White Len is a character from the Melty Blood games in which she possessed her own 'mini-storyline' in the arcade mode. She is the main villain of Melty Blood Re-ACT.



She looks almost identical to Len, except her dress and ornaments, which are white, and her hair which is light gray. She is also white in her cat form.


White Len is acting as a more selfish and outspoken version of Len.[1][2] She carries a huge amount of pride, believing herself to be better than her counterpart, Len because of her acceptance of their personality. And she also prefers to act like a calm lady, that is speaking in metaphors about fairy tales. White Len also goes out of her way to prove her superiority over Len by gaining her own Master, Shiki Nanaya. Despite her prideful ways, she will respect those who she believes they are worthy of her respect, such as Satsuki Yumizuka. Though she isn't an official member of the Back alley alliance, White Len occasionally stops by for a visit.[3]

However, whenever she gets embarrassed, she becomes much more brash and immature, a side that Nanaya regularly provokes her to bring out. Neko-Arc very accurately calls her a tsundere when she shows her more vulnerable side.

White Len favors the strawberry shortcake.[4]

Role Edit

Melty BloodEdit

She first appeared as a boss character in Melty Blood Re-ACT, and her story was explained through the arcade mode. White Len is the creation of Aoko Aozaki. After the defeat of Wallachia in Melty Blood, Aoko took his remains, and using them, she created a new form of life, which took on Len's appearance as well as her suppressed personality. As a result, she is more or less the opposite of Len - arrogant, outspoken, brash and loud. She has the combined powers of both Len (dream manipulation) as well as of Wallachia/TATARI (the ability to create materialized beings from rumors).

Melty blood white len ending

White Len's ending

However, like Len, she also is a familiar, and so she needs a constant source of magical energy to stay alive. As a result, in her ending in Act Cadenza, she recreated Nanaya Shiki, and shares a symbiotic relationship with him: she feeds off of his magical energy to maintain her life, while he depends on her TATARI powers to keep his existence.

In Actress Again, she sets out to find Nanaya (who had escaped her realm to entertain himself, thanks to Wallachia, to be able to do it again the role of rumor about a mysterious killer who roams the streets at night), only to meet Neco-Arc as her final boss. She vows that eventually, she would defeat Neco-Arc. Also, she has become a member of the Back Alley Allegiance.

Kara no KyoukaiEdit

Len and White Len

The cat plushies

White Len and Len have a cameo appearance in the second Kara no Kyoukai movie, where white and black cat plushies resembling them are shown while Shiki Ryougi explains to Mikiya Kokutou her split personality.



Summer Snow

White Len's abilities are the combination of those of original Len, as well as Wallachia/TATARI. These include dream manipulation, transformation into a cat, and attacks with the same ice powers that Len uses.

However, White Len is different than Len because of her connection to Zepia Eltnam Oberon and because of this she is also able to use some TATARI powers. The most prominent example of this is how she maintains Nanaya giving him the ability to exist outside of Zepia Eltnam Oberon's version of TATARI. She generates a dream barrier similar to a Reality Marble called Summer Snow (真夏の雪原?), an open and barren snowy field. She uses the energy of nightmares that she has taken from others peoples to form this field and during her Act Cadenza route, she use this to bring Arcueid Brunestud there, allowing her to become stronger than Arcueid by cutting her off from nature. While it succeeds in cutting her off from her backup from the planet, allowing White Len to defeat her and sever their contract, Arcueid could easily overwhelm the barrier at any time if she were serious.[5]

She has similar limitations as Tatari, in that she is not in full control over what appears under her powers. Beings may appear without her having brought them forth, and those that do appear are not bound to her will, allowing them to slay her if they so choose.


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