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« This arrow from my grave... A blessing of the forest... Which becomes a poison to tyrannical regimes."
"Poisonous blood, emerge boiling from the deep green!"
"The Wise Man's Yew Bow, be known as the sacrament of the druid――― »

(Archer, Fate/EXTRA)

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« One order, coming right up!"
"This arrow from my grave..."
"Tree of burial, hone your fangs."
"Yew Bow! »

(Archer, Fate/Grand Order)

Yew Bow: The Bow of Prayer (祈りの弓(イー・バウ), Inori no Yumi(Ī Bau)?) is a crossbow made from the wood of one of the Yew trees from Sherwood Forest, which Robin Hood used as his base of operations. He makes use of it as a regular bow to shoot arrows and utilizes poison arrows to poison his targets. Also his trump card, once the bow's name is invoked, it has the ability to instantaneously amplify and surge out any impurities stockpiled in the target's stomach, such as poison and diseases. If the target is poisoned for example, it will make that poison explode like gunpowder, dealing extreme damage close to a lethal dose of poison.[3][4] If invoked in the situation the target is poisoned, it strengthens the current poison already afflicting the target, increasing the poison damage in addition to extending the effect of poison by another turn, while adding the even deadlier poison of the Yew tree to stack on top of that.[2]

The bow can materialize a number of roots that swarm around the target and take the form of a tree that subsequently bursts and withers. His Yew Bow houses ultra-nature powers such as the extremely strong poison from the Yew tree, and the ability to reproduce Sherwood Forest.[4] Besides being simply a weapon effect, it is possible to dye the surroundings with the poison of the Yew tree with an arrow fired and pierced onto the ground acting as the origin, turning the area into a space of poison.[2]

The Yew Bow's Noble Phantasm projectile is not an arrow, but rather an explosion trigger for the impurities within the target's body. It does not have to pierce through the body, it just has to at least touch it. Even if the target deflects the projectile, they will still explode. However, Robin Hood cannot use both the Yew Bow and No Face May King at the same time.[5]

The act of making a bow from a Yew, which are holy arbor for the Celts and in Northern Europe, in the Forest of Sherwood has ceremonial connotations of "becoming one with this forest." It is said that the Yew is a tree that leads to the world of the dead, and Robin Hood, perhaps knowing of that, said "I want to be buried at the place where this arrow drops" before firing an arrow at the end of his life. The arrow hit the root of a Yew tree as was expected, and accordingly to his wishes, he was buried by the side of the big tree along with his beloved partner.[3][4] It was by this sequence of events that his bow made from only the wood of a Yew tree came to be imbued with enough power to be used as a Noble Phantasm.[4] In Fate/EXTELLA LINK, it is shown to have a grenade and rapid-fire cartridge attachments.

Development[edit | edit source]

huke is the weapon designer for Yew Bow.

References[edit | edit source]

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    • Master: Dan Blackmore
    • Identity: Robin Hood
    • Gender: Male
    • Height, Weight: 175cm/65kg
    • Alignment:Neutral Good
    • Strength: C
    • Endurance: C
    • Agility: B
    • Mana: B
    • Luck: B
    • Noble Phantasm: D

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: D
    Independent Action: A

    Personal skills
    Subversive Activities: A

    Noble Phantasm
    Yew Bow: The Bow of Prayer
    Rank: D
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 4 ~ 10
    Maximum number of targets: 1 Person


    • マスター:ダン・ブラックモア
    • 真名:ロビンフッド
    • 性別:男性
    • 身長・体重:175cm/65kg
    • 属性:中庸・善
    • 筋力:C
    • 耐久:C
    • 敏捷:C
    • 魔力:B
    • 幸運:B
    • 宝具:D






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    Class: Archer
    Master: Dan Blackmore
    True Name: Robin Hood
    Noble Phantasm: Yew Bow: Holy Bow of Supplication
    Keyword: Sherwood Forest, Faceless King
    Strength: C, Defense: C, Agility: B, Magic: B, Luck: B
    Anti-Magic: D, Independence: A+, Subversion: EX


    01 - Yew Bow: Holy Bow of Supplication
    The wood used to make the yew bow wielded by this Servant was taken from a specific tree located in the forest he used as his base of operations. It has the power to identify and amplify any impurities (both physical and mental), causing them to explode with incredible force.

    Yew trees have many mystical and religious connotations attributed to them by Celtic beliefs, and the act of making bow from the wood of a yew was seen a contract to "become one with the forest." It was also believed the yew trees served as a signpost for the deceased to guide them to the afterlife. It was this connection between the yew and death that caused this Servant to remark that he wanted to be buried where his final arrow fell. To nobody's surprise, it landed at the foot of the yew tree where he first got the wood to make his bow.

    02 - Sherwood Forest
    In the distant past, it was the forest said to be the place where a famous chivalrous thief fought against the tyrant John, Richard the Lionheart's younger brother and ruler in absentia while Richard was away on the Crusades. It is also a forest that, according to Druid beliefs, is where fairies dwell.

    03 - Faceless King
    A king without form who, according to the Celtic tradition, appears in the May Day Festival that follows the Festival of Beltane. He is also seen as a personification of nature who used copious amounts of green and brown in his clothing in order to completely blend in with his surroundings.

    01 - 祈りの弓(イー・バウ)


    02 - シャーウッドの森

    03 - 顔のない王


    Anti-Magic [D]
    Cancels single-action spells.
    It also bestows magical resistance equal to that normally provided by a physical talisman such as an amulet.

    Independence [A+]
    This ability allows him to remain independent by rejecting any kind of support from his Master.
    When this skill reaches rank A, he can remain in the world for a full week, even if his Master were to be defeated.

    Subversion [A]
    This skill allows one to seriously reduce their enemy's might before facing them in battle.
    It is an ability used by those who mastered the art of setting traps.
    Upon achieving an A rank in this skill, one can disable almost 60% of their enemy's forces before they get the chance to advance.
    However, the higher the ranking of this skill, the lower one's reputation as a hero becomes.





    01 - Character Background
    While the origins of the legend of the chivalrous thief who dwelt in the Sherwood Forest are a subject of consent and spirited debate, it is generally acknowledged that there was an actual person who held the name Robin Hood and that he died at the hands of his aunt, the prioress of Kirklees, who is believed to have bleed him to death in his guise of administering aid for his wounds. However, many of the exploits attributed to him are a curious amalgamation of Celtic, Greek, and Druid mythologies.

    One of the persistent of the Robin Hood legends identifies him as a faceless hero who was born from the prayers of the British Isles. Weary of the seemingly endless incursions and invasions of their country, they asked the heavens for someone to fight off the foreign invaders. A concurrent legend pegs Robin Hood as a representation of the "Green Man", a spirit of the woods who would carry out the actions and deeds that the common layperson could not. It was this belief that transformed the name into a title assumed by a number of nameless, faceless heroes who took up the mantle of protecting the people.

    Those who assume the identity of Robin Hood tend to be very conflicted young men. Incredibly virtuous and honorable, yet always working out of the shadows like an assassin or thief , there seems to be slight tinge of cowardice to their makeup. To cover the self-loathing that also seems to be part of every Robin Hood's personality, they all uniformly adopt a somewhat combative and derisive attitude. And though every person to adopt the Robin Hood persona truly values life above all else, they have little appreciations for their own.

    Like the original Robin Hood, he is under the protection of the fairies and is well-versed in the archaic lore of the Druids. And like all "defender of the forest" his knowledge of naturally occurring medicines and poisons is seconds to none.

    02 - "Robin Hood"
    Just one of the many young men to take up the title, this particular incarnation was a virtual outcast, living on the fringes of the village located near the spot where his parents had died. Almost against his will, he was caught up in a battle to repel and attack by a nearby lord's army and successfully led those who fought by his side to victory. As he never identified himself during the course of the fight, he was referred to as the mythical "Green Man" by the villagers he had helped save.

    The only child of a wandering Druid, he was orphaned at a very young age when both of his parents died suddenly. As the son of a Druid, he instinctively knew how to survive in the forest and was able to communicate with the spirits known as fairies. It was this ability that made him an outcast in his village, as the villagers were suspicious of his powers and accused him of being possessed. Although the villagers held no love for him, nor he for them, he felt obligated to help them in any way he could.

    With his successes against the tyranny of the local lords to spur him on and the hopes and wishes of the villagers pinned to his deeds, he took up the bow and mantle and became the latest incarnation of Robin Hood. And like those who came before him, he dresses in clothes of Lincoln green, armed himself with a bow of yew and surrounded his identity and true self for the good of others.

    However, no good deed goes unpunished, and the villagers quickly turned on him in hopes of channeling the anger of the local nobility away from themselves and on to this mysterious rogue who rampaged through the forest, claiming that they had no knowledge of who he was nor did they ever claim to be thankful for his help in preserving the village. Even though the people he vowed to help turned on him, he continued to protect and assist them from the shadows. With every poisoning, every ambush, his reputation as a coward and criminal grew, despite his honorable intentions.

    After two years of almost constant fighting, he was eventually betrayed and assassinated by one of the local lords whose ire he had raised. It was this young man, who fought so that others could lead the quiet life he dreamed of, that joined the ranks of Legendary Souls found worthy in the Holy Grail Wars.

    01 - 人物背景:






    02 - 『ロビンフッド』
















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    The Bow of Prayer [Noble Phantasm]
    Yew Bow.
    This is Green Archer’s anti-unit Noble Phantasm.
    It was made from the wood of a yew tree in Sherwood Forest, which is the forest Robin Hood uses as a base of operations.
    It is both his regular bow, and his trump card.
    If you are hit by this bow while poisoned you will suffer extreme damage. Make sure you don’t forget to be well equipped with poison antidotes before you fight Green Archer.
    Yew trees are holy to the Celts and Northern Europeans, and the creating a bow from a Sherwood yew tree is a symbolic ritual for becoming one with the forest.
    Yew trees are considered to be connected to the underworld. Robin Hood knew of this special characteristic, and towards the end of his years he declared, “I want to be buried where this arrow falls” and then loosed an arrow into the forest. The arrow pierced the base of a yew tree, and that is where Robin Hood is said to have been buried. It was by this sequence of events that his bow made from only the wood of a yew tree came to be imbued with enough power to be used as a Noble Phantasm.
    His yew bow houses ultra-nature powers such as the extremely strong poison from the yew tree, and the ability to reproduce Sherwood Forest.


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