Wu ZetianWP (武則天WP, Bu Zokuten?), also known as Assassin of the Nightless City (不夜城のアサシン, Fuyajō no Asashin?), is an Assassin-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Prioritizing the ease for understanding, she goes by the name "Wu Zetian". That is based on her posthumous name "Great Sacred Empress Zetian", which was given after her death. As for herself, she holds great liking to the title "Divine and Sacred Emperor", which she took upon claiming the throne.[1]

The sole ruling Empress in China's history. Initially, she was a consort of the Second Emperor, Taizong of TangWP, although she was only one of many. She met with Taizong son's GaozongWP, and became his concubine after Taizong's death. And eventually, Consort Wu gave birth to Gaozong's child—But that small life's flame was extinguished at infancy.[1]

Pursuing the then Empress WangWP whom she treated as the culprit of her child's death, and overthrowing the most favored concubine, Consort XiaoWP, it is said that Consort Wu reached the seat as Gaozong's Queen.[1]

At that point, Consort Wu had both Empress Wang and Consort Xiao executed in a manner where they were stuffed into wine jars after the amputation of their limbs. From this flow of events, there are parties that think that Consort Wu killed her own child and placed the blame on Empress Wang but———The truth cannot be ascertained.[1]

Seizing power as the Empress, she repeatedly exterminated (assassinated) troublesome relatives and political opponents. After Gaozong's death, she changed the country's name to "ZhouWP", and upon finally taking the throne, she added the moniker "Divine and Sacred Emperor/Empress Regnant Shengshen" to her name. Whilst restoring the nation, she promulgated a rule of fear which encouraged incrimination through secret informants. Through the cruel torture of the specially tasked "Kù Lì/Kokuri", the country's people were fearful from their hearts———[1]



Her attitude towards others is haughty and disrespectful, and she acts fundamentally in her own self-interest.[1]

"Kufufufu, isn't it only natural that we are more gorgeous and dazzling than anyone else? That aside, do not address us lightly as a young girl. You fool!"[1]

Wu Zetian is surprisingly religious. She liked changing era names, titles, and even street names, but this was due to both her preference for new things and superstition. Additionally, her belief in the curse "You'll be reincarnated as a mouse. I will return as a cat to bite you to death!" that came from the executed Consort Xiao just before her death led Wu Zetian to impose a strict ban on keeping cats in the palace. Furthermore, she feared being haunted by their ghosts, and relocated the capital from Chang'anWP to LuoyangWP———[1]

"H-Hey! Sneakily recording our weakness like that is cowardly, no, all those are lies and it's not like I'm scared of cats or ghosts but anyways, you will be punished!"[1]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Subspecies Singularity II: Agartha[]

Wu Zetian is summoned by Scheherazade to serve as the Nightless City's inauthentic ruler to increase the Agartha Singularity's fictional nature.[2] Under her rule, men and women are considered equal as long as men strictly follow the law. Though only women have basic human rights. Men are encouraged to report all transgressions they see, resulting in them selling each other in order to survive. Those reported are publicly and torturously executed by the city’s police force, the Torturers.[3]

At some point, she met Scheherazade after the latter left Dahut's service, and became her tactician.[3] Formerly Dahut's confidant, Scheherazade told Wu Zetian where Dahut kept the key to Ys' floodgates. Wu Zetian then sets out for Ys by herself.[4]

Infiltrating Ys, she encounters Ritsuka’s party while they are hiding from the city’s pirates. She offers to show them a secret path to Dahut’s mansion. They follow her through her secret path, eventually reaching the mansion’s rear garden. Wu Zetian infiltrates the mansion separately without their notice.[4]

While Ritsuka’s party was fighting Dahut, Wu Zetian stole her floodgate key. She then unlocked the floodgates to allow the lake to flood the city. As it floods, she appears before everyone. Dahut reveals her to be, to the group’s shock, that she is the Empress of the Nightless City. She mocks Dahut for not thinking that Scheherazade would betray her after leaving Ys. After the flood waters wash away Dahut, Wu Zetian invites the group to her city and escapes.[4]

She speaks to the group from her underground palace after they were caught in a trap at the city’s execution scaffold. She agrees to reward the man who sold them out, but not before torturing him for his insolence. After he’s taken away, she invites the group into her palace. She then has her castle emerge from where the scaffolding was, calling it Yaoguang Hall. She invites the group inside while also sending her Torturers after them.[4]

When the group reaches her throne room, Wu Zetian has Scheherazade introduce herself. She reveals it was Scheherazade’s strategy to flood Ys and recounts how they met. She then asks what the group’s opinion on her city, believing it to be better than Ys. They criticize it for its lack of basic human rights for men, and its justice system that encourages men to betray one another to survive. Wu Zetian ignores the possibility of false reports, believing such things only happen in lesser nations. Her ideal nation is one where even the smallest evil is snuffed out without tolerance thanks to its citizens’ vigilance. After being criticized again, she decides to punish them personally with the help of her Torturers and Scheherazade. She again defends her system while also asserting that suppression of one’s desires (even non-criminal ones) allows for a true and just nation. She tries to convince the group to be her subjects, but they refuse since Nightless City is rotten as Ys. They defeat her, but she refuses to give up when Megalos crashes through the ceiling and crushes her.[4]

Surviving, she kept herself hidden until Phenex separated from Scheherazade. She ambushes him while Ritsuka’s party was struggling against him. She then unleashes her Noble Phantasm, Manual of Accusation, to torture him. Phenex severely wounds her in retaliation. Wu Zetian urges the group to finish him off while he’s in a constant state of life and death. After Phenex is destroyed, she disappears, having exerted the last of her strength.[2]

Halloween Event: Halloween Strike! Devil's Building Climber[]

A subordinate of Mecha Eli-chan, Wu Zetian has Carmilla retreat with her after the latter was defeated by Ritsuka's party. Inside the pyramid,  she and Carmilla team up with Cleopatra to fight Ritsuka's party, only for them to lose. Carmilla wasn't told ahead of time that they'd be teaming up. Wu Zetian admits she made the decision in the spur of the moment.

She and Carmilla encounter the group again following their fight with Amazoness CEO. They escaped the castle before they were caught in the explosion caused by the Guardian of Csejte's missile. Both of them agree to help stop Osakabehime, though Carmilla says Mecha Eli-chan needs a heart circuit before she can fight again. Ritsuka installs the heart circuit into Mecha Eli-chan, stabilizing her Spirit Origin. Then, with Amazoness CEO also joining them, Ritsuka's party climb the castle. Wu Zetian has her Torturers form a ladder for her to climb.

Passing through Castle Csejte into the pyramid, the group fight Cleopatra, who seems to believe Carmilla and Wu Zetian are forming a new queen trio with Amazoness CEO. After defeating Cleopatra, Wu Zetian briefly brings her out of her depression about having a minor role in the story now by saying she'll have to wait for a slim version of Julius Caesar to come. But Mecha Eli-chan says such a thing would be miraculous, and even if it did happen, Caesar would flirt with other women. Cleopatra faints and Ritsuka's party moves onto Himeji Castle.

At Himeji Castle, the group fights Halloween Knights seemingly under Osakabehime's control. Truthfully though, they were promised a raise and paid leave on Halloween to avoid Elizabeth's concert, so they were easy to defeat. After defeating pirates who were weirdly excited for Elizabeth's concert, Wu Zetian asks Carmilla why she's been silent. Carmilla answers she learned last year to completely empty her mind when dealing with her past self. She can keep her stress levels low enough that the worst that happens is that she occasionally coughs up blood.

The group enters Osakabehime's room, but she isn't there. They search for a secret passage when they find Mecha Eli-chan's original heart circuit that Osakabehime removed. They soon find and pass through the secret passage. They soon catch up to Osakabehime, who had retreated from them earlier. She calls Mecha Eli-chan MkII for help, but the robot girl refuses. With no other choice, Osakabehime fights the group with the Guardian of Csejte. The group defeat her and use the same elevator she used to escape.

They arrive at the factory, where Mecha Eli-chan was built, and the Guardian of Csjete was modified. Osakabehime reveals she built for mass producing Mecha Eli-chan MkII before Mecha Eli-chan went rogue. She then activates the mass-produced models and retreats into the reactor chamber. The group destroy them then follow after Osakabehime. There they find Mecha Eli-chan MkII with an imprisoned Elizabeth Bathory. Mecha Eli-chan MkII activates "Omni-Eli-izer" to absorb everyone's magical energy (including Osakabehime) and convert it into Elisa Particles. Mecha Eli-chan however divides her energy among everyone so they can move again. The group struggle against Mecha Eli-chan MkII until Elizabeth's oddly beautiful singing weakens her. Invigorated by Elizabeth's singing, the group defeat Mecha Eli-chan MkII. Ritsuka installs a heart circuit in her, then frees Elizabeth. After Ritsuka decides to return to Chaldea with one of the Mecha Eli-chans, the reactor goes into overload. Everyone gets ready to escape, but Osakabehime stays behind to contain the blast with her Noble Phantasm, along with Elizabeth.

The group escape the castle before reactor core explodes. Fortunately, the Elisa Particle density was low enough that only the reactor chamber was destroyed. The group seem to believe Elizabeth and Osakabehime perished; Carmilla decides to have statues of them erected in honor of their sacrifice. The princesses survived, however, thanks to Elizabeth's Noble Phantasm. Osakabehime wants to disappear with the Singularity to make amends, but Ritsuka and Elizabeth convince her to join Chaldea instead. Afterward, everyone returns to Chaldea.

Christmas Event: Holy Samba Night[]

Wu Zetian is a competitor in the Santa Tag Team Tournament representing China. Her motive for competing is because she believes only the most important person in the world should deliever presents to the commonfolk. She has Carmilla and Red Hare on her team, even though it's illegal to have over two members and to have a teammate who isn't from the representing country or doesn't have a bloodline related to said country. But by using loopholes in the rules, Wu Zetian got both of them on her team. For Carmilla, she claimed she was her niece, Hua Meilou. As for Red Hare, she claimed he was her horse. She also gets her torturers in the matches by claiming they’re tools. It was through these tactics that the Chinese team beat Jeanne Alter Lily and Charles-Henri Sanson.

After Bradamante and Quetzalcoatl win their third match, Wu Zetian hires thugs to injure the two before their next match, which is against her team. But she is pleasantly surprised when they arrive for the match completely uninjured. Afterward, she explains how she exploited the loopholes in the rules to get Carmilla and Red Hare and her motivation for competing. She then calls on her torturers and the match starts.

During the match, Wu Zetian traps Bradamante and Quetzalcoatl in her poison pot while Carmilla binds Bradamante’s wrists with chains. Quetzalcoatl, however, goes underneath Bradamante, allowing her partner to stand on her shoulders. Bradamante defeats Carmilla, then moves to do the same to Wu Zetian and Red Hare. Seeing Bradamante coming towards them, Wu Zetian orders Red Hare, who she’s riding on, to get out of the way. But Red Hare says he can’t move freely with the ring so crowded with tortures, allowing Bradamante to take him and Wu Zetian down.


She ridicules loudly to some extent during those moments. She also has a wild temperament while alive, having studied hand-to-hand fighting and fencing techniques in jest, but now that she has transformed into a Servant, she attained and displays genuine hand-to-hand fighting skills because of her Imperial Privilege Skill.

Charisma of the Empress (女帝のカリスマ?): The ability of the empress, who had started as a consort of T’ang and then arrived to establishing her own personal state of Zhou dynasty, in grasping the nature of human spirit. It makes state administration feasible. While she may have widely imposed the politics of fear, her ability in appointing those with talent is considered to be excellent.

Torture Technique: The familiar-like beings (Ku Li) she employs also possess the techniques of the same quality. When she or the Ku Li made use of this skill on a criminal, said criminal would, “without fail”, recognize of his or her own sin. In addition, when they use it on a subject who was in possession of secrets which threaten the righteous nation administration, they would, “without fail”, be able to obtain said secret....While said intel’s objective truth may not be secured, with the next torture it would most likely become the truth.

Her Noble Phantasm is Manual of Accusation.


Takehito Harada is the character designer for Wu Zetian.[1]

On September 14, 2021, almost the entirety of Wu Zetian's assets were removed from the Chinese server due to certain government policies regarding the depiction of historical figures.[5] This included her illustrations, profile and voice clips, while leaving limited access to her in-game sprites and visual novel portraits. In addition, all instances of her name were removed and replaced with the moniker "Assassin of the Nightless City", even after players have her True Name revealed.


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    [v] Fate/Grand Order - Wu Zetian (Assassin) Profile [T]

    Wu Zetian - Assassin

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Takehito Harada
    Voice Actor: Shiori Izawa

    Strength: D
    Endurance: E
    Agility: A
    Mana: B
    Luck: A
    Noble Phantasm: B

    Personal Skills
    Torture Technique A
    Imperial Privilege B
    Charisma of the Empress A

    Class Skills
    Presence Concealment D

    Noble Phantasm
    Gaomi Luozhi Jing
    Rank: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
    Type: B

    Her attitude towards other people is arrogant, and her behavior is self-willed as it can possibly be. A fundamentally flamboyant little girl.
    “Kufufu-, it’s only natural for me to be more gorgeous and glittering than anyone else, right?... That being said, to nonchalantly call me a little girl. You fooool!”

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 138cm・35kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: China
    Alignment: Lawful Evil  Gender: Female
    Prioritizing familiarity, she is currently calling herself “Wu Zetian”.
    This originates from her posthumous name of “Zetian Dasheng Huanghou”.
    It seems that she herself prefers the title of “Shengshen Huangdi”, from when she was first enthroned.

    Level 2 Bond
    The sole female emperor of Chinese history. At first she was one of the consorts, concubines of the second emperor Taizong, but she became acquaintanced with Gaozong, Taizong’s son, also becoming his concubine after Taizong’s death. And thus Lady Wu would give birth to Gaozong’s child, but---
    The flame of that small life disappeared while it was still a suckling child.

    Level 3 Bond
    It has been said that Lady Wu pursued Empress Wang the culprit of that child’s murder, overthrowing her along with the Emperor’s favorite mistress・Consort Xiao, taking the status of Gaozong’s Empress for herself.
    On that occasion, it seems that Lady Wu executed the two by throwing them into a alcohol jar after having their limbs teared off.
    Given such flow of events, there are also those who believe Lady Wu might have killed her own child and placed the blame on the Empress, but---
    The truth of this matter is uncertain.

    Level 4 Bond
    Having grasped real power as an Empress, she began to successively murder (assassinate) her bothersome relatives and political enemies.
    After Gaozong’s death, she would change the country’s name to Zhou and finally sit on the throne herself - calling herself “Shengshen Huangdi”.
    In regards to how she governed the country, politics of fear that encouraged snitching were widespread. Supposedly, the populace feared the brutal tortures applied by the government officials called “Kuli” from from the bottom of their hearts---

    Level 5 Bond
    Gaomi Luozhi Jing
    Rank: B  Type: Anti-Unit
    The Gaomi Luozhi Jing was a guidebook for the “Kuli” (torture officials), said to have been written during her rule. A How-To book about torture and interrogation so to speak, employed for the sake of fabricating an criminal.

    This Noble Phantasm is like an embodiment of the national law that says “she can freely invent a criminal”. In other words, when this Noble Phantasm is deployed, she becomes a “torturer” towards anyone, and those who oppose her will become “victims of torture”, no questions asked.

    Originally, it was possible to punish scoundrels with a wide variety of torture methods, but it seems that lately she has been mostly using the poison and alcohol jar that once killed her political enemies, after arranging them for tortures.

    Wu Zetian is surprisingly credulous.
    While she liked to amend the names of eras, titles and cities, that was both due her fondness for new things and being caught up in superstitions.
    Furthermore, she believed in the curse that Consort Xiao cast on the verge of death:
    “You will be reborn as a mouse. I promise then to become a cat and bite you to death.”
    Since then, it was expressly forbidden to keep cats within the palace.
    Finally, she also changed the state’s headquarters from Chang'an to Luoyang due to being frightened about ghosts coming out---

    “H-heeey! It’s unfair of you to secretly write down my weaknesses on such a place...no, these contents are all lies and I am not afraid of cats or ghosts... aaah, at any rate, you will be punisheeed!”

    武則天 - アサシン



    拷問技術 A
    皇帝特権 B
    女帝のカリスマ A

    気配遮断 D


    「くっふっふー、妾が誰よりもごーじゃすでぴかぴかなのは当然であろうー? ……それはそれとして妾を気安く童女呼ばわりとは。おっろかものーぅ!」

    属性:秩序・悪  性別:女性




    ランク:B  種別:対人宝具





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