Yan QingWP (燕青WP, En Sei?), also known as Assassin of Shinjuku (新宿のアサシン, Shinjuku no Asashin?), is an Assassin-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Yan Qing was an outlaw who joined the Grand Assembly of the 108 Stars of Destiny during the latter half of Water MarginWP, one of the Four Great Classical NovelsWP of Chinese literature. He was a short and handsome man with prodigious skill in both the martial arts and music, who entered the Great Assembly with his lord, Lu JunyiWP.[1]

Of course, Yan Qing was a fictional character, but he is still known as a founding master of the Yan Qing school of martial artsWP, even outside of Water Margin. While the martial art’s origin story is itself a fiction, this famed outlaw’s renown as the founder of a martial art has boosted his importance.[1]


A fictitious fine fellow who appears in the “Water Margin”. While he had been an orphan from the beginning, he was picked up and raised by the wealthy Lu Junyì.
It had seemed that Lu Junyi’s love towards him was out of ordinary, that a theory had said that Lu Junyi had love to Yan Qing no less than he had his wife.
Yan Qing, who had grown into a fairskinned and graceful young man of small stature, together entered the Liang Shan Bo, displaying great efforts no less than his lord.
The Liang Shan Bo before long became the representation of the loyalist army and went impoverished. Due to that, Yan Qing, afraid of being thrown away due to having served his purpose, encouraged Lu Junyi to escape together with him., but Li Junyi, who had been scheduled to receive an award, paid him no mind.
The weeping Yan Qing then escaped Liang Shan Bo alone, his whereabouts afterwards unknown.
In Water Margin, he was one of the few survivors. However, surely enough, none knew whether or not that is what he had wished for.


Main article: Doppelgänger

Through the machinations of Baal, Yan Qing has absorbed the abilities of the Phantom DoppelgängerWP (ドッペルゲンガー?).



A bright and friendly figure.
Due to being a ruffian, he is rebellious against the powers that be; but in regards to the Master he would attend to him/her in complete sincerity.

However, should the Master be someone excessively violent in attitude, he would probably either go away or otherwise attempt to break and train them into a good lord.
He is fundamentally sincere, handling the Master like a teacher would.
Ever bright and proficient in artistic skills, should the Master request of it he would probably play an instrument and so forth.
However, his true nature is the outlaw who stretched all the way to Liang Shan Bo, a man who pursues freedom.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Subspecies Singularity I: Shinjuku[]

Yang Qing is a member of the Phantom Demon Alliance, fused with the Phantom Doppelganger. Before Chaldea's arrival, He killed Hassan of the Cursed Arm.[3]

In Barrel Tower, Baal informs his fellow Alliance members that Chaldea has sent Ritsuka into the Singularity. He hacked the Rayshift coordinates to make them fall, but it didn’t go so well. After Hessian Lobo leaves in a rage, Yan Qing asks Baal about his plan regarding the Alliance. If it was him, he’d kill Ritsuka before they can see it coming. Baal disappoints him by saying he’ll go third if Ritsuka survives the Phantom of the Opera and Hessian Lobo. He is unnerved by EMIYA Alter saying Phantoms are also brainwashing device. But even if he is brainwashed, he still honestly wants to kill Baal. After EMIYA Alter leaves, Baal admits to Yan Qing that he’s harder to deal with than the former. Yan Qing reconfirms that he honestly wants to kill him. Baal calls him simple yet bizarre that he can’t understand it, assuring him it’s a compliment.[4]

Disguised as Cursed Arm, Yan Qing arrives in Kabukicho after the Phantom and Christine have been killed. He stops EMIYA Alter from killing Ritsuka and James Moriarty, and convinces him to retreat. Afterwards, he returns with Ritsuka’s party back to their hideout.[5]

He reveals the Alliance’s objective is to destroy the planet, though Leonardo da Vinci finds that to be nonsense. He then “hears” someone skulking nearby, but Mash detected nothing. “Cursed Arm” however claims they concealed their presence, suspecting they’re an Assassin, and takes Ritsuka outside to look. There he removes his disguised and takes Ritsuka hostage, deciding it’d be more fun than killing them. Artoria Alter and Jeanne Alter arrive to stop him, but he dodges their attacks and escapes with Ritsuka. He repeatedly sends minions at the Alters to slow them long enough for him to escape. Artoria Alter soon exhausts herself after using Excalibur Morgan to destroy King Lear. Yan Qing takes this chance to escape with the now unconscious Ritsuka.[6]

He takes them to Barrel Tower, and once they wake up, he introduces them to Baal, the “Evil“ Moriarty. Baal offers to return them to Chaldea in exchange for Chaldea not interfering with him. They refuse, but he leaves to give them time to reconsider. Yan Qing then introduces Ritsuka to the imprisoned William Shakespeare, confirming he tortured the writer for a day until he agreed to created King Lears just recently. He decides to torture him more painfully next time, and requests he make Macbeth.[7]

Yan Qing later hosts a party for Shinjuku’s wealthy, appearing before them disguised as Artoria Alter guarded by Hornets. He commends them for financing the Alliance and leaves them to celebrate after a couple patrons thank him and the Hornets for removing such dangers as the Coloraturas. A Hornet asks him what he wants to do with the money they collected. Yan Qing says to use some to buy more food and drink, and use the rest to set up a store in Kabukicho. He also orders the Hornets to ensure people will never consider defying the Alliance. He then prepares to leave when a Hornet suggests they take a couple women with them. Yan Qing agrees and looks around when he notices Artoria Alter. Killing the Hornet who let her in, he orders more Hornets to be called in to kill Artoria Alter. He also orders them to make up some excuse to kick the sponsors out. Ritsuka’s party kills the Hornets, so Yan Qing sends in reinforcements, including Romeo and Juliet once he confirms the sponsors left. After Romeo and Juliet is destroyed, he joins the Hornets, disguised as one of them. Ritsuka shocks however him into revealing himself when they remove their disguise as part of Moriarty’s plan. Yan Qin reveals his True Name, and fights the group. Sensing that he’s going to lose, he activates a bomb under the building to collapse it, prompting the group to escape.[3]

He emerges from the rubble disguised as a civilian, along with a thug and a Hornet. Moriarty fatally shoots him after deducing with Sherlock Holmes which one he was. Confessing he has the memories of every person he changes into, Yan Qing wonders if he should’ve killed his lord so he could’ve died without being betrayed, with his heart still full of pride. He then disappears, asking what happened to his pride.[3]

Summer Event: Death Jail Summer Escape[]

Yan Qing is an inmate of Medb's prison kept in solitary confinement. The racers in Ishtar's race dig their way into his cell, requiring his ability to trick Quetzalcoatl into shutting down the Prison Field. But instead of greeting the racers as himself, Yan Qing fights them as Carmilla. Then, in the midst of it, he changes into Florence Nightingale. After being defeated as her, he decides to show his true self. He apologizes to the racers for attacking them like he did, as it's been so long since he had visitors that he couldn't help himself.  He agrees to disguise himself as Medb to trick Quetzalcoatl into disabling the Prison Field in exchange for fighting him. But Minamoto-no-Raikou has him sit in the corner and lectures him until he gets sore. Yan Qing then disguises himself as Medb and leaves for the courtyard.

He locates the Prison Field control device in Medb's statue when Quetzalcoatl catches him. Thinking she's none the wiser, Yan Qing as Medb declares a new environmentalist policy. Thus to save on energy and resource usage, he orders Quetzalcoatl to shut down the Prison Field. But Quetzalcoatl refuses as without the barrier, the prisoners will escape, none of whom have yet to reform. Yan Qing tries again and orders the Prison Field's strength to be reduced by half. But Quetzalcoatl points out that would increase the chances of escapees since prison security is almost entirely dependent on the Prison Field. She suggests, however, shutting down the Prison Field underground, considering it a waste of energy when the prisoners spend most of their time in their cells. She then asks Yan Qing to disguise himself as her and fight in her stead when the racers manage to escape. It isn't to deceive Medb but to trick Ishtar into believing Quetzalcoatl is gone. But for the plan to work, Yan Qing must die in Quetzalcoatl's place for real. Though reluctant at first, Yan Qing agrees with her request. Quetzalcoatl promises they'll spar the next time they meet. Yan Qing then returns to his cell and informs the racers that the Prison Field has been shut down underground.

Later, as per his deal with Quetzalcoatl, Yan Qing disguises himself as her to help Medb stop the racers from escaping. He then fulfills his promise when the racers kill him (thinking he's Quetzalcoatl) and Medb. He disappears, hoping he and Quetzalcoatl can face off next time.

Halloween Event: Halloween Strike! Devil's Building Climber[]

Yan Qing runs into Ritsuka and tells them he's noticed there are fewer Servants than usual. Ritsuka informs him that it's Halloween, so Elizabeth Bathory will be holding a concert. Yan Qing realizes most of the Servants have turned into spirit form to avoid listening to Elizabeth's nightmarish singing. As for the Servants that remained, they have vehemently refused to rayshift to Castle Csejte. Mash then arrives and informs Ritsuka that there will be trouble worse than Elizabeth's concert this Halloween. Ritsuka and Yan Qing then accompany her back to the control room.

Leonardo da Vinci informs them that there is yet another Singularity at Castle Csejte on Halloween. It is rapidly growing to massive proportions, faster than last Halloween. Chaldea has already received a distress signal, presumably sent by Elizabeth. Ritsuka, reluctantly, decides to go help her. Yan Qing decides to accompany them. The two are then rayshifted to Csejte.

Ritsuka and Yan Qing arrive in town, even though the rayshift coordinates were for the graveyard. Yan Qing then notices a girl fleeing from some knights. The girl bumps into Ritsuka, soon followed by Elizabeth who was also fleeing from the knights. After the knights are subdued, Elizabeth reveals her castle was stolen again. The girl then points to the Japanese castle on top of the pyramid; it is her stolen home, Himeji Castle. She introduces herself as Osakabehime and asks Ritsuka to retake her castle from Mecha Eli-chan, with Elizabeth asking the same for hers. Both give unbelievable stories about Mecha Eli-chan's arrival, though truthfully she appeared out of nowhere. Yan Qing doubts Mecha Eli-chan is a robot, but the princesses insist she is. Mecha Eli-chan herself then appears, confirming she is indeed a robot. She then gives the princesses another chance to surrender and show remorse for their sloven ways. If they do, she will show mercy by letting them repaint their castles as part of their one-year compulsory labor sentence. They refuse, so Mecha Eli-chan fires at Elizabeth, but Osakabehime defends her with her origami. The group fights Mecha El-chan to no avail. She leaves, telling the group they need to climb if they wish to reach Himeji Castle.

Ritsuka, Elizabeth, and Osakabehime fly up on her giant origami crane while Yan Qing climbs. They soon enter Castle Csejte to find the stairs to the upper floors are all blocked. They defeat Carmilla, but Wu Zetian has her retreat with her. After they leave, the group moves onto the pyramid.

In the pyramid, Ritsuka's party is confronted by Wu Zetian, Carmilla, and Cleopatra. After defeating them, Elizabeth asks Osakabehime if she’ll be able to remove her castle once they retake it. Osakabehime doesn’t know how it happened, though. Elizabeth figures they can find a Grail fragment to remove Himeji Castle. Yan Qing points out Grail fragments aren't so easily found though. But Mash informs him that the first Halloween debacle began when Elizabeth found a  Grail fragment in France.

Entering Himeji Castle, the group finds that Mecha Eli-chan has redecorated it. She explains the folding screen is a mural that depicts how unfit Elizabeth is to be Csjete’s ruler. She tries to destroy the group, primarily Elizabeth. The group nearly defeats her until she starts charging Breast Zero Erzsébet. Fortunately, they incapacitate her.

Afterward, Osakabehime shows the others her room, where she was keeping a Grail. Her wish was for her to stay in her room and never have to work forever. Himeji Castle was summoned into Csjete in response. She then uses the Grail to awaken the true guardian that sleeps beneath Castle Csjete. A giant Mecha Eli-chan appears; Mecha Eli-chan was its prototype. Osakabehime learned how to build them from a book James Moriarty lent her. She built them from parts she ordered from Amazoness.com, but she couldn’t control them. She then uses the Grail to call forth Mecha Eli-chan MkII, and orders her to expel the others from her castle. With the giant Mecha Eli-chan's support, she defeats Ritsuka's party. She tells them to go back to Chaldea, except for Elizabeth, for whom she has “special plans”. Elizabeth thinks "special plans" means losing her chastity. Mecha Eli-chan MKII then expels Ritsuka and Yan Qing from the castle on Osakabehime's order. Ritsuka and Yan Qing escape, however.

Taking Mecha Eli-chan with them, Ritsuka and Yan Qing escape the castle. Mecha Eli-chan confirms she is a terminal for the Guardian of Csejte made from parts that Osakabehime ordered online and the vestiges of Elizabeth's Heroic Spirit in Csejte. Her Servant Spirit Origin was established through Elisa Particles, which were caused by the Grail's usage in Csejte and Elizabeth's leaking magical energy from her fusing, splitting, and changing her Spirit Origin into a Caster and Saber. Da Vinci realizes the Singularity was caused by Csejte's perpetual Halloween and Oskabehime's scheming. Mecha Eli-chan then scolds Ritsuka to continue fighting and joins their side. Afterward, she says they should plan out their operation, for which a delivery will be arrive momentarily.

A moment later the group receive a delivery from Amazoness CEO. Amazoness CEO then notices Yan Qing is a man and goes berserk, forcing the group to fight her. Afterward, she calms down and reveals what she delivered were weapons, ammo, and other miscellaneous items. Carmilla and Wu Zetian then arrive, having escaped the castle before they were caught in the explosion caused by the Guardian of Cesjte's missile. Both of them agree to help stop Osakabehime, though Carmilla says Mecha Eli-chan needs a heart circuit before she can fight again. Ritsuka installs the heart circuit into Mecha Eli-chan, stabilizing her Spirit Origin and changing her class from Berserker to Alter Ego. Then, with Amazoness CEO also joining them, Ritsuka's party climb the castle.

Passing through Castle Csejte into the pyramid, the group fight Cleopatra, who seems to believe Carmilla and Wu Zetian are forming a new queen trio with Amazoness CEO. They defeat her and enter Himeji Castle, where they fight Halloween Knights seemingly under Osakabehime's control. Truthfully though, they were promised a raise and paid leave on Halloween to avoid Elizabeth's concert, so they were easy to defeat.

The group enters Osakabehime's room, but she isn't there. They search for a secret passage when they find Mecha Eli-chan's original heart circuit that Osakabehime removed. They soon find and pass through the secret passage. They soon catch up to Osakabehime, who had retreated from them earlier. She calls Mecha Eli-chan MkII for help, but the robot girl refuses. With no other choice, Osakabehime fights the group with the Guardian of Csejte. The group defeat her and use the same elevator she used to escape.

They arrive at the factory, where Mecha Eli-chan was built, and the Guardian of Csjete was modified. Osakabehime reveals she built it for mass producing Mecha Eli-chan MkII before Mecha Eli-chan went rogue. She then activates the mass-produced models and retreats into the reactor chamber. The group destroy them then follow after Osakabehime. There they find Mecha Eli-chan MkII with an imprisoned Elizabeth. Mecha Eli-chan MkII activates "Omni-Eli-izer" to absorb everyone's magical energy (including Osakabehime) and convert it into Elisa Particles. Mecha Eli-chan however divides her energy among everyone so they can move again. The group struggle against Mecha Eli-chan MkII until Elizabeth's oddly beautiful singing weakens her. Invigorated by Elizabeth's singing, the group defeat Mecha Eli-chan MkII. Ritsuka installs a heart circuit in her, then frees Elizabeth. After Ritsuka decides to return to Chaldea with one of the Mecha Eli-chans, the reactor goes into overload. Everyone gets ready to escape, but Osakabehime stays behind to contain the blast with her Noble Phantasm, along with Elizabeth.

The group escape the castle before reactor core explodes. Fortunately, the Elisa Particle density was low enough that only the reactor chamber was destroyed. The group seem to believe Elizabeth and Osakabehime perished.. The princesses survived, however, thanks to Elizabeth's Noble Phantasm. Osakabehime wants to disappear with the Singularity to make amend, but Ritsuka and Elizabeth convince her to join Chaldea instead. Afterward, everyone returns to Chaldea.

Summer Event: Servant Summer Festival![]

During a cookout, Yan Qing and Alexander notice that Ushiwakamaru is upset about something and offer to help. After hearing Medb’s contest is rigged in her favor, Yan Qing tells Ushiwakamaru that it’d be pointless for him to disguise as the Celtic queen to change her contest to something more fair. Ushiwakamaru understands this, knowing unless Medb herself admits defeat, her accomplices would twist the situation to her advantage. Alexander calls on El-Melloi II to devise a strategy. El-Melloi II devises a plan to use Medb’s popularity against her, for which Yan Qing will be key.

On the day before ServantFes, as per El-Melloi II’s plan, Yan Qing disguises himself as Medb while the real one is distracted with signing autographs at Waikiki Street. He tells Medb’s men that “she” is changing the contest into a beach volleyball match, saying “she” must prove “she” is the strongest not just the most beautiful. He is successful in changing the contest’s nature and reports it to El-Melloi II and Ritsuka’s party.


He is a user of Zhong Guo Quan Fa, following Li Shuwen. In the case of being summoned in another class, he would also uses crossbow and so forth.

Prior to the arrival of Chaldea at the Shinjuku Singularity, he defeated and killed Hassan of the Cursed Arm.

Class Skills[]

  • Presence Concealment (C Rank): Suppresses one's presence as a Servant. A Skill suitable for covert action. However, as he moves into preparations for offense, the rank of this skill drops considerably.[2]

Personal Skills[]

  • Chinese Boxing (EX(A+++) Rank): A Chinese Martial Arts style utilized by Yan Qing. The value of how much one persists in the martial arts that made becoming one with the universe its purpose. The degree of difficulty in acquiring it is of the highest level, and unlike other Skills, A rank is the level where one can say to have finally “learned it”. He has no tangible episode of quan fa in the original “Shui Hu Zhuan”; however, he is believed to be the originator of various existing quan fa. (Turning a fine fellow of legend into the originator of quan fa is itself a kind of legend.)[2]
  • Espionage (A Rank): The ability capable of infiltrating enemy’s organization as well as gaining powerful trust. If not even his name is known to the enemy’s side, he is able to put informations through illegal channels with no trouble at all.[2]
  • Skillful Star (A+ Rank): A skill denoting Yan Qing as one of the 108 Stars of Destiny, who were reborn as heroes. Because of his past incarnation as a demonic overlord, he was born with a calamitous karmic burden. Yan Qing was the Skillful Star, who excelled at the exquisite.[1][2]
  • Doppelgänger (EX Rank): A phantom installed in the manner of a formalwear. A transformation Skill by means of exceedingly diluting his “self”. While it is possible to copy a part of Skills, the same is impossible for Noble Phantasms. Originally it is an ability on the class of Noble Phantasm with the potential of perfect imitation; however, there is the fact that Yan Qing himself slightly avoids it, making it settle on a lower rank. If he ends up accepting it, it would probably be a high grade ability which alters his form unrestricted.[2]

Noble Phantasm[]

Yan Qing's Noble Phantasm is Ambushed from Ten Sides - As If There Was No Shadow.[1][2]


Shimaudon is the character designer for Yan Qing.[1]


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    [v] Fate/Grand Order - Yan Qing (Assassin) Profile [T]

    Yan Qing - Assassin

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Shimaudon
    Voice Actor: Nobuhiko Okamoto

    Strength: B
    Endurance: D
    Agility: A+
    Mana: D
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: D

    Personal Skills
    Chinese Boxing: EX
    Espionage: A
    Skillful Star: A+

    Class Skills
    Presence Concealment: D
    Scoundrel: A

    Noble Phantasm
    Ambush from Ten Sides - As if Shadowless
    Rank: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
    Type: A

    A star in the firmament, and a rascal in the land.
    The man who was supposed to be just an illusion was generated together with his kenpou(1).
    Well then, who am I!?

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 171cm・63kg
    Source: Water Margin
    Region: China
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil  Gender: Male
    The star that he was burdened with is the Skillful Star

    Level 2 Bond
    Yan Qing is one of the ruffians introduced in the later-half of the Water Margin - a story that depicted the chivalrous thieves of Mt Liang, and one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. Despite his small build, he has a handsome countenance, outstanding martial skills and exceled in performance with musical instruments. Joined the band of Mt Liang together with his lord, Lu Junyi.

    Level 3 Bond
    Naturally, he is a fictitious existence, but even in places far removed from the Water Margin, his name became well known as the founder of the Yanqingquan - a school of Chinese kenpou.
    Of course, the whole founder thing was just a deception, but to push up a famous ruffian as the founder of a kenpou also held the nuance of adding value to it.(2)

    Level 4 Bond

    • Skillful Star: A+

    One of those who are the reincarnations of the 108 stars said to bring misfortune.
    A reborn demonic star, he is burdened with calamity and karma since his birth.
    Yan Qing is the Skillful Star, which is extremely outstanding in being elaborate.

    Level 5 Bond
    "Ambush from Ten Sides - As if Shadowless"
    Rank: A  Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
    Range: 1~3  Max Targets: 1 person
    Shi Mian Mai Fu(3).
    A clone(4) strike by means of the Yanqingquan’s peculiar movement techniques.
    Although it has not reached the level of Magic, in the eyes of third party this would look like a combo by means of high-speed movement that simply cannot be grasped.
    Such style was indeed a state in which not even a shadow would be projected on the ground, or something.


    (1) roughly “pugilism”

    (2) basically, it is just like modern day propaganda: you establish a connection between a product to someone famous in order to boost its appeal to the masses.

    (3) roughly “ambush from ten sides”

    (4) it pains me to say, but this really is just like that ability from Naruto

    燕青 - アサシン



    中国拳法 EX
    諜報 A
    天巧星 A+

    気配遮断 D
    無頼漢 A

    十面埋伏・無影の如く(じゅうめんまいふく むえいのごとく)


    属性:混沌・悪  性別:男性




    ランク:A  種別:対人宝具
    レンジ:1~3  最大補足:1人


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