Zveri - Krestnyy Khod: The Beast that Accompanied me On My Journeys (我が旅路に従え獣
, Wa ga Tabiji ni Shitagae Jū
Zuvēri Kurēsunī Hoddo
?) is a Noble Phantasm of Ivan the Terrible.[1]

Crucession of the Divine Beast. This is the ascension path he (believe) would one day walk to heaven. Therefore standing in his way is equivalent to rebellion against Tsar and sacrilege to God. The Tsar would temporarily retrieve his beast form and mercilessly destroy the enemies.[1]

In the Russian Lostbelt, it is described to be the size of a mountain and is taller than even Golem Keter Malkuth. In the final battles of the Lostbelt, after Ivan finally awakens, the Protagonist uses Golem Keter Malkuth and the music of Salieri to hold it off until Ivan’s weakspot can be struck where it is rendered inoperable.[2]


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