Yaga (ヤガ, Yaga?) are hybrids of humans and Magical Beasts that inhabit the Russian Lostbelt.


The world of the Russian Lostbelt diverged from that of the Proper Human History in 1570 AD when an asteroid struck and plunged the world into an ice age. Most humans died, and while Russians were used to the cold and prepared for such weather, 90% of their population perished and they were on the cusp of extinction. Ivan the Terrible and his mages were able to save the country by combining humans with magical beasts, Ivan himself becoming the first.[1]

Before they possessed weaponry that could kill Demonic Beasts, the strong Yaga cannibalized the weak Yaga, akin to artificial selection. After Russian's population was merged with Demonic Beasts, the Yaga ate those who were consumed by their power, couldn't control it, or couldn't ever see themselves living as Yaga. Next, they fed on the young and sickly, followed by the straight-up weak. Because of this cannibalistic history, the Yaga are said to have been named after Baba Yaga, the man-eating witch from Slavic folklore.[2]


All Yaga are humanoid animals. They refer to mages as Koldun.[1]

Unlike humans, Yaga aren't susceptible to dying from extreme temperatures or excessive loss of blood. If a Yaga's artery or the like is severed, their blood vessels reconnect themselves. In the case of blood loss, they produce more automatically.[2] The average Yaga requires several times the calories per day as the average human. Therefore they starve quickly, lasting only three days without food before dying.[3]

Despite their superior physical characteristics relative to those of humans, the Yagas' civilization has declined to a shadow of its former self. Technological progress has halted, leaving them unable to maintain most of the dwellings they inhabit, and expressions of culture such as music are completely unheard of. The sole virtue of their society is raw strength, and any form of weakness is scorned to the point that Yaga deemed to be a burden are killed for the sake of conserving resources.

Known Yaga[]


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