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« I'll begin with a Samba's step! A finish with a Present Slam from the top rope! Yucatán Regalo de Navidad~!! Merry~ Christmas! »


Yucatán Regalo de Navidad: Delivering Love to Children on the Holy Night (愛、聖夜に子供達へ届け
, Ai, Seiya ni Kodomodachi e Todoke
Yukatan Regāro de Navida
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Quetzalcoatl as Santa Claus.

"What is that?" "A star!" "A colony!"
"No, it's a Christmas present!"

A full power present-giving move from Quetzalcoatl, who have turned into a Santa Claus. Regalo de Navidad is Spanish for "Christmas present". Also knows as the Yucatan-style present slam.

Maybe due the fact that she was overflowing with a sense of freedom derived from the rhythm​ of samba upon releasing it, but what falls down are mostly giant presents of outrageous sizes. Its impact is a close resemblance to that of the giant meteorite that supposedly fell in the Yucatan peninsula―――which is regarded as the roots of her divinity. Of course, her present does not pack something that eradicated the dinosaurs, but something that makes children overjoy. Since the children who watch this become overjoyed even if the ring is filled with villains (rudos), in the end, this Noble Phantasm exists only for the sake of making children smile.

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