Zouken Matou (間桐 臓硯, Matō Zōken?) is the Master of True Assassin in the Fifth Holy Grail War of Fate/stay night's Heaven's Feel scenario. Head of the Matou family, he is the "grandfather" of Shinji Matou and Sakura Matou.



Originally known as Makiri Zolgen (マキリ・ゾォルケン, Makiri Zoruken?), he was the patriarch of the Zolgen family five hundred years before the Fifth Holy Grail War. They were a noble family that originated in KyivWP, later driven out of their homeland.[2][5] The family later became known as Makiri when he changed his name to Zouken Makiri (マキリ臓硯, Makiri Zouken?). The family gained ties to both the Einzbern and Tohsaka families through his friendship with Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern and Nagato Tohsaka, and he had enough of a relationship with Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg to be considered a potential inheritor of the Jeweled Sword of Zelretch if not for Zelretch appraising the family as fundamentally evil.[6] Zouken knew Leonardo da Vinci and Paracelsus von Hohenheim in life.

Zouken had the dream of creating a utopia, having pursued it since he was around two hundred years old. He wanted to eliminate and cure all hatred and suffering. He felt grief upon finding that "paradise" did not exist in the world and its creation was impossible with a human body, and he instead wished to go to a place where it could be accomplished. Humanity has set limits, so he wished for it to go outside the spiral of the brain and the limits of the body to reach the infinity called the soul. Obtaining all creation and knowledge where no human can reach, it was not to make a new world, but to change his human life.[7]

He sought the Holy Grail to be reborn and reach the ideal utopia, the unimaginable land. With a miracle beyond human reach, he sought to eliminate all of the evils of the world, risking his life for an ideal that could not be fulfilled. Though his enemies died, he kept seeking it despite knowing it was meaningless. He believed it was his reason to exist, all while hoping that his existence would bring about a successor. In order to overthrow his youthful anguish, he came up with that answer even if his life should not be compensated.[7]

He was around three hundred years old as of the establishment of the Holy Grail War to fulfill his dream along with the Tohsaka and Einzbern families. He moved his family to Japan under the name Matou, and while it was to hide the family's identity, they needed something tying into their real name and used a play on words. Zouken proposed the system of "Master" and "Servant",[8] while Nagato provided his property Fuyuki City and Justeaze developed the Heaven's Feel system, offered the homunculi vessels for the Grail, and became the core of the Great Grail. Justeaze utilized her own body to become the magic circuit of the Grail.

At the time, Zouken admired and loved her deeply, and was devastated to see her sacrifice. He had decided to ensure that her sacrifice would not be in vain by keeping himself alive long enough to witness the moment the Grail becomes completed and reaches the gate. However, as the time went on, the frustration due to the incomplete Grail and the deterioration of his body over such long period had slowly caused him to forget his original intention, and had left him only the abnormal obsession about obtaining immortality.

Shrewd, powerful, and ancient, he is known as the grandfather of Shinji and Sakura and the father of Kariya and his brother Byakuya[9][10] To conceal his status as the Matous' ancestor, he masquerades as a relative to his descendants, though some members of his family have long suspected he is much older than he appears given how Zouken's name has repeatedly appeared in the family tree. He has amassed a large and extensive library of sorcerous knowledge, yet his lessons are strict and harsh. Zouken considers Shinji to be a disgrace of a sorcerer, and believes Sakura may have more potential than her brother.

Because the Matou blood has thinned and no longer produces heirs naturally capable of sorcery, Shinji was incapable of becoming a true sorcerer so Zouken offered to adopt Tohsaka Sakura into the Matou when her father, Tokiomi, decided to train only his older daughter, Rin, to become his successor. Sakura was implanted with Zouken's magical worms to prepare her as a vessel for Angra Mainyu in the fifth Holy Grail War.


In his youth, Zouken was a pale, but handsome man who possessed red eyes and the same blue hair as Byakuya and Shinji. In his current, old appearance, Zouken is completely bald and hunched over, making him shorter than even his grandchildren. He wears plain robes and is often depicted with a walking stick.


Zouken is a shrewd old man with plenty of knowledge on magecraft due to the several centuries he has been alive. He is shown to be strict and harsh in the training of magi within his family and is becoming increasingly frustrated with the thinning bloodline of the Matou family preventing the birth of any natural-born magi.

Originally an idealistic young man, Zouken became cynical and ruthless as the years passed. He holds no affection for anyone apart from himself, happily manipulating and disposing members of his own family while laughing heartily. This paints Zouken as another example of idealism being corrupted by time and failure. Ironically, this makes him a shadow archtype to both Shirou and Kiritsugu Emiya, someone who stubbornly chases after an impossible goal. However, being a typical mage, he toyed with things beyond his control, leading to unexpected betrayal. Despite his age and experience, Zouken feared death and sought immortality for a higher forgotten purpose. In the Heaven's Feel route, he remembered that purpose was the salvation of mankind. The loss of the woman he loved. All he could do after being reminded of it was accept his death with dignity.



In Fate/Zero, Zouken adopted Sakura Tohsaka into the Matou family approximately one year before the Fourth Holy Grail War after requesting Sakura's father Tokiomi for one of his daughters to become the heir to the Matou family. A few days after her adoption, Kariya Matou returns to Fuyuki City to visit his childhood friend Aoi Tohsaka and her two daughters and is horrified to learn that Aoi's younger daughter has been sent to the Matou family. Kariya, who had previously left the Matou family ten years prior to the 4th Holy Grail War out of disgust for his own family, confronts Zouken over the girl's adoption and learns that Sakura has already been subjected to the brutal training required to learn the Matou family's magecraft.[11]

Disappointed with the lack of sorceric potential in Shinji and Byakuya, Shinji's father, Zouken blames Kariya for allowing the Matou's magical lineage decline since Kariya is the first in many generations to be naturally capable of sorcery. However, Kariya formulates a deal with Zouken where should Kariya obtain the Holy Grail, Zouken must allow Sakura to return to her family. Due to his lack of formal training, Kariya is implanted with the same magical worms as Sakura.[12] However, Zouken does not truly expect Kariya to succeed, merely accepting Kariya's bargain on the whim that Kariya surpasses his expectations.

Normally he observes the Holy Grail War from a distance,[12] but when Kirei Kotomine rescued Kariya and returned him to the Matou mansion, Zouken was intrigued by his action and later kept a close eye on him. Zouken uses his worms to heal Kariya's external injuries, and admits to Kariya that he surpassed his expectation on survival and gifted him a Crest Worm as a fatherly gift. The crest worm gave Kariya more magical energy boost, he revealed that the crest worm was the same worm that claimed Sakura's virginity. As Kariya cries and becomes disgusted by his statement, Zouken enjoys his suffering.

Towards the end of the war, Zouken lurks in the shadows while observing Kariya successfully abducting Irisviel von Einzbern and handing her to Kirei. During this fateful meeting, Zouken reveals to Kotomine that he has enjoyed watching Kariya's suffering and knows that Kariya's chance of winning is zero. When he goes on to comment to Kirei that they have the same scent, an aggravated Kotomine throws his black keys at him. Zouken disappears, remarking that they will meet again and he expects to witness Kirei's development.

At the end of the Fourth War, Zouken acquired the fragments of the destroyed Grail. He combined the fragments with his Crest worms, which he put inside Sakura's body. Though she was incomplete, this turned her into a second Lesser Grail.[13]

Fate/stay night[]

Zouken only appears in the Heaven's Feel route, so his fate in the Fate route and Unlimited Blade Works route is unknown. Zouken's original intentions are to wait until the next Holy Grail War to make his bid to win the Grail, only taking action in Heaven's Feel due to noticing Sakura's attraction to Shirou as a means of furthering her development as a Lesser Grail.

Heaven's Feel[]

Zouken is first encountered when Shirou walks Sakura back to her home and is greeted by Zouken.

After witnessing Rider lose to Saber, enraged at Shinji's incompetence as a Master, as well as noticing Shirou's potential in stirring Sakura's emotions to develop the Black Grail, Zouken summons True Assassin from the body of Assassin and becomes a Master in the 5th Holy Grail War. Using Sakura as a vessel for Angra Mainyu, the dark spirit that resides within the Holy Grail, he sets out with True Assassin to eliminate the other Masters and Servants.

Once Caster has been defeated by Saber and devoured by the Shadow, Zouken uses his worms to reanimate Caster's corpse. Zouken and "Caster" are confronted by Rin and Archer sometime later. Zouken is nearly killed by Archer while Saber dispatches the remains of Caster. Only by the appearance of the Shadow does Zouken gain the opportunity to flee the scene. To recover from his injuries, Zouken devours a woman using his worms.

Zouken and True Assassin confront Shirou and Saber respectively at Ryuudou Temple. Once True Assassin has tricked Saber into being swallowed by the Shadow, he rejoins Zouken, who orders him to kill Shirou before departing. True Assassin fails due to the intervention of Rider.

Zouken attacks the Einzbern castle with the help of True Assassin and Saber Alter. The Shadow also joins them and devours Berserker.

Sakura soon gives into her dark side and Zouken loses control over her and his plans to acquire the Holy Grail. He is subsequently killed when Kirei Kotomine exorcises his body[14] and Sakura destroys the remaining remnant of his heart.[15]

However, Zouken's presence still remains. As the final battle for the Grail ensues, the last remaining worm of Zouken attempts to reach the Grail, before being interrupted by Illyasviel von Einzbern in her Dress of Heaven. This prompts the long-buried memory in Zouken, and why he has stayed alive for so long. Seeing Ilya in the Dress of Heaven, just like Justeaze 300 years ago, reminds him of everything, and Zouken finally accepts his end.[7]

Fate/hollow ataraxia[]

In Fate/hollow ataraxia, Zouken is alive alongside Shinji and has a minor relevance. It is eventually revealed that Sakura assumed control of the Matou household, and both Zouken and Shinji are terrified of her.[16]

Fate/Grand Order[]

Fourth Singularity: London[]

Commanded by Solomon, Makiri, Paracelsus von Hohenheim, and Charles Babbage join together to destroy the era regardless of their lamentations towards the incineration of humanity.[17] They invaded the Clock Tower through its entrance in the British Museum, which was destroyed in the process, and kill all the mages there to remove any opposition.[18] After his group created a chamber deeper underground, Babbage constructed a massive steam engine dubbed Angrboda, which uses the Holy Grail as its power source. Angrboda then released the Demonic Fog on to the city to eventually destroy the era. Babbage's Dimension of Steam is responsible for the Helter Skelter robots that roam London.[19]

He is present alongside Babbage when Paracelsus returns to Angrboda's chamber to report Jack the Ripper's loss. He merely responds that the project's advancement remains unaffected.[20] Later, he uses the Grail to make Babbage go berserk against Ritsuka's party when Babbage prepares to surrender.[19]

Makiri is soon confronted by the group when they come to Angrboda’s chamber. He reveals the Demonic Fog was created to destroy all of England, as commanded by his king. He continues a Heroic Spirit able fully activate the Demonic Fog will soon materialize from the fog. Mash asks him why he is trying to destroy the era he lives. Makiri confessed he tried to resist until he realized it was useless because everything has already been incinerated. He continues that his king decided not to allow the past, present, and future to exist, whom proclaimed to be tired of seeing more of ugliness and existence. Then, stopping himself from saying more, Makiri incarnates himself into Barbatos and attacks the group. After Barbatos is defeated, Makiri attempts to summon a Servant, but Mordred kills him before he can finish the incantation. However, serving as both the summoning circle and the remaining incantation, the Demonic Fog completes the ritual. Still alive, Makiri reveals the power of the fog will concentrate onto the Servant.[21]

Fate/Accel Zero Order[]

Zouken finds his mansion burning, along with a lone Lancelot about to disappear. Upon seeing Kariya's right hand Command Spells on the ground, he surmises what happened to Lancelot. He's angry Kariya for abandoning the war, but he also knows his "son" isn't the type to sever his own hand. He then contracts with Lancelot to get revenge.[22]

At the Grail's Chamber, after Iskandar disappeared, Lancelot ambushes El-Melloi II on Zouken's orders. Because she is helping to dismantle the Grail, Zouken accuses Irsviel of having forgotten the wish of the Three Founders. Irisviel responds that it's obvious the ritual failed long ago, adding Heaven's Feel will never be achieved with the Grail corrupted. Zouken doesn't care as long as he can witness the fruits of his and the other Founders' labor after 500 years. He then sends Lancelot to kill the group.[23]

Ritsuka's party kills Lancelot, but that, unfortunately, triggers the Grail's activation. Zouken uses Irisviel's magical energy to hasten the process. A figure resembling Irisviel called Black Iri then emerges from the Greater Grail. Seeing her as Justeaze, Zouken compliments her beauty and realizes his role was only to recall her visage. Black Iri devours him after telling him to dream of the ideals that will never be fulfilled then die.[24]

Carnival Phantasm[]

Zouken has a minor role in Carnival Phantasm, only having appeared in two scenes (in which he tries to enter to the Ahnenerbe bathroom to no avail). He has been reduced to a gag character, and even Shinji mistreats him.

Other appearances[]

Zouken against Darnic in the Third Holy Grail War.

In the Apocrypha universe, Zouken fought fiercely against Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia during the Third Holy Grail War, but became practically crippled due to the shock of the Greater Grail being stolen. The family wasn’t blessed with a successor either, so their future as magi has been completely shut.[25]

In Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei!!, it is mentioned that Zouken is dead in Miyu's universe, having died along with the rest of the Matou at the end of the Fourth Ainsworth Grail War, with the exception of Sakura.

During the events of Fate/strange Fake, its been stated by Francesca Prelati, that despite her having a strong interest in the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars, she was never able to participate due to Zouken's presence. Hinting to her having a hostile, antagonistic relationship with the Matou Head.

Later as revealed by Francesca, during the events of the Fourth Holy Grail War of the events of Fate/Zero, Francesca had attempted to go to Fuyuki in order to meet up with her old friend, Gilles de Rais, who had been summoned as a Caster Class Servant. However, Zouken had stopped her before she could meet up with him, resulting in them battling with each other that ended with Francesca dying and losing her previous reincarnation due to her illusions not working against Zouken's insects.


He is a powerful magus who had altered his body through Familiar magecraft so much that he is now more of a monster than human. In his prime before he met the Einzberns, Zouken was equivalent to ten times an average third-tier noble mage (such as Goredolf Musik) and could even win against a Servant if he were under ideal conditions. He is a Pride around level 70.[4]

Zouken´s durability

He cannot be killed by normal physical means because his body became a swarm of worms. Fatal wounds can easily be shrugged off, and even if his body is destroyed, he can easily reform it by devouring a human. But according to Faldeus Dioland, it is possible to kill Zouken by using a precision missile strike.[26] Zouken himself can eat normal food but it’s more efficient for him to directly leech life force for nourishment.[27] Then as long as his soul in his main body is intact, which he changed into a small worm, he could regenerate his former self. His main body resides next to the heart of Sakura Matou in Fate/stay night, from their he controlls his Worms, his Worm body and tampers with the world. Yet as time went on, his method of immortality caused his soul to decay, due to him being a Wraith, making him to appear as a wizened old man.[28]


He was the one that came up with the Command Spells for the Master and Servant in the Holy Grail system. As such, Zouken was capable of creating an item by combining the Matou family Crest Worms with the command spells of Rider's true Master known as the Book of False Attendant for his descendant Shinji Matou. The book, which acts as a provisionary command spell, allows Shinji to control Rider and, due to Shinji's incompetence, was made twice by Rider's original Master. Because it is not a true command spell, it burns if it is used beyond its limits or if Rider is destroyed. Crest Worms (刻印虫, Kokuinchuu?) are the unique kind of Magic Crest of the Matou familiy and their Thaumaturgical Attribute Absorption allows them to have absolute effects on the body and can be used to bind and control others. He was also cabale of combining the fragments of the destroyed Holy Grail with his Crest Worms, which he put inside Sakura's body. Though she was incomplete, this turned her into a second Lesser Grail.


Crest Worms are Zoukens personal familiars. Anyone implanted with Crest Worms becomes Zouken’s puppet, physically incapable of defying him, even spirits such as Servants. He let his worms rip out the dead Casters vertebrae and replaced it with a Worm that mimics a spinal cord inorder to control the body.[29] They can also evolve into several other types and it is known that illusions are not working against Zouken's insects. For example the unnamed worms he used to heal Kariya's external injuries or the worm he turned his main body into.

Lust Worms
Lust Worms (淫虫, Inchū?) love feasting on the energy of humans. When the host is a male, they consume their bone marrow and part of the brain after shattering his spine, making him crippled in the process. When it is a female, they absorb the mental energy created after sexual stimulation is made through the nervous system. Usually don't consume the flesh of women, but the uterus is their favorite meals. Will eat the placenta after giving its victim sexual pleasure strong enough to fry the nerves of the brain.[30]
Blood Worms
Blood Worms (吸血虫, Kyūketsuchū?) are the creatures that have come to make up the body of Matou Zouken in his attempt to prolong his life. His existence is essentially a conglomerate of Crest Worms with a special appetite for human flesh and blood that combine themselves to take a human form. Despite the blood-sucking habits and weakness against sunlight he is not considered to be an actual vampire that the Church would hunt.
Blade Wing Worms
An evolution of Crest Worms, Blade Wing Worms (翅刃虫?) are carnivorous flying insects with sharp teeth, bladed tails and legs and completely covered in armor. They can be hatched from regular Crest Worms after entering a short cocoon period, where they discard their old bodies and become Blade Wing Worms, ready to fight.
"Giant Worms"
An unnamed variant of Crest Worm, these creatures are giant, chitinous, spider-like and the size of a car. Their creation is unknown, only that they are made in the Matou Worm pit and seemingly have their body parts individually made in cocoons.[31]


Creation and Conception[]

Makiri Zolgen sketch by Takashi Takeuchi.

Kinoko Nasu was quite fond of him, and he would get carried away typing every time he appeared.[32]



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    The Matou family uses Worms in their Magecraft. In combat, they can be summoned and employed at will. There are various kinds, including the flesh-eating Blade Wing Worms that Kariya employs, and the Crest Worms that crawl around the Worm Pit.

    Zouken Matou
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    • Fifth Holy Grail War

    • Matou Sakura
    In the final events of the Fourth Holy Grail War, Zolgen (Matou Zouken) acquired the fragments of the destroyed Grail. He combined the fragments with his Crest worms, which he put inside Sakura's body. Though she was incomplete, this turned her into a second Lesser Grail.


  14. Fate/stay night - Heaven's Feel route - Day 15: limited. - Interlude 15-3: over load
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  21. [v] Fate/Grand Order, 4th Singularity, Chapter 11, Scene 4

    @ Mordred

    The hell is this ... ?​

    @ Mashu

    ... it closely resembles the Greater Grail (大聖杯, dai-seihai?) of Fuyuki.
    The mana concentration is tremendous.
    It's of sufficient magnitude (魔力量, maryoku-ryou?, lit. "mana quantity") that its presence could be clearly felt even within the Mist (魔霧, makiri?, lit. "thaumaturgical mist").
    But, the fact that it was Thaumaturgical Reactor (魔術炉心, majutsu roshin?, lit. "magecraft furnace") of so vast a scale ...​

    @ Dr. Roman

    We're observing (観測, kansoku?) it here as well. It really is incredible.
    But there's no doubt about it; that right there is the source of the Mist.​

    @ Mordred

    First time I've seen a machine so massive.
    Angrboda is well-suited to the eponym of a giant, it seems.
    I'd like to take a bit of a closer look, but --
    It appears that our mastermind's made his entrance.​

    @ ???

    -- Curious.
    It's curious that events would indeed follow as Paracelsus suggested;
    that treachery would necessarily come to obstruction by those who act of virtue.
    The Grand Steam Apparatus Angrboda (巨大蒸気機関アングルボダ, kyodai jouki kikan anguruboda?).
    Such is the form that our treachery has taken -- but so too does it embody our hopes.
    And in this place, your journey does arrive at its terminus.
    By our treachery shall the virtues here be vanquished.​

    @ Mordred

    The man enjoys the sound of his own pretension, he does.
    How about you shut your mouth, then? What comes here to its end is your life alone.​

    @ ???

    The Heroic Spirit Mordred.
    The 13th Knight of the Round Table; the rumored King of Rebellion (叛逆の王, hangyaku no ou?).
    I had imagined that one such as you would fall into alignment with us and ours,
    but here you approach as the very agent of the virtues. Truly an ironic thing.​

    @ Gudako

    1: Who are you?
    2: So you're the one called "M," I suppose?​

    @ ???

    I am Makiri Zolgen --
    the architect that contrived of "the Plot of the Thaumaturgical Mists" (魔霧計画, makiri keikaku?);​

    @ Makiri

    a magus that has labored to the destruction of this era -- endeavoring for the annihilation of the 4th Singularity
    to subsume (浸食, shinshoku?, lit. "erode") within the Mists the entirety of the British Isles.​

    @ Dr. Roman

    The entirety of the British Isles!? So it wasn't just London!?
    Honestly, that's ... That goes a long ways beyond the bounds of 'difficult' ...​

    @ Makiri

    The ruin of London alone is insufficient.
    By the utter devastation of this era can a Foundation of the Principles of Man (人理定礎, jinri teiso?) be abolished.
    It is to such an end that our King designs;
    to which we cannot but act to pursue upon Awakening (諦念, teinen?).​

    @ Mashu

    'Our King' ...
    Master. Is this person on the same side as Lev Lainur ... ?​

    @ Gudako

    1: So, you're one of Lev's compatriots ... !
    2: Who exactly is this "King" of yours?​

    @ Makiri

    It would at present serve little purpose to speak of such matters.
    Angrboda has advanced unto the precipice of a runaway catalysis (暴走状態, bousou joutai?, lit. "berserker state").
    Soon, a Heroic Spirit should manifest of strength sufficient to galvinize (活性化, kassei-ka?, lit. "vitalize") the Mists that fill the metropolis.
    By the hand (一撃, ichigeki?, lit. "a single attack") of this Hero shall the Mists obtain their intended impetus,
    surging to enshroud the whole of the World. Thereon, all is brought to termination.
    But, come. Look on if you wish.
    The Hero of our desire shall soon emerge of the Mists.
    As befits the closure of the Human Mythology (人類神話の終幕, jinrui shinwa no shuumaku?), let that a Pioneer of the Stars (星の開拓者, hoshi no kaitakusha?) come forth.
    Or perhaps, of the brilliance of the stars (星の輝き, hoshi no kagayaki?) --​

    @ Mordred

    You believe that I would permit such a thing?
    I would sooner slay you, and shatter Angrboda therewith.
    That you dare usurp from me the privilege of trampling upon Britain is a crime that I cannot forgive.
    You are indeed a human, are you not?​

    @ Mashu

    ... !?
    He's a Servant ... isn't he ... !?​

    @ Mordred

    It's just a feeling that I have -- but as I've said, I'm frequently on the mark.
    The fellow before us is legitimately human.
    But whether he's an individual properly of the era,
    or, in the manner of Babbage, otherwise 'displaced,' I cannot say.​

    @ Mashu

    Why? Why would you do such a thing, Makiri Zolgen?
    How could you even conceive of destroying your own era --​

    @ Makiri

    Certainly, I attempted once to resist --
    but I came thereon to know that futility was for all things inevitable.
    Even should I wish to grant salvation to the peoples of every land,
    the World in which Man should have dwelt has come already to Incineration (焼却, shoukyaku?).
    So too the past; so too the present; so too the future.
    Our King has decreed that existence is itself unpermissible.
    -- and so, absent of consummation or outcome, all shall come to ruin.
    Weary of witness borne to further unsightliness --
    to the meanness of mere subsistence -- the King has deigned to grant this boon.
    Therefore ...
    Nay, I'll speak of this no more.
    You shall by the power of our King be expunged.
    Without setting gaze upon the last of the Heroic Spirits, you shall in this place come to perish.
    From the Skies of Ruin (破滅の空, hametsu no sora?), draw forth -- we, who art as a Demon God (魔神, majin?) --​

    @ Mordred

    What ... !?
    This presence, in quality and mana both ... !!​

    @ Mashu

    The summoning of a Demon God ... !
    It's comparable to other two that we've previously encountered!​

    @ Makiri

    One amongst the Seventy-Two Demon Gods (七十二柱の魔神, nanajuufuta-hashira no majin?);
    the Demon God Barbatos (魔神バルバトス, majin barubatosu?) -- such as well is the shape of my treachery.
    Our King hath in me my evil discovered --
    in I who desired salvation unto Man, this hideous treachery that did within me lurk.
    By the very excess of my monstrosity --
    I abolish now these apparitions of my former self that virtues yet dispense!​


    @ Mashu

    -- Demon God Barbatos: Complete cessation confirmed (完全な沈黙を確認しました, kanzen-na chinmoku wo kakunin-shimashita?).
    It's our victory.​

    @ Gudako

    1: Good work.
    2: Don't let your guard down.​

    @ Mashu

    Yes, Sempai.​

    @ Mordred

    A monster of much absurdity, that was.
    The battle just now was indeed trying, even for me.
    Well, then. All that remains is the task of dismantling the colossus.
    Let's get to it, Mashu. Gudako.​

    @ Makiri

    ... too late.
    The Mists of London have already reached ... volumetric threshold ...​

    @ Mordred

    Still alive, hm?
    You're annoyingly tenacious.​

    @ Makiri

    And hereafter ...
    Come forth, O Hero of our final recourse ...
    Let that our treachery is brought to completion ... O Pioneer of the Stars ... !
    ... thou, who art in madness imprisoned ...
    We are they who hold within their grasp thy chains --
    Thou who art the Seven Heavens (七天, shichiten?), bound (纏う, matou?, lit. "clad / wrapped / constrained") in three great words of power (三大の言霊, sandai no kotodama?)!
    Come forth from the Ring of Deterrence (抑止の輪, yokushi no wa?), O Hand that Preserves the Balance (天秤の守り手よ, tenbin no mamori-te yo?, lit. "o hand that protects the scales)!!​

    @ Mashu

    This is ... an incantation for the summoning of a Heroic Spirit!?​

    @ Mordred

    Your whinging is incessant!​

    • Mordred cuts down Makiri.

    @ Mordred

    ... be silent, and die.​

    @ Mashu

    Doctor. His final words were the incantation for the summoning of a Heroic Spirit (英霊召喚, eirei shoukan?).
    Also ... there was an additional verse for the requisition of Madness (狂化, kyouka?, normally translated as "Mad Enhancement").​

    @ Dr. Roman

    This is unfortunately the case.
    Mashu, Gudako-chan -- a Servant is about to manifest!
    Though the words uttered don't in fact constitute an entire incantation,
    it seems that the Mist has supplemented the function of the missing verses and Thaumaturgical Array (魔方陣, mahoujin?, lit. "Thaumaturgical Square Array").
    The consequent Servant signature (サーヴァント反応, sa-vanto han'ou?) is clearly visible even on our end.
    Mashu should also be able to sense it. This is ...
    Judging by the mana signature (魔力反応, maryoku han'ou?), it's a Servant on the order of a Great Hero (大英雄, dai-eiyuu?). No --​

    @ Makiri

    What think you, then ...
    A summoning at the cost of our life, so as to bring things to a head ...​

    @ Mordred

    And yet he lives!?
    He is a human, is he not? What's with this bizarre fortitude --​

    @ Makiri

    By the amplification of Angrboda, the mana, of the Grail ...
    The power of the Mists ... do, within 'him,' converge ...
    ... already, unto the Age of Divinities ...​

    @ Dr. Roman

    Mana signature, rapidly dilating (極めて増大, kiwamete zoudai?, lit. "extreme expansion")!

    @ モードレッド


    @ マシュ


    @ Dr.ロマン


    @ モードレッド


    @ Dr.ロマン


    @ モードレッド


    @ ???


    @ ぐだ子


    @ ???


    @ マキリ


    @ Dr.ロマン

    英国全土!? ロンドンだけじゃないのか!

    @ マキリ


    @ マシュ


    @ ぐだ子


    @ マキリ


    @ モードレッド


    @ マシュ


    @ モードレッド


    @ マシュ


    @ マキリ


    @ モードレッド


    @ マシュ


    @ マキリ



    @ マシュ


    @ ぐだ子


    @ マシュ


    @ モードレッド


    @ マキリ


    @ モードレッド


    @ マキリ


    @ マシュ


    @ モードレッド



    @ モードレッド


    @ マシュ


    @ Dr.ロマン


    @ マキリ


    @ モードレッド


    @ マキリ


    @ Dr.ロマン


  22. Fate/Grand Order - Fate/Accel Zero Order, ACT-15: To the Greater Grail
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    The Three Families [Others]
    In “Apocrypha”, the Three Families are the magi who constructed the Fuyuki Holy Grail War… in other words, the Einzberns, Tohsaka and Makiri.
    Just as alluded in the light novels, Makiri (Matou) Zouken fought fiercely against Darnic during the Third Holy Grail War, but became practically crippled due to the shock of the Greater Grail being stolen. The family wasn’t blessed with a successor either, so their future as magi has been completely shut.
    The Tohsaka gave up on the Greater Grail, and now seek a new path in becoming one with the universe with Chinese Kenpou while learning magecraft. The twin-tail daughter of the family might also end up becoming the founder of a “completely new martial arts that combines magecraft and Chinse Kenpou” by the time she becomes a high school student. However, she never imagined that her younger sister who was adopted by distant relatives would come visit her in Japan after becoming a pro-wrestler with unimaginably nice proportions and forming a tag team with a drill-roll-haired girl…!
    The Einzberns are in the midst of struggling to make a new Greater Grail under the excuse “It was stolen, so we’ll just make a new Holy Grail”. Fortunately, in the “Apocrypha” world, a certain dead fish-eyed mercenary won’t end up becoming involved with the Einzberns, so their greatest work Illyasviel will never be born—therefore, as long as she isn’t born, the Einzberns will never despair… Is that really fortunate?


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  27. [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - FAQ with Nasu: Characters, p.134-135

    Q: Can Zouken even eat normal food anymore?

    Q: Can Zouken even eat normal food anymore?

    A: He can, but for him it’s more efficient to directly leech life force for nourishment. He’s already a specter, after all.

  28. Fate/stay night - Heaven's Feel route - Day 7: dialogue lost loop - Interlude 7-2: Madness
  29. [v] Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] I. presage flower Animation Material - Kinoko and Takashi Q & A, p.22 [T]
    Q: How was Zouken Matou controlling the dead Caster?

    Q: How was Zouken Matou controlling the dead Caster? <Starry Sky>

    Nasu: He applied his Crest Worms. He peeled off the vertebrae and squished in a bug that would mimic the spinal cord.
    Takeuchi: That’s some true artisan skills. I wouldn’t recommend amateurs to try.
    Nasu: Sometimes, I want to be controlled like that too. I could leave the bug to do my work, and I’ll go gather new materials.
    Takeuchi: What a sad creature… That aside, I’ll give you more work today…

    ? <Starry Sky>


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    Zouken Matou [Person's name]
    A freaky old bug man. The end.
    The scenario director is quite fond of him, and would get carried away typing every time he appeared.
    He belongs in a harlequin novel, don't you think?


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