perfected/completed, so that it became possible for the Master to enslave the Servant, though the War was a failure. The Descent of the Holy Grail was at the Tōsaka Residence.

    1930s - The Third Holy Grail War
    Held on the eve of WWII. There were battles over the Lesser Grail with the Imperial Army and the Nazis as well, and the fighting unfolded in the Imperial Capital, but the Lesser Grail was destroyed and the ritual failed. The evocation site of the Grail was at Fuyuki Church. Angra Mainyu was taken in and the Greater Grail was contaminated.

    1990s - The Fourth Holy Grail War

    2000s - The Fifth Holy Grail War
    Events told in "Fate / stay night", the latest and final battle.

    2010s - The taking apart of the Holy Grail War.
    Ten years after the Fifth War. Lord Emelloi II (real name, Waver Velvet. One of the Masters of the Fourth War) arrived in Fuyuki and together with the head of the Tohsaka line, set out to completely take apart the Great Grail. The Association was planning on bring back the Greater Grail, so the two sides were completely opposed. After the end of the great turmoil of the same magnitude as the Grail War, the Greater Grail was completely dismantled. The Grail Wars of Fuyuki came to a complete conclusion here.

    1790年頃 - 聖杯戦争の準備

    1800年頃 - 第一次聖杯戦争
    最初の聖杯戦争. ルールはロクに規定されておらず, マスターたちの"参加者"としての意識は希薄, 現在のような令呪がないためサーヴァントは命令に従わないなど儀式の休をなさず矢敗した. 聖杯降臨地は柳洞寺

    1860年頃 - 第ニ次聖杯戦争
    第一次の失敗を踏まえ, 細部のルールを整備して執り行われた回. "令呪というシスタム"が完成し, マスターがサーヴァントを思い通りに使役することが可能になったが, 儀式は朱敗に終わる.聖杯降臨地は遠坂邸

    1930年頃 - 第三次聖杯戦争
    第二次世界大戦前夜に執り行われた回。 小聖杯を巡り帝国陸軍やナチスを交え、帝都を舞台に戦いが繰り広げられたが、小聖杯が破壊され 失敗。聖杯降臨地は冬木協会。 アンリマユを取り込み、大聖杯が汚染された。

    1990年頃 - 第四次聖杯戦争

    2000年頃 - 第五次聖杯戦争
    『Fate/stay night』で語られた、最新にレて最後の戦い。これまでの聖杯戦争の締めくくりと呼ぶに相応しい激戦が繰り広げられた。で語られた、最新にレて最後の戦い。これまでの聖杯戦争の締めくくりと呼ぶに相応しい激戦が繰り広げられた。監督者の任にあつ言峰 綺礼が、本来の参加者であるバゼットを殺害してランサーのマスタ一になり代わるなど、不測の事態が数多く発生した回でもある。

    2010年頃 - 聖杯戦争の解体

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    Waver Velvet, who appeared in “Fate/Zero”. This is him roughly ten years after those events. He was half-forced to inherit the title of El Melloi II by Reines and spend his days working hard to repay his debt and repair the family’s Magic Crest while teaching students as a professor.
    To find out more about him, go check out “Character material”. Even in the “Fate/Apocrypha” world, he fought alongside Rider, Iskander, in a subspecies Holy Grail War against Kayneth—that’s the setting here, anyway.
    After the end of the novels, Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia also ends up joining El Melloi II’s class.


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    A Master of the Black camp, and a member of the Yggdmillennia clan. He comes from the Forvedge family. He specializes in summoning low-class spirits, insects and animals. Fiore was born with exceptional Magic Circuits that appear in someone only once in a hundred years, but since it was uncertain whether the paralysis of her legs could be cured, the present head of the Forvedge family had his wife give birth to Caules as both a spare successor and a caretaker for Fiore.
    Unfortunately, a miracle didn’t occur a second time, and when he saw Caules’ mediocrity that embodied the decline of the Forvedge family, the family head decided that Fiore should be made the successor even if her legs didn’t function and ordered Caules to be her caretaker.
    Caules himself studied magecraft while half-resigning himself to a carefree life. But as time went on, he began to feel a slight sense of impending crisis not only in Fiore, but the entire Forvedge family. It was fine for their parents to thoroughly drive the teachings of magecraft into Fiore by personally educating her, but as a result, Fiore ended up growing up as an unfortunate young lady who did not know a single thing outside of magecraft…!
    Therefore, the only thing he could do was meddle in his older sister’s affairs as a helpful younger brother. Even during the Holy Grail War, he went with Fiore to Romania as her backup. There, Command Spells appeared on him and he ended up being made in charge of Berserker.
    He essentially followed the creed that magecraft is an accessory to human life, and he had not the slightest intention to devote his entire life to magecraft. But, his slightly pessimistic way of thinking seems to have greatly changed over of the course of the Great Holy Grail War. His way of thinking is simple and dry, and if he were to have faced his sister in a regular Holy Grail War, Fiore would have forever despaired after killing him, but Caules would have resolved himself after having first despaired and unhesitatingly killed her. In other words, his consciousness as a magus is greater than Fiore in a certain sense.
    At the same time, Caules also has abundant present-day knowledge, and he was the one to teach Fiore about cell phones. By daring to rely on technology, he gained some leeway and flexibility in that area, and he tried to expand his poor specs as a magus even slightly. Though he has much more leeway after having the family’s Magic Crest transplanted in him, he is still far from being a first-class magus.
    After the Great Holy Grail War, he spent his days in shame while being watched by the Association of Magi in London… However, one day, Caules had his class changed with a single phrase by a certain long-haired and mean-eyed person with a very high position, who told him, “Why are you studying this kind of magecraft which doesn’t suit you? Your talent is much more suited to this, you know?”, and before he realized it, he was surrounded by classmates who were dangerous in terms of both talent and personality while he was still in a daze.
    “No way, I want to live a normal and mediocre life. I don’t want to get involved with these people.” Dear Caules-kun thought this while sighing softly as he gave a sidelong glance at the optimistic and thoughtless genius who was making a ruckus in a nearby seat.
    …It seems that person will be making an appearance in a different work soon, but don’t mind, don’t mind.


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    Nasu: To use an RPG analogy, the Origin Round is like an attack that converts the opponent's MP into damage. For example, Kayneth with his 3000 MP would receive 3000 damage against his mere 100 HP. For someone like Waver with 5 MP, he would only receive 5 damage against his 50 HP.
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    One of the few Mystic Codes carried by El-Melloi II. The tobacco inside was specially put together by El-Melloi II himself. There are many varieties, from those used for defence, for setting up Bounded Fields, for stabilizing the mind, and for activating Magic Circuits.
    As to why he decided on cigars, after being forced into the position of El-Melloi II, a panicked Waver Velvet was searching for some way to make himself look more Lord-like, to which some drunk magus mentioned that “A cigar and a suit are a man’s weapons.” Or something like that.


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    One of the mystic codes employed by Lord El-Melloi. Essentially, it is a mass of magically-infused mercury that has been filled with a large variety of movement patterns and programmed to respond appropriately depending on the situation. I guess you could call it a kind of battle golem? Out of all of Kayneth's armaments, it has the greatest capacity for physical destruction. He had prepared many other mystic codes designed for battles with curses and conjurations, but the vast majority of them were lost when his hotel was blown up by Kiritsugu.
    Though it wouldn't be wrong to call it an almighty weapon due to its versatility, in the end it is still just an automaton, and once you see through its movement patterns it's fairly easy to handle. Also, since the magical energy required to operate it is directly proportional to the complexity of its shape, it is necessary to keep it in its basic form as much as possible – switching to a more complex form drastically reduces its reaction speed and power. The final "sea urchin" transformation used in the battle against Kiritsugu was a form that combined both raw defensive ability and cunning, but accordingly the drain on Kayneth's magical energy was immense.
    By the way, after the war ended Lord El-Melloi II may or may not have reprogrammed this mystic code and employed it as a multi-purpose maid golem. Though it has enough intellectual capacity to perform simple household chores, it seems there's a troublesome bug that pops up every now and then that causes it to rampage around insisting that it's a killer robot from the future. Maybe it was shown a detrimental movie just when it was on the verge of completing its education in good taste…?


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    Trimmau [Others]
    The advanced version of the “Volumen Hydrargyrum: Marrow of the Moon Spirit” Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald used for battles of magecraft in “Fate/Zero”. Currently, the legitimate El-Melloi successor, Reines, is using it as a mercury maid. She (the maid) specializes not only in acting as a bodyguard, but also in using her body to clean and invade places.
    People think that she was made by Lord El-Melloi II, but he actually only gave advice to Reines. There are still many secrets regarding the full details of her abilities. These details should be brought to light in “Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files” (Author: Sanda Makoto), so please look forward to it. (It’s my style to throw difficult subjects at Mr. Sanda.)


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    Child Assassin [Other]
    A plot in the 2nd or 3rd volume that went unused. This conceived character was one among the hundred-faced Hassans, an unfortunate loli that would lighten up the story. A young girl lacking conversational skills, memories, and the awareness that she was a part of Hassan Sabbah. That personality of this past Hassan would surface when she was captured by the enemy in order to protect her secret. When Rider and Waver attacked Gilles’ workshop, she alone separated herself from the Hassans who were beheaded, leading Waver to mistakenly think “This is one of the children who Ryuunosuke kidnapped, and who fell victim to memory loss” and take her under his wing. Although Iskandar knew that she was a Servant, because of Waver’s chivalry allowed the Mackenzies to take in yet another false household member. In the third volume, because Kirei (who knew of her existence) used his command spell, she regained her memories as Hassan, and went through a dramatic farewell tragedy. Waver again climbed another step on the path to becoming an adult…although it was conceived like this, it would make people even more confused about who was Zero’s main protagonist! Because of this judgment it was cut, leaving only the already-written workshop raiding scene.


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    Namikawa: To be honest, that puts a lot of pressure on us. Since it was a terrific novel and he had a great role, Waver was a tough character to play.

    Waver Velvet
    Rider's Master.


    Gordias Wheel (Wheel of Heaven's Authority)

    Motard Cuiassier

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