Yagyuu Tajima-no-Kami Munenori (柳生但馬守宗矩(やぎゅうたじまのかみむねのり), Yagyū Tajima-no-Kami Munenori?), Class Name Saber (セイバー, Seibā?), is a Saber-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



One of the strongest swordsmen of the Edo Yagyuu. A genius of the sword known as the child of Yagyuu Sekishuusai and the father of Yagyuu Juubei. It has been said that, during the Siege of Osaka (1615 AD), he protected the Shogun Hidetada by cutting down seven warriors in an instant. After his death, Shogun Iemitsu extolled him as “Peerless in Swordsmanship.[1]

It has been recorded that the Third Shogun Iemitsu would call Munenori by the nickname “Ryuutan”. A nickname formed by taking one kanji character each from “Yagyuu” and “Munenori”.[1]

A strategist and politician. Not only has he instructed many Daimyou and their younger relatives in the Shinkage-ryuu, but he also sent his disciples to serve influential Daimyou as swordsmanship intructors. In historical novels and historical plays, he is often regarded as an extraordinary plotter. This is probably out of the notion that, in the early Edo period, it would be impossible to raise the Yagyuu Clan up to a social position of a Daimyou with 12,500 koku just by being honest and upright.[1]

With excellent foresight, it has been said that he quickly saw through the expansion of the Shimabara Rebellion. In the 14th year of the Kan'ei era (1637 AD), right after news of a rebellion by Christian believers arrived, Munenori frantically tried to hold back Itakura “Naizen-no-Kami” Shigemasa, who was tasked with leading a punitive expedition. It has been said that, when asked why by Shogun Iemitsu, Munenori answered “religious wars are always a serious matter” and “Mr. Shigemasa will likely die in battle.[1]

The situation progressed as Munenori predicted. Shigemasa - a Daimyou of 15,000 koku - was lacking in strength despite leading all the western Daimyou and found himself forced into a hard fight as a result. As he saw the situation turn grimmer, Shogun Iemitsu dispatched his chief vassal, Matsudaira Nobutsuna, to act as supreme commander, but Shigemasa became impatient upon learning that and attempted an assault on the enemy camp before Nobutsuna arrived, dying tragically in the process.[1]



A demon of rationality that gazes at everything with a reasoning of ice, unswayed by emotion. Methodology equals rationality; in other words, by mastering the sword, everything will naturally be fulfilled without any futility—[1]

Never speaking of his passions, he does not become impetuous or impatient. He thoroughly carries out the optimal, shortest measures in order to achieve an objective with the utmost coolness. A man of ice and steel who is reliable as an ally, but extremely terrifying once he becomes an enemy.[1]


Miyamoto Musashi / Sasaki Kojiro / Houzouin Inshun / Diarmuid Ua Duibhne / Artoria Pendragon / Arthur Pendragon

....Let me see.

They are all magnificent people, I wonder if I shall have a chance to cross blades with them.

Tomoe Gozen

Hmm, a photo.

Of a creature that reminds me of Loco Moco? Oh, oh, I see, this is not bad. It’s as if it’s cutting the past!

Mochizuki Chiyome / Katou Danzo

This is not a world of war nor is it the Edo period. You don’t have to be stern towards a Daimyo, but...that’s beyond my control.

Minamoto-no-Raikou / Sakata Kintoki / Watanabe no Tsuna

Warriors of the Heian Period, they are seen as people who stand at the top. That terrifying power is at a catastrophic level that defies the laws of science. The samurai・military commanders of turbulent times that we know of don’t even reach their level. With that said---------------

It’s still amusing to confront each other with not much freedom from all worldly thoughts.


I’m joking, I'm joking.



Oni Servants

(Gazes at them from afar)


Fate/Grand Order[]

Musashi Trial Quest[]

During Musashi's travels through alternate worlds, she fights Munenori briefly before deciding to run away. As she enters through the portal to the next world, he lands a strike that hits her head, knocks her out, and causes her brief amnesia in the next world. After she disappears, he says he will remember her name.

Subspecies Singularity III: Shimosa[]

Desiring to duel Musashi again, Munemori joined Amakusa Shirou Tokisada as one of his Heroic Spirit Swordmaster as the only human member. His Cursed Name is Saber of Empireo.[2]

Disguised, he and his fellow Swordmasters first encounter Ritsuka’s party as they tried to cut through a bamboo forest to reach Onui and Tasuke’s hermitage. He reprimands his fellows for not focusing on killing the group as ordered. He then demands the group hand Houzouin Inshun over, stating everyone will be massacred afterwards. Inshun fights him with the aid of his Noble Phantasm while the others escapes. He eventually pierces his heart, but finds he cannot move his spear. Munenori reveals such attacks would kill a human or Heroic Spirit, and introduces himself by his Cursed Name. He then orders Ashiya Douman to cast the Curse of Annihilation to turn Inshun into the final Swordmaster: Lancer of Purgatorio.[3]

At Katori Shrine, Munenori disagrees with Douman that Inshun fulfilled his role as a Swordsmaster, saying he failed to take even a hundred lives. Despite that though, Amakusa Shirou says Inshun still served as an excellent cornerstone for the Onriedo. Douma agrees with him and Munenori, saying the souls of Heroic Spirits are insufficient to manifest the Onriedo. Thus, the grieving souls slaughtered by the Swordmasters are also needed. After Amakusa Shirou leaves to prepare for the Onriedo’s arrival, Douman and Munenori both agree he doesn’t see Musashi as a threat. Munenori questions if Douman is up to the task of killing Musashi, as she was to be to kill Inshun. He dismisses Katou Danzou’s offer to assassinate Ritsuka and Mash, pointing out a mechanical doll like her could never hope to be a match for Musashi. He also dismisses Douman’s orders for her as the latter playing with dolls.[4]

Later as Tajima-no-Kami, he leads a procession of 500 samurai from Edo to Toke Castle town. Introducing himself as chief inspector for the shogunate, he explains he and the samurai are on an official mission to bring those responsible for the massacres in southern Shimousa to justice with Matsudaira’s cooperation. He then confronts Musashi, recalling they dueled six months ago. He decides to duel her to determine her intentions when monsters fly in from the south. As another wave comes, he orders Sakon to get the townsfolk out of the vicinity. After the monsters are slain, he orders Sakon to tell Matsudaira to deploy archers. He also orders to concentrate their forces to the south, believing the castle can have the bare minimum of soldiers. After the samurai leave, Ritsuka tells Munenori their assumption that Tomoe (whom they only know as Archer) is leading the monsters. Munenori tells the group that a hundred of his finest men will confront Tomoe as a diversion while they ambush her from behind. He advises them to go through the mountain pass to do so. He then introduces Danzou as the spy who saw Tomoe leading the monsters. She will also serve as the group’s guide through the mountain pass.[5]

After Tomoe is slain, Munenori tasks Musashi with checking Shimosa for any remaining monsters.[6] He and Kiyohime later meet with Ritsuka’s party in Toke Castle after learning a letter was sent there, threatening to assassinate her. She tells the group that many were killed when the letter was delivered. Despite having the castle guards and 300 of Munenori’s samurai to protect her, she asks the group to protect her as well. Munenori agrees with Kiyohime’s guard that allowing the group to protect her would threaten the clan, if it were peacetime. If a skilled warrior is ready and willing to fight monsters, then their station in life is irrelevant. Munenori can attest to the group’s skills himself, recounting that his samurai are still singing their praises. He then leaves the room threatening to behead the group if they fail to protect Kiyohime.[7]

At Katori Shrine, he reports the great pentagram being drawn in secret via Jesuit sorcery is nearing completion, adding to Douman’s own report that Chiyome and Danzou have laid the groundwork for the Onriedo by spreading fear. He considers it a hassle though that they have to wait to destroy humanity, wanting to cut them all down at once.[8]

The next night at Toke Castle, Munenori orders his samurai to increase security. He claims his samurai were slow to act against Chiyome last night because of their large numbers while asserting smaller numbers would invite monsters to quickly adapt. He soon senses Chiyome has returned, and leads his samurai against her monsters while the group slays the Orcochi she summoned. Afterwards, he then witnesses them fight Chiyome, and the entranced Kiyohime.[8] During the battle, he ordered Danzou to remain outside the castle.[9]

After Chiyome is slain, Munenori has Ritsuka's party removed from the castle, claiming they'll disrupt his plan to keep Kiyohime safe. He also has Danzou accompany the group to ensure they safely return to the hermitage, while gathering information around Shimosa.[9] He also ordered her to help them slay the remaining Swordmasters.[10]

When Toke Castle became Onriedo Castle, Munenori and his samurai slay the monsters long enough for most of the survivors to escape.[11]

On the Onriedo Castle’s 4th floor, Munenori seemingly slays Douman when he tried to ambush Musashi. He removes his disguise to reveal himself to be Saber of Empireo, the final and only human Swordmaster. Fuuma Kotarou points out not even a Servant can withstand the transformation that comes from having the Curse’s karma implanted in them. Munenori assures him he is still human though. He finds it ironic that he was praised as Shimosa’s protector when his true goal was the opposite. He then confesses his motive for becoming a Swordmaster and readies himself to duel Musashi. After Kotarou and Senji Muramasa leave for the 5th floor, Munemori brings himself and Musashi into the bloody battlefield for their duel. Eventually Musashi awakens her ultimate technique to breakthrough his god-like swordsmanship. She thanks him for enabling her to awaken it. He thanks her for the duel and dies.[2]

Event: Tokugawa's World-Changing Labyrinth[]


Although able to withstand his sword strikes, Miyamoto Musashi says this swordsman far surpasses her and runs away from the battle. Munenori is a Sword Saint, and his sword has reached the level of One.


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (C Rank): Cancels spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot defend against magecraft on the level of High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals.[1]
  • Riding (B Rank): Most vehicles and animals can be handled with above average skill, even vehicles that did not exist in the time period one was alive in, for they are no exception. However, cannot ride the likes of Phantasmal Species such as Monstrous Beasts.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Shinkage-ryuu (A++ Rank): Has completely studied the secrets of the Yagyuu Shinkageryuu. From infancy until he was 24 years old, Munenori was raised while learning about the sword directly from his father, Munetoshi (Sekishuusai). Being endowed with over A Rank in this skill, Munenori possesses not only sword techniques but also resistance to mental attacks. An expert of the Shinkage-ryuu - which views zen meditation as indispensable - has no doubts nor hesitates.[1]
  • Suigetsu (B Rank): One of the deepest levels of the Shinkage-ryu. To peer into those eyes right away without letting your guard down, that is the true form of Suigetsu.[1]
  • Swordless Capture (A Rank): A secret elucidated by Yagyuu Sekishuusai, first devised by the master swordsman Kamiizumi Nobutsuna. It is said that, even without holding a blade, an expert of the Shinkage-ryuu wins over an armed opponent.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

His Noble Phantasm is Peerless in Swordsmanship - Zen and the Sword As One.[1] After learning that Yagyuu had been summoned in Chaldea, Musashi speculated that if the two of them were to fight again, Yagyuu may just be able to beat her, despite her having already defeated Yagyuu's Heroic Spirit Swordmaster counterpart. She explains that the Heroic Spirit Yagyuu must have peered beyond the veil, achieved enlightenment, and become a Sword Saint beyond compare. She doesn't mind it, as it just means she'll have to take her zero sword to the next level.[12]

Forms and Alternate Versions[]

Saber of Empireo[]

Saber of Empireo is the living counterpart of Yagyuu Munenori from the Parallel World that would later become the Shimosa Singularity that was modified by Caster of Limbo's Curse of Annihilation which turned him into a Heroic Spirit Swordmaster, greatly increasing his power. Berserker of Saṃghāta Hell claims she wouldn't dare mess with Caster of Limbo and Saber of Empireo due to her having a "weak little Spirit Origin". If Rider of Kālasūtra Hell and her had to fight them, she'd want to at least have the same bodies and power that they did when they were alive.[10] Empireo also boasts an immense aura on par with Houzouin Inshun's own Magical Energy. When fighting him, Houzouin regards Empireo as a true master of the art of the sword and a person with monstrous abilities much like Musashi just from exchanging a few blows with him. Although he's very strong, he is unable to block Houzouin's Hazy Inverted Moon - Eleven Forms which completely destroyed his heart. However, due to him having the ability to regenerate granted by Caster's curse, he was able to defeat Houzouin. Despite him claiming the reason he defeated Lancer was that his sword had even surpassed the gods and the Buddha, and ascended to true supremacy, to the realm of Empireo, it was made very clear that had he had the body of a Heroic Spirit, Houzouin would have won.[3] Nevertheless, Empireo is a TRUE master of the sword who achieved a level that even surpassed Miyamoto Musashi's father. Although the essence of Musashi's Niten Ichiryu lied in adapting to hundreds if not thousands of possibilities, this fighting style proved to be useless against Saber of Empireo due to her being unable to read his next move. To defeat his Suigetsu, she had to enter the realms of the gods herself. She had to find the one right answer that lay beyond every possibility by slashing through the unbreakable heavens themselves. In other words, she finally reached the void. By striking him with her new developed Ishana Daitenshou, she defeated Saber of Empireo in a one on one duel.[2]


Creation and Conception[]

Shouichi Furumi‏‎ is the character illustrator for Yagyuu Munenori.[1]


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