Yvette L. Lehrman (イヴェット・L・レーマン, Ivetto L. Rēman?) is one of the people involved in the Mystic Eyes Collection Train incident of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.[3] She is a student of the El-Melloi Classroom under Lord El-Melloi II and is a self-professed spy of the Neutral Faction of the Clock Tower.



Yvette is the daughter of the Lehrman family, a distiguished family[4] who specializes in Mystic Eyes.[5] When she first met Lord El-Melloi II, she immediately told him she was a spy for the Meluasteas.[6]


One of the many girls who wants to become Lord El-Melloi II's mistress, much to his annoyance. She is not above openly flirting with him in class or in public. However, her disappointment at her inability to get a rise out of Gray suggests Yvette may behave this way because she enjoys the reactions she elicits in others.


Yvette's appearance can be summed up as outrageous, much like her personality. A girl of around 16, her pink hair with purple tips and taste in sweet lolita fashion makes her stand out physically in the El-Melloi Class. Her star-shaped eyepatch covers a gem, which is an artificial Mystic Eye, in place of her right eye. The gem is malacite, but changes depending on the Mystic Eye ability she is using.


Lord El-Melloi II Case Files[]

case. Mystic Eyes collection train[]

Yvette fighting alongside Gray, Karabo, and Melvin.

Yvette first introduces herself to Gray, having just had her application to transfer from the Department of Mineralogy to the El-Melloi Classroom approved. She teases Lord El-Melloi II over building a "harem" with her, Gray, and Reines El-Melloi Archisorte, and being the number four sought after man in the Clock Tower.[1] Later, Lord El-Melloi II reveals to Gray that she is a spy.[6]

Due to Yvette's family specializing in the creation of artificial Mystic Eyes, they are regular attendees of the Mystic Eyes auction of the Rail Zeppelin. Discovering Lord El-Melloi II and his entourage aboard, she is dismayed that he did not ask for her help, only for her teacher to scold her for her poor grades.[7] Nevertheless, Yvette helps explain the existence of a dozen or so free invitations that are handed to regular attendees to prevent the auction from becoming too routine, adding to the mystery of who sent El-Melloi II such an invitation.

When the train is sabotaged and diverted into a Child of Einnashe, Yvette is the only mage who does not barricade herself in her room and is willing to cooperate with Karabo Frampton in an attempt to restore the leyline to return functionality to the Rail Zeppelin. They, with Rodin, intended to approach El-Melloi II for help, but as he is incapacitated following the fight with Hephaestion, they instead enlist the help of Gray and Melvin Weins. Yvette is shocked to realize Melvin's identity as a famous Magic Crest Tuner, and reacts in ecstasy when he empowers her and Gray's Magic Circuits prior to venturing out of the train.[8]

While Gray is eventually left behind as she confronts Hephaestion, the others continue with their mission to reactivate the leyline using Karabo's Black Keys. Yvette fights by using her artificial Mystic Eye to set fire to the agitated vegetation around them, as well as to locate focal spots of magical energy for Karabo to place his keys.[9] After activating three spots, the Rail Zeppelin regains its facilities, and so they hurry back, only to discover that Gray is still missing.[10]

case. Grand Roll[]

Yvette and Gray fighting the Chimera.

While Lord El-Melloi II is in hiding for his investigation into what Heartless is planning, he tasked Yvette through Gray to gather information on the Department of Modern Magecraft and the Clock Tower up to about a hundred years ago, figuring he wouldn't be able to hide anything from Yvette's eye. She accomplishes her task, giving a copy of the documents to the Meluastea Faction as their spy, and saves Gray by hiding her from the other El-Melloi Classroom students, who are trying to find out where Lord El-Melloi II hid. She gives Gray the documents, and Gray tells her about the upcoming Grand Roll and Heartless' plan likely coming to fruition being the reason why El-Melloi II took a leave of absence.[11]

Later, Yvette manages to find the hotel room when El-Melloi II and the others are holed up, informing him that the Neutral Faction, including the Meluasteas, will not be attending the Grand Roll. She also gives him the news of Atrum Galliasta having died in Japan.[12]

Having invited herself,[12] Yvette accompanies Gray and Lord El-Melloi II to their meeting with the Secret Autopsy Division. Once there, Yvette and Gray have a brief fight with a Chimera that escaped the Spiritual Tomb of Albion, with Yvette using her Mystic Eye of Flame in battle. The beast is eventually defeated by Calugh Ithred and Asheara Mystras, two of Heartless' students and technically her "senpai", and Yvette takes part in their meeting with El-Melloi II.[13]

After the meeting ends and they leave, she informs her teacher that, thanks to her Mystic Eye of Emotion Sight, she has seen that, while the two did not lie, they did know something about the disappearances of their former teammates. Yvette ends up at Lord El-Melloi II's meeting with the representatives of the Aristocratic Faction, Rufleus Nuada-Re Eulyphis and Olga Marie Animusphere.[14] She does not talk, only whispering to Gray that Lord Eulyphis lied when he said he never hid anything about the Grand Roll to Lord El-Melloi II. After the Aristocratic Faction leaves, El-Melloi II sends her home.[15]

Fate/strange Fake[]

The El-Melloi class in Fate/strange Fake.

Yvette is one of the representatives of the El-Melloi Classroom who travel to Snowfield during the True and False Holy Grail Wars after the death of Flat Escardos and the emergence of Thia Escardos. While the rest of the El-Melloi Classroom were granted a Command Spell by Verner, she was excluded as a liability that would betray them whenever she found it funny.[4]


Yvette's family is able to cut gems and turn them into artificial Mystic Eyes, extremely close to natural ones.[4] She has a number of Mystic Eyes of her own, fashioned from precious stones, which she can swap out.[5] Within the original novels, she removes them with her fingers, but instead uses magecraft to change them in the anime adaptation.[16]

  • Malachite - functions as a Mystic Eye of Emotion Sight (感情視, Kanjoshi?), allowing her to see the current emotion and feeling of someone within her line of sight.[17]
  • Ruby - a Mystic Eye of Flame (炎焼, Enshō?), allows her to cast a spontaneous combustion spell by sight.[9]
  • Iolite - strengthens her ability to detect and see magical energy, including locating and seeing leylines.[9]

Yvette has modified her brain extensively to render it flexible enough to use various artificial Mystic Eyes; it is a miracle that she has kept her sanity and personality. Practically speaking, in order to use her eight varieties of Mystic Eyes, the number of times her brain had been tampered with approaches seven times that. That being the case, the fact she has managed to maintain any sort of stable personality is a testament to her genius.[5]


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    • Birthday: May 13
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    • Weight: 51kg
    • Likes: Someone who can be fooled
    • Dislikes: Someone who can't be fooled
    • Day of Their Decisive Battle: Masquerade
    • Magecraft System: Jewel cutting for artificial Mystic Eyes. Gematria to manufacture both the artificial Mystic Eyes and the host
    • Circuit Quality: B
    • Circuit Quantity: C
    • Circuit Composition: Normal

    Comment from Makoto Sanda


    • 生日: 5月13日
    • 身長: 157cm
    • 体重: 51kg
    • 好きな物: 騙されてくれる相手
    • 嫌いな物: 顔されてくれない相手
    • 決戦の地: 仮面舞踏会
    • 魔術系統: 宝石のカッティングによる人工魔眼。ゲマトリアなどで人工魔眼と宿主双方を加工している
    • 魔術回路 / 質: B
    • 魔術回路 / 量: C
    • 魔術回路 / 編成: 正常

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    Though she is capable of activating various types of Mystic Eyes, that effectively means her brain must create an equal number of pathways through which to activate them. Practically speaking, in order to use her eight varieties of Mystic Eyes, the number of times her brain had been tampered with approaches seven times that. That being the case, the fact she has managed to maintain any sort of stable personality is a testament to her genius.
    In developing plans for Rail Zeppelin, it was obvious that someone specialized in Mystic Eyes would be necessary for the setting, but even so she worked well for it. Being a spy for the Neutralist Meluastea faction, a lover of honey traps, with an eyepatch that looked like it was stolen from some anime, she is overflowing with character. Despite that, she seemed to have a strange sense of unity and robustness, to the point even the author had difficulty pinpointing where her true nature stopped and where the acting began.
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