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Xiang YuWP (項羽WP?), Class Name Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?), is a Berserker-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



A Chinese warlord who lived during the late Qin dynasty.

Due to the connection formed with the Master in the Chinese Lostbelt, a form different from the Proper Human History's "Humanoid-type Xiang Yu" has been summoned. The Man-Horse type tactical framework is a "construct" assembled with the best of the Eternal Sin Empire's sage art cybernetics.[2]

Proper Human History[]

Family name Xiang, given name Ji, courtesy name Yu. In the Proper Human History, he was the person who destroyed the Qin dynasty and contested with Liu BangWP for the title of next Emperor.[2]

He was ridiculed as "a man with brute courage, but the benevolence of a consort" for causing his own faction to self-destruct with inconsistent policies, despite boasting of many inhumane massacres and innumerable deeds of arms. During his childhood, he couldn't quite master the scholarly and martial arts and only learned the gist of the art of war, but later he made himself widely known by distinguishing himself with nothing but his wisdom. He's surely the Hegemon of Vast Plains who exceeds human intellect and morality. Actually, the truth is───[2]

He is an artificial human designed based on the wreckage of Prince Nezha that Qin Shi Huang recovered while he was searching for the immortal realms/realm of the sages, and was stolen by Xiang LiangWP who, giving him the name Xiang Ji, then pretended to be his uncle. After Xiang Liang's death, there was a sense of purpose that's been programmed into him in the beginning――――――namely, the intelligence of a machine that kept driving him for the sake of the early realization of a "peaceful world". However, that methodology was a complete deviation from morality. He destroyed and slaughtered with the intention of "simplifying and limiting" the strategical scope of China so the next ruler could quickly rise to power. From the people’s point of view, however, these were just like the futile deeds of a tyrannical Demon King.[2]

However, as a result, the Chu–Han ContentionWP - the chaotic period after the collapse of the Qin dynasty - ended in just 4 years, and Liu Bang went from being a chivalrous person from the countryside to becoming the founder of the Han dynasty.[2]


In the Lostbelt, where Qin Shi Huang's death did not occur, Xiang Yu is being used by the righteous Qin Shi Huang to assist the Qin dynasty's world hegemony under the code name Kuaiji Model Zero. As the standard-bearer and founder of the Sin Army's mechanized army corps, he's finally obtained the realization of his dearest wish, known as the Eternal Sin Empire.[2]



The Xiang Yu who was handed down to others as a hegemon who was a rare genius and a fool at the same time. After all, his true character wasn't something that others could comprehend. Due to the unique sense of time gained from precognition, Xiang Yu's thought process is quite different from that of a regular person. Usually, he remains calm like a large tree, but the moment he perceives an omen of disorder with his future vision, like a storm, Xiang Yu will wildly eliminate his target. Since this would be impossible to understand for a regular person who can not perceive the future, as a Servant, Xiang Yu is classified as a Berserker.[2]

Imperturbable and a calm person. However, he doesn’t show any shred of gentleness as he is seen as a ruthless and cold-hearted villain that commits all atrocities without pulling a wry face or raising an eyebrow, but as a matter of fact, the person themselves isn’t evil at all. Originally, his true character was to be a thinking machine that didn’t have the desire for the foundation of evil on him. Ordinary people cannot possibly sympathize with his complete rationality as an android, and not only that, but because how he makes a decision is based on information he gathered from his precognition ability that is impossible to be conveyed to others, his words and deeds are illogical, and getting an understanding of him is truly unattainable. But apart from his consistent sense of purpose, how he makes propositions to bring a state of confusion under control during its early stages is always unshakable, and if he broadly looks at a situation and calculates backwards from its outcome, he will only achieve good results where his deeds would quickly shift the future situation away. Regarding his moral values however, without completely loosening his common sense of humans, he himself doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice or lose when instructed; this behavior is without a doubt describing a form of insanity. Xiang Yu is an advanced complex thinking machine that’s equipped with an active mind and can invoke feelings, though it is out of sync with the standards of humanity. He proceeds to reward and punish the 『sense of accomplishment』 within himself by being delighted when he fulfills his goals, and mourns for unintentional losses, which is ideal in his way---a stable state that resolved disorder, in other words, a moment of peace----he’d personally feel 『relief』and『great joy』 when achieving such things. If Xiang Yu were to understand emotion, it’d be possible for him to establish communication.

He plans to achieve his goals himself, which is his primordial urge and which is also the driving force that’s installed in Xiang Yu. In other words, to fulfill peace and tranquility. That supreme proposition is largely common with Chaldea’s Master; without harboring any doubts nor wishing for any compensation, he assists in achieving the mission without having to choose any option that is available to him (though that’s not the problem).


Fate/Grand Order[]

S I N: The Land of Unified Knowledge[]

After Hinako Akuta retreats from Chaldea again, Qin Shi Huang has Xiang Yu prepared for deployed to assist the Crypter.[3]

Once ready, Xiang Yu is launched via container from Xianyang towards the village Chaldea is based. Mordred destroys the container with Clarent Blood Arthur, only for Xiang Yu to emerge from the wreckage unscathed. He then proceeds to attack and overwhelm Ritsuka's party. Prince of Lanling arrives and asks the general why he attacked without him and Hinako. Xiang Yu answers he did so to assess their enemies' abilities, and now that he has, he can devise hat will lead them to a flawless victory. He and Lanling then return to their camp.[4]

There he learns from Hinako to his confusion that his Proper History counterpart came to be know as a human to later generations. Shi Huang orders Xiang Yu to finish Chaldea off with Qin Liangyu when she arrives with her battalion.[4]

Lanling and Xiang Yu clash with Ritsuka's party again later that evening when the latter intercept their foces. The battle ends however when Liangyu arrives with her army, demanding both sides to stand down on Shi Huang's orders.[4]

After Hinako and Lanling's attempt to kill Ritsuka despite Shi Huang's call for a truce is thwarted with Liangyu's help, Xiang Yu is ordered by the emperor to crush his own core. Hinako begs the emperor to spare him. She, Lanling, and Xiang Yu leave after Shi Huang agrees to her pleas.[5]

At their camp, Xiang Yu learns from Hinako that his Proper History counterpart was hidden away in the secret Kuaiji laboratory following Shi Huang's death. Xiang Liang eventually found and reactivated him, planning to use his superhuman abilities to further his own ambitions, and presented him as his nephew. Because of his humanoid appearance, Xiang Yu was treated as a person in the Proper History, so none came to know his true identity. Xiang Yu is confused though how Hinako knows his true identity if Xiang Liang kept it secret and asks who she really is. Hinako confesses she came to the Lostbelt solely to be reunited with, calling him "my beloved Lord Xiang Yu".[5]

The next night, Shi Huang orders Xiang Yu to kill Ritsuka's party on the accusation that Chaldea are Confucians. Xiang Yu is overwhelming Ritsuka's party when Hinako and Lanling arrive to assist him. Later though Shi Huang orders the three to leave immediately so they’re not caught in the blast from the payload he just launched from the Great Wall.[6]

Shi Huang later releases Xiang Yu into Hinako (now revealed to be Yu Mei-ru) once her finishes analyzing her as per their agreement.[7]

As Chaldea gets closer and closer to Xianyang, Xiang Yu realizes from his predictive calculations that the capital will fall. Though she knows this, Yu Mei-ru refuses to let Xiang Yu defend Xianyang as it isn’t his duty anymore. Xiang Yu is concerned though that he cannot see the future beyond Xianyang’s fall, as if the Lostbelt will cease to exist years afterwards. Yu Mei-ren tells him that is how it should be, saying he’s earned the right to be released from the burden of predicting the future and carrying the responsibility. Xiang Yu responds, though, that his ability to predict the near future allowed him to conquer and unite the world under the Qin. Yu Mei-ren responds that while he was praised in the Lostbelt, he was feared as a monster in the Proper History. Because of this reputation, no one in the Proper History ever truly understood the reasons for Xiang Yu’s conquests. Xiang Yu suspects, though, that Yu Mei-ren understood his Proper History counterpart. He then realizes Yu Mei-ren searched for him so long because his Proper History counterpart, with whom she shared solace in the fact they were feared as inhuman despite looking human, died. Xiang Yu suspects his Proper History counterpart grieved for Yu Mei-ren, knowing she would suffer in solitude after his death.[8]

Xiang Yu suspects Chaldea will soon reach the Fusang Tree in the palace treasury and realizes the tree’s importance is far greater than just being the cornerstone of the Qin’s peaceful civilization. He suspects Yu Mei-ren does not wish him to fight, even though they both know the upcoming battle will determine the Lostbelt’s fate. When Yu Mei-ren confirms this, Xiang Yu answers his programming wouldn’t permit him to stand by while his world is in danger. Yu Mei-ren realizes he’s right and asks to stay by his side until the end.[9]

Xiang Yu and Yu Mei-ren go to the base of the Fusang Tree in the treasury and wait for Chaldea's arrival. Once Chaldea arrives with Koyanskaya, the two confront the group. The Fusang Tree is also confirmed to be Fantasy Tree Mayall. Then, unleashing his full power, Xiang Yu proceeds to fight Ritsuka's party aided by Yu Mei-ren. Despite these advantages though, he loses because he excels in fighting alone. Vitch then has Mayall activate. She reveals it has existed within the Fusang Tree, spreading its roots without exposing itself. She then teleports away before Shi Huang has the palace crash near Mayall.[10]

When Shi Huang entrust the future to Chaldea after being bested in combat, Xiang Yu refuses to accept the emperor's decision, Now loyal only to Yu Mei-ren, he declares he will not let the world his belove chose as her new home be taken from her. Despite his wounds, he prepares to fight Ritsuka's party to protect Mayall. He declares he will fulfill the wishes of his Proper History counterpart and he fights now for the woman he loves. As he dies after losing to Ritsuka' party, Xiang Yu asks for Yu Mei-ren's forgiveness for once again condeming her to an eternity of wandering alone. He only wanted to grant her solace, and wishes they could have spent endless days together in peace. He then dies with the regret he cannot stay by her side.[10]

Summer Event: Servant Summer Camp![]

Imaginary Scramble[]


Xiang Yu isn't a warrior that was conserved in cryogenic freezing in Mt. Li like Qin Liangyu, but rather, a valuable relic. He is one of Qin Shi Huang's most impressive accomplishments, which is saying a lot. It is both one of the cornerstones of this eternal empire, and a monument to it.[5] Even in present day, Xiang Yu remained as one of Qin's most helpful retainers and it is when facing an unknown enemy that he shines the brightest. After the emperor deemed Chaldea's Servants to be quite formidable foes, he said that although another one or two hundred foot soldiers would be unlikely to make much difference, Xiang Yu would.[3] In the Lostbelts, the hegemon's military power is no longer in the realm of men, his galloping no different from a storm swallowing a large army. The Man-Horse type tactical framework is a "construct" assembled with the best of the Eternal Sin Empire's sage art cybernetics. That precognition derived from his high-speed calculation ability is what makes Kuaiji Model Zero function as an invincible weapon on the battlefield.[2] He would normally not be summoned as a Heroic Spirit, however, thanks to Consort Yu becoming one herself, the knowledge she brought about him to the Throne of Heroes, allowed him to be appointed as one of humanity's guardians.[10]


Xiang Yu is an artificial human whose design is based on the ruins of Nezha that the Heavenly Emperor retrieved while searching for the immortal realms.[1] Although combat wasn't his original function, his frame has since been optimized for it. Even Mordred's Clarent Blood Arthur is unable to harm him, and after gauging its temperature and evaluating its magical energy release, he ranked its threat level as minimal. Da Vinci claims that although his Magical Energy pattern is closer to that of Qin's automatons than it is to that of a Servant, his values are off the charts. She further estimates that he must be as powerful as a Dragon-class Demonic Beast. Sherlock Holmes is impressed by this. Unlike living organisms, a machine's output rises and falls based on its operational parameters. Therefore, Xiang Yu was giving off so much magical energy while simply still warming up. Chaldea had been up against a number of opponents with vast amounts of magical energy before, but none of them took on such small forms. He didn't even try to keep his True Name secret.[4]

Based on the combat footage Holmes recorded of that fight, Nezha claims that although she hasn't seen Xiang Yu's interior, she can be certain that many of his movements resemble her own style, despite his form being so radically different from hers. Nezha's preliminary theory is that he was once a humanoid patterned after her design, and that he became known as Xiang Yu after many further modifications. It is due to his more complex design that he is more powerful than the foot soldiers. Despite having been modified with a second pair of arms, his techniques still reflect a human-shaped body. If he had originally been made in that form, he would have much more naturally.[4]

Despite having the aid of Consort Yu and using all the power at his disposal to stop Chaldea, he is defeated. Although he may have been invincible, he had no rivals with which to compete. Thus, his strength in fighting alone sealed his defeat.[10]


Class Skills[]

  • Wicked Enhancement (A+ Rank): His body deviates as a life-form as his existence was modified artificially so that he could function solely as a deadly weapon. His fighting capabilities have been amplified drastically, but other than that, he loses his use of being flexible.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Future Prediction (A→A++ Rank): One of Xiang Yu's most basic operations and core functionality lays in the predictive calculation by hypothesizing alternative scenarios based on different conditions. By observing every iota of data about his surroundings, he can predict likely cause-and-effect relations to see into the near future.[8] This skill reaches well beyond martial arts.[4] Thanks to his high-speed operating simulation,[1] he can not only predict exactly what his opponents will do, and what he needs to do to avoid every attack,[4] but also gain the first hit on every enemy as well.[1] The disparity in strength between Nezha and him is not due to hardware differences, but rather, that he can read their moves before they make them. Mordred claims that not even the King of Knight's Instinct was "this much pain in the ass". This is no ordinary skill of reading one's opponents; it's closer to precognition.[6] As such, Xiang Yu remains incredibly coolheaded during battle, just calmly assessing every of his opponent's movements.[4] It’d be impossible for an ordinary person to comprehend him since they can’t perceive the future; therefore, Xiang Yu is classified as a Berserker as a Servant. The special environment called Chaldea; it’s a place where many singularities come into contact and the fate of many Heroic Spirits intertwine which satisfy the conditions that largely inhibits Xiang Yu’s precognitive ability, and ever since he came here, he’s finally gained the perspective of “living in the moment without being bound to the future,” feeling a life of excitement and joy, and giving him a chance for a new experience.[1] This ability was deemed essential for spreading Qin Shi Huang's eternal regime far and wide.[8]
  • Tactical Body (B Rank): His body deviated from human lifeforms as he performed frequent tune-ups as a result of him being a decisive weapon for the Eternal Qin Empire. Xiang Yu in Proper Human History had attained this form, but this 『possible appearance』 could be accepted as his glory days as the summoning is due to his binded link in the Lostbelt.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

His Noble Phantasm is Mountainous Power and Matchless Valor.


Creation and Conception[]


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