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« I'll use my ace up my sleeve.”
“Burn them completely, giant of all trees. "Wicker Man"! »


Wicker Man: Cage of Scorching, Consuming Flames  (灼き尽くす炎の檻
, Yaki Tsukusu Honō no Ori
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Cú Chulainn in his Caster form. When used, Caster summons a sacrifice-seeking flame giant. A giant composed by countless tree branches makes his appearance. Said giant wears flames on his body and applies intense heat and flame damage by rushing in on the target. This giant's torso is a cage, and it is primarily there to imprison a sacrifice. However, the storage of the cage on the giant's torso that appeared as a Noble Phantasm is empty, hence the giant rages while primarily seeking a sacrifice to make an offering to the gods. This is not a secret art of the Runes, but a Noble Phantasm of the Celtic druids, given to the Child of Light who manifested as a "Celt magus" that manipulates sweltering heat.[1][2]


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