The Synthetic beast
Silver Wolf
, Gin Ōkami no Gōseijū
?) is the "False" Master of False Lancer in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake.



The Wolf is a silver wolf familiar of the magus originally planning to participate in the Holy Grail War. He was created with the purpose of being used as a catalyst to summon a Servant. The magus believes that he needs to summon a being more ancient than the Origin of Heroes, something that transcends Heroes who were "kings". He wishes to summon an existence Egyptians called "God", but his plan is ruined when the Wolf obtains Command Spells instead of him.


The wolf is a chimera with no more intelligence than an average wolf. His every thought is based on instinct and impulse, and it is not possible for him to have any interest in Command Spells or the Holy Grail War, let alone know his own name. He cannot reason things like the idea of "escape", and as he cannot plan for such a thing, he is only able to move forward without pause to escape the pain. While running for his life, he is not capable of thinking in terms of "I do not want to die." or "I want to live.", but rather his most basic instincts allow only for him to think "Survive!"

Lancer is able to communicate with him, allowing his thoughts to be put into words. He feels like they are the words of an old friend, and he is able to put immediate trust in Lancer's actions.


Fate/strange Fake Edit

Day 0Edit

  • Wolf with False Lancer
  • Lancer confronts Saber

After the Wolf obtains the Command Spells, the magus attempts to slay him by using an ornate pistol that fires bullets infused with magical energy. He escapes into the forest and manages to run a great deal before being shot again, causing him to stumble to the ground. With silent rage, he tortures the wolf by jamming the hot gun barrel into the fresh wound, complaining to the Wolf about how he has "failed" to live up to his purpose as a catalyst. He thinks the Wolf has denied itself the honor of being a catalyst for summoning a god and has returned his "kindness" with spite.

The magus continues to torture the Wolf in his anger, saying that he has prepared other substitutes. He plans on extracting the Command Spells, letting him die, putting him back in the furnace, and making new lab rats from his corpse. The Wolf has no way to care about such things, so he can only rely on the instinct boiling inside him. He thinks only of surviving, but it is unlikely he can comprehend the sentence “I do not want to die”. It is not a wish, but something born from his instinct. His dying body screams for survival, bellowing louder and stronger than any creature in the land called Snowfield.

The magus cannot understand the meaning behind it, or that it has completed the ritual. False Lancer appears in the world, making the magus back off. Lancer communicates with his Master, asking him the question to complete their contract. The Wolf is able to recognize that Lancer is not an enemy, allowing him to suppress the impulse to flee. Lancer calmly speaks to him in an animal language and formally completes their contract. The Wolf is able to feel relief, allowing him to relax. The magus is outraged at the sight of the farce before him and points his gun at the Wolf.

Lancer calmly tells him that his Master wishes no harm to the magus even after all he has done. He holds no malice against the magus, so Lancer tries to leave with him while the magus pleas for Lancer to seek the Holy Grail with him instead. Lancer returns the offer with a crushing, malice-filled look of rejection, causing him to flee. Lancer then searches for a river to treat his Master's wounds, and after administrating minimal treatment, the wolf falls asleep on a field of grass. Lancer speaks to his sleeping Master and then senses his old friend, Archer.[1]

Lancer briefly leaves the Wolf to meet Gilgamesh, summoned as the False Archer, assuring that they will return. After their battle, Lancer indeed returns to their Master.[2]

Day 1Edit

Lancer then goes on to transform the entire forest they are staying in into a Bounded Field, to protect themselves from enemies. Saber and his Master, Ayaka Sajyou, eventually make their way through the forest to meet Lancer and Wolf. Despite usually being wary of humans, Wolf gets along with Ayaka, resting on her. Lancer and Saber also form an alliance, after Saber proves his strength.[3]

Day 2Edit

Later, Wolf has a dream about Lancer's creation, waking up quite scared. Lancer, however, calms him down, while reminiscing about his past.[4]

Day 4Edit

Lancer and Gilgamesh's Master, Tiné Chelc, had retrieved Gilgamesh after he was poisoned with Hydra venom arrows by True Archer and then impaled by True Berserker, then took him to her hotel. Together, they try to heal him, but it doesn't seem to be working. After trying for all of the previous day and this day, Tine is about to collapse from overusing her Magic Circuits. Lancer tells her to give up and accept Gilgamesh's death, but she refuses, saying she must save her king. Wolf tells Lancer to help her. Surprised, Lancer says Tine isn't like Ayaka and more resembles the humans he hates, but Wolf insists. Lancer says Wolf is kind and heals Tine by transfering some of Wolf's energy to her, allowing her to keep trying to heal Gilgamesh.[5]


The Wolf was given Magic Circuits, and the magus expanded them to the limit in order to make him a more proper catalyst, but he has no special abilities. He obtains the magus' Command Spells for an unknown reason, and while he cannot speak a summoning chant, his bellow for survival that none other could mimic acts as both his magecraft and summoning spell to summon Lancer. Due to the nature of the False Grail, the definition of Summoning Ritual is rather vague.


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